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"The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger."  Jews can't help but lie while gloating because of course they are deliberately starving Palestinians to death.  You can't keep calories at minimum levels and expect prisoners to survive malnutrition and the inevitable diseases resulting from lack of vitamins and minerals.  The Israelis are also stealing their fresh water supplies and preventing them from having enough water to drink.  Have you thought much about roads "for Jews only" in the former Palestine?

Starvation - famine - is the Jews' favorite method of extermination.  It is an excruciating way to die and it doesn't cost anything!  All you have to do is withhold food.

This is how Kaganovich killed the Ukrainians, how Eisenhower killed the Germans.  It's how Chertoff is going to kill us if we don't wake up and wipe out these death merchants.  There's a bill about to become law (S-510) that outlaws gardens.  What do you think THAT means?  The bill was written by Monsanto.  Farmers have to buy Monsanto's suicide seeds every year, which can be withheld by FEMA.  Bill Gates is now an owner of Monsanto.  Gates wants universal vaccinations while he admits that vaccines will keep the population down.  Monsanto's genetically-modified seeds will have vaccines built-in - and sterilization.

Where is the Catholic Church in this crime against humanity?  Where does it stand in the genocide of Palestinians?  Doesn't it advertise itself as the humanitarian court of last resort?  And the Red Cross?  I guess we won't see any Catholic aid flotillas sailing to Gaza soon.  The Jews have demonstrated that they will kill any and everyone who tries to prevent their starvation program.  And to enforce this policy, we just promised the Jews billions of dollars worth of our latest flying death machines.

The only thing that makes Jewish genocide possible is the Jewish extortion racket called the Federal Reserve System & IRS (1913).  Next year, WWI starts (1914).  Three years later, US enters war and US creates Soviet Communism (1917). Few years later, US causes Germany to starve (1921-4).  Few years later, Fed creates Crash & Great Depression (1929 - 1941), causing millions of Americans to starve.  US enters WWII on Soviet side, 60 million dead.  US slaughters more millions after WWII in Operation Keelhaul and Eisenhower Famine (Morgenthau Plan).  Three years later, Truman recognizes "Israel" (1948).  These Jewish atrocities were only possible due to the Jewish extortion system called the Federal Reserve System, because that's where all the money comes from.  There's always money for Jewish requirements such as flying death machines but no money for other things - all decided by the Jews such as Greenspan, Geithner and Bernanke at the private Federal Reserve.

So, since the US government is openly behind Jewish Rule and the humanitarian organizations impotent or unable or unwilling to help any victims of inhuman Jews, we humans must either respond or die.  That is, we must take measures to protect ourselves, to keep from becoming Palestinians, as we already are in our own airports.  The deadly airport radiation machines are placed there by Michael Chertoff and his merry men in the Chertoff Group of terror profiteers.  Anyone who profits from terror must be at the top of the Suspects List, as any cop could tell you.  Where are the cops, by the way?  Nowhere.

So, it's on us - the humans.  I started the militia movement in 1989 as a shot across the government's bow.  It spooked the Jews and it took them a few years to deal with it at Oklahoma City ('95).  The militia was a boogyman created by me, in response to the deceptive and treacherous wording of the 2nd Amendment ("A well-regulated militia..." - no such thing).  I was trying to use the militia to overthrow the Jews who run the US government, but in those days you couldn't say that.  It took twenty more years of Jewish atrocities and rip-offs and all the Goldman Sachs of shit running the government finally to let me write a piece called "Jewish Rule," first published by Jeff Rense in '06.  That was, I believe, the first mainstream Internet piece that declared war on the Jews.  And the Jews were very quiet after that.  Before that piece, you couldn't write a thing slightly critical of Jews or Israel without the Jewish Defense Louts hitting back with the nastiest libel and threats imaginable.  Almost no one had the guts to deal with them and their abuse.  The key was and is to make it clear that we need to kill them.  Then they shut up, because they know they have it coming.  And they've never said a word since.  We can say anything we want now.

But that's not enough, obviously.  The Jews are running the airports.  The Chertoff Group reveals the Jewish terror racket.  Chertoff, the cadaverous Mossadnik who ran DHS, has the unmitigated gall to sell radiation death machines and make us either walk through them or submit to sexual assault or go back home and maybe not get a refund on your ticket.  Okay, so is this enough of a Jewish provocation for you?  No?  Yes? 

This is what is I call Jewish Aggression.  In response, I propose Defense Against Jewish Aggression.  That's the Gentile way - always responding to Jewish provocation.  That's why they call us "reactionaries."  Can't be helped, that's just the way we are.  Jews provoke, Gentiles react.  I'm just saying that this time, the reaction has to be good.  This time, we have to react so hard that they can never provoke again.  It's either that or they're going to kill us.  Gaza is what they do.

We've got a Jewish Problem - are we agreed?  The Jewish Problem is part of life, like cancer.  Cancer is out of control because of the way that Jewish medicine works.  Same with the Jewish Problem.  Out of control because of the way Jewish government works (e.g. the Chertoff Group).  Like Jewish law, because all law is Jewish law.  And it's all based on Jewish control of our money at their private Federal Reserve.

So, Defense Against Jewish Aggression must start with the Federal Reserve, the king of Jewish rackets.  How do we deal with racketeer-influenced, corrupt organizations?  If the Jewish Department of Justice won't go after them?  We burn them to the ground.  And if the Department of Justice is also a RICO?  And "Homeland Security?" (what a title).  FEMA?  Halliburton?  These are all racketeer-influenced, corrupt organizations, even according to Jewish law.  As we see in our Zionist airports, run by Israeli companies, we are under sexual terror attack by Jews.  Submit to our sexual degradation or you don't fly!  Does the Department of Justice protect us in any way?  No, it protects the profits of Jews such as Michael Chertoff and destroys our dignity and way of life.  Passengers are traumatized by the TSA gangbangers who herd us into deadly machines owned by the Chertoff Group.

DAJA is something we must do now.  Our reaction to this vicious Jewish assault on our way of life must be overwhelming, so to guarantee that Jewish terrorists can never again climb into positions of unearned power over us.  There are many more millions of us than there are Jews.  The Jewish power organizations must be torn down and destroyed, at whatever cost.  If you have any doubt what the Jews have in store, just look at Palestine.  Look at the Gaza Flotilla and how the US government green-lighted the massacre.

To end this on a light note, with some comedy relief, have a look at one of the Goldman Sachs of shit being questioned on the propriety of his actions while secretary of the treasury.  Henry Paulson is the thug who threatened Congress with martial law if they didn't pass his "bank bailout" of about a trillion dollars, after which he gave the money to Goldman Sachs and cronies.  He's also the one who wrecked my job and my family for a couple of years.  Financial crimes must be punished by death.

Anyway, it's time to grow up and wake up and smell the gefiltefish.  This isn't the militia, with its anachronistic name and lack of direction.  This is DAJA, the cutting edge of civil defense.  The Jews have seized and privatized government functions, so we have to privatize the Gentile response to their crimes against humanity.  Get with the program and think for yourself.  There are lots of ways to respond and we should be trying them all.  But the main thing is the absolute destruction of the Jewish organization.  It won't be so hard, once you wrap your mind around it.

(to be continued, of course)

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