The Last Shout

By Mike James in Germany

November 29, 2008

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It came to me as something of a surprise to learn that the German authorities and their Zionist puppet masters allowed me to remain online until Monday, December 1. So much so, that I could not resist writing one final article, one final shout aimed at the Zionist-Bolshevik takeover of the world we, as children of my generation, once knew as fertile soil for dissent and freedom.

America has just elected an avowed Marxist, aligned with the principles of British Fabianism, to be their president for at least the next four years. McCain would have been no different; for the Zionists and the State of Israel, who control America, stacked their cards to ensure for themselves a satisfactory outcome either way.

We in the European Soviet Union have become accustomed to the gradualism of a Jewish-Freemasonic dominated socialist bureaucracy that stifles freedom of speech and imprisons truth tellers as a matter of course under various strictures aimed at those brave enough to challenge historical orthodoxy and the Zionist manipulation of the usurious banking and financial system. On account of our weakness and cowardice to resist the encroachments upon our liberties, we are now easy prey for the Satanic elites who govern us by decree from Brussels.

At a whim, they haul us before their judicial synagogues in the same fashion as the Spanish Inquisition. No jury. No admissible defence. No escape from Gulag Europa. Case closed.

Now Americans must suffer the same plight. The corporate fascist enabling laws, most of which took shape under executive orders issued by the Clinton and Bush administrations, are now the purloin of the international socialist Obama government. It is my suspicion that the CFR and the Bilderberg cliques have determined that Obama will be a two-term president; and under his auspices Americans will be left disarmed, without any freedom of speech and devoid of the civil liberties they enjoyed prior to the treasonous Bush junta.

It is hardly a surprise to me that Obama has chosen former Clinton insiders, Zionist communitarians, treacherous Israeli dual-citizens and “Common Purpose” advocates as his main advisors. It was a done deal months before his (s)election. Once again, Americans have foolishly allowed themselves to be ensnared by the serpentine hypnotic trance of the City of London and its Zionist overlords.

The new American president may well be the “Black Pope” of which Nostradamus spoke, for the aforesaid recognised no higher authority than the Father of Rome; and America has, by its own volition and servitude to the parasitic Zionist entity, inherited every aspect of the empire that never died but was torn apart by civil war and internal strife. This curse has now been passed to the United States, which will soon experience nothing but disunity, repression, martial law, secession and massive suffering on a scale far surpassing that of the Great Depression.

I am simply an ordinary Englishman living in Germany under the shadow of a plastic Zionist dictatorship and the prospect of arrest and imprisonment due to the opinions I have published over the past few years. Yet I care deeply for my fellow ancestral Europeans in America, for they were always our last hope: comprising the great Alamo of resistance against global Jewish-Zionist tyranny and its much-heralded communist Noahide laws for the Goyim.

Now the Alamo has fallen, and with it nary a chance that the world can be truly free again.

And so the burden of responsibility for the future of our children and our grandchildren lies upon the shoulders of brave individuals in place of steadfast, free and independent nation states. You know who you are, and the decision to do the right thing is yours and yours alone. Nobody will help you. Like me, you’re a lone wolf pining for freedom. Look to no leaders, for there are none; and those who pose as such are merely tools of the state.

These are the days of which the great prophets and seers of all religions spoke. These are not the End of Times, but the beginning of a leaderless resistance: the turning of the tide.

In the early hours of Monday morning, the parasitic Zionists will cut me off from the rest of the world by word and mouth, and I must trust that my letters pass untrammeled through the hands of the German Zionist police state, which has unerringly and successfully connived at depriving me of my income.

But I shall continue to fight to the bitter end, for this is my Alamo. They cannot and will not ever break my spirit. I shall never accept defeat, go down on my knees and lick the boots of the financial and political Master Race. I am, and shall always remain, a defiantly freeborn Englishman.

I refuse to be a slave to those who have torn our world asunder and who have despoiled our culture, our values and our noble heritage with their insane decadence and sneering disrespect.

And you? Will you go gently into the night?

It's your shout.

Michael James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.

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Zionist Jews
Force Mike James Offline,
No Phone

By Michael James in Germany
22 November 2008

.......Owing to the inexplicably sudden, sheer dearth
of income provided by my regular commissioners
over the past few months, I have been forced
to unsubscribe from the provider of my mainline
telephone connection, the infrastructure
of which supports my ISP.
According to another freelance friend in the business
who has an ear for gossip, it is no coincidence
that my commissions vanished shortly after
the Central Council of Jews failed twice in their
mendacious attempts to sue and imprison me,
earning the unexpected ire of both the State Attorney
and Senior State Attorney....

When the Jews first came for ....
By Michael James in Germany
3 November 2008
......When the Jews first came for the holocaust deniers,
I remained silent;
For I did not ask questions and accepted the myth....

Extradite Toben,
Declare Total War on Michael James

By Michael James in Germany

......Fredrick Toben is one of the most respected
and esteemed historians in the western world.
His crime: He has seriously posited
exceedingly intelligent questions about the accuracy
of the so-called number of Jews alleged to have perished
at the hands of the patriotic Hitler regime.
His “thought crimes” pale into insignificance with mine;
for although I live and write in Germany,
and have fearsomely researched this topic more thoroughly
than any existing writer living in the "safelands",
I can absolutely and with no doubt in my mind say
that there was no systematic murder of the "Jews"
as outlined in the post 1970s hysteria propagated
by fat overpaid Hollywood moguls such as Stephen Spielberg.
I openly deny the holocaust narrative in the heart of Germany;
yet not one lawyer has hairs enough on his testicles
to arrest me because I would make a Socratic laughing stock
out these anti-German, anti-Christ traitors in court.....

By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2008 ©
& Michael James

with a pernicious cult: “Holocaust religion.”
In 1994, the parliament of the defunct
“Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (BRD)
- the post re-unification Federal Republic of Germany
- treasonously mandated imposed Zionist legislation
making it a criminal offense to deny
or even play down the so-called “Jewish Holocaust.”....

Game Over:
Top German State Attorney
Backs Mike James, Jews Silent

By Mike James in Germany
20 July 2008

German Kids Beg For Food
While Berlin Elites Drink Vintage Champagne

By Mike James in Germany
16 July 2008

This Side of Midnight
By Mike James in Germany
4 July 2008

Jews Run Scared of Mike James,
German State Attorney Cites Insanity

Learning to live among the sane
and comfortably numb in the
European Soviet Union of Zionist States

By Mike James in Germany
30 June 2008

Six Million Monkeys. One Banana.
By Michael James [censored] in the Truly Free
and Absolutely Gloriously Intellectually Inquisitive
German Democratic Republic of Free Opinion
and Academic Research [cut it right here -- ed.]

Mike James Sues German Jews
for Incitement To Bear False Witness

From Michael James in Germany
11 June 2008

I Want My Freedom Back
By Mike James in Germany
3 June 2008
...Yesterday I found my way to the Bad Homburg
Polizeidirektion (police headquarters) for what
I believed would be a frank exchange of views
with a certain Herr Müller, who had been charged
by the Central Council of Jews to read me
the riot act and seek a prosecution.....

The Prophet Before The Storm  
The Brother Nathanael interview and a profile
in anti-Jew revolutionary Christian courage,
with an after-word conclusion by Michael James

End This Evil Holocaust Deception
and Let Angelika Live

By Mike James in Germany
18 May 2008
...This article is dedicated to that great American patriot
and Rhodesian war hero, 
whose website,, has been shut down
by Zionist trash for his having exposed
the “Austrian Dungeon Monster”, Josef Fritzl, as a Jew.

Let's Get This X**X!! Straight
By Mike James in Germany
28 April 2008

The World Starves
as Antichrist Jewish Bankers
Grow Fat

By Mike James in Germany
23 April 2008

The Baphomet Conspiracy
and the Laboratory of Fear

How Satanic Jews and the German Secret Service
Use Psychological Terror and Assassination
to Silence German Patriots
and Prevent the Restoration of the German Reich.
By Michael James in Germany

Zionists Foment Race War
in Germany,

Part I and 2

German government kills police investigation
into Jewish false flag operation
and places banning order on subservient,
cowardly journalists.

By Mike James in Germany

Germans Enraged by Merkel’s
Grovelling Goy Show

By Michael James in Germany

Making Out
Like Everything is Normal

By Michael James
On the border of Germany
and Switzerland

The Painfully Silent Genocide
of the German People

By Mike James 
26 February 2008

The Brutal Psychic Destruction
of Our Children

by Government Decree
By Mike James 1 March 2008

Almost 50,000
Concentration Camps
For EU Dissidents

By Michael James

Denying Everything:
A Holocaust of Bacon and Lies

By Mike James
23 February 2008







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