Open Letter To:
US House Of Representatives
Leader Nancy Pelosi
And The US House
Of Representatives

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Open Letter To:
US House Of Representatives
Leader Nancy Pelosi

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Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Supporter of Endless U.S. Occupation in Iraq

Supporter of Brutal Israeli Occupation of Palestine

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AIPAC vs America
Exclusive to
Ted Lang 4-1-7

The embarrassing debacle of our sell-out political leaders and 2008 presidential hopefuls falling over themselves and elbowing each other to the podium of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting held in Washington, DC between March 11th and 13th demonstrated clearly that our leaders put Israel first and America last. Fittingly, the hate conference was launched on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath.

AIPAC has been exposed. Its role in putting America and its military needlessly in harm's way in Iraq, and now their smashing success in terrifying Nancy Pelosi into removing any and all restrictions formerly placed on the criminal Bush regime, ensures that an attack on Iran is imminent and no longer avoidable. Bush is a mass murdering criminal maniac, and also totally anti-American. His imprisoning two Border Patrol officers for doing their duty in protecting America and trying to keep a dangerous drug smuggler from delivering huge quantities of narcotics into this country from Mexico, not only confirms Bush's contempt and hatred for US, but our rules and laws as well. And considering Bush's love for Mexico and his addiction to criminal intrigue, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Bush is part and parcel of the illegal drug traffic operation originating in Mexico.

And as the Bush regime abolishes our borders in the Southwest, his airport Gestapo keep wanding and x-raying US, purportedly to keep US safe from our enemies. If we no longer have a safe border in the southern part of our country, why do we need the Department of Homeland Security and its TSA? It's clear that Bush's geopolitical philosophy coincides totally with that of the global one-world communist government philosophy so crucial to the geopolitical objectives of the Zionist international bankers and their New World Order.

Bush is perfect for the role of the American "transitionor," a lawless tyrant postured to negate both our laws and national purpose, and the one selected by the bankers to impose police state tactics against US thereby converting Zionist mass media-imposed "political correctness" into law. A perfect example of this legislative conversion and initiative is the current drive in Congress for "hate crimes" legislation. Partisan affiliation is, understandably, again a mere distraction to facilitate the Zionist divide-and-conquer strategy to render resistance to thought crimes legislation totally ineffectual.

That AIPAC totally controls American foreign policy in the Middle East is now completely unchallengeable considering the disgusting humbling of American political notables at AIPAC's 2007 Policy Conference. Vice President Dick Cheney chose the AIPAC conference as the legitimate venue to lambaste and attack the United States Congress for their "disloyalty" to America and its military by showing signs of balking as regards the continued funding for our illegal, unjust, unconstitutional and unnecessary invasion of Iraq that has cost our military so dearly, and which continues to dangerously threaten the stability of our economy.

And any and all attempts to terminate the slaughter of innocent Iraqi citizens, and/or any attempt to stop the AIPAC-ordered invasion of Iran, will invoke the smear of "anti-Semitism." But if trying to deal justly and honorably with Jews, Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East is marginalized with the epitaph of "anti-Semitism," can we then assume that torture, the mass murders of defenseless women and schoolchildren in Palestine, the torture of defenseless prisoners, and the violations of the Geneva Conventions and United Nations' Resolutions are pro-Semitic and therefore pro-Jewish? Are the world's greatest atrocities now attributable to all Jews?

Wasn't that the gross and inappropriate generalization that brought down Henry Ford's arguments in 1921 in his now-Fahrenheit 451-banned book, "The International Jew?" Isn't this what also negated Adolf Hitler's complaints against the "Jewish bankers" in his "Mein Kampf" of 1926? Isn't this the kind of generalization that both Christian and Jewish Zionists have always hidden behind, that of smearing anyone who disagrees with the horrors and terrorism of Zionism as simply being anti-Jewish? Isn't this the trap that Charles Lindbergh and Mel Gibson fell into? Isn't that why these truth tellers are always stopped even before they can initiate an intelligent debate on this extremely vital subject?

Every responsible American patriot, even those who take extra precautions separating Zionists from Jews, is smeared all the same by the evildoers. The so-called "Reverend" John Hagee addressed the AIPAC hate cabal reversing once again the roles of those actually being discriminated against, and persecuted, and tortured, and mass murdered in their own land, and identified as victims of Zionist horror. It is they, the victims, who are now being called the real threat as was the objective of the role reversal propaganda of Hitler's Nazis in 1938 Germany. But it is Hagee, and AIPAC, and Israel, and Bush, and Cheney who are the 2007 carbon copies of 1938 Nazi Germany! The world fears and hates US and Israel.

The alternate media, America's real free and independent press and voice of the people, has now once and for all exposed AIPAC for what it is: America's one and only political party. AIPAC is the astonishingly rich and powerful party/lobby that controls ALL politicians in America. Even a now-retired former president, Jimmy Carter, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, cannot stand up to the unlimited American political power of AIPAC. Congressional representatives Paul Findlay and Cynthia McKinney can testify to the all encompassing power and terror of AIPAC.

After Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed out in her address at the AIPAC 2007 Policy Conference that the war in Iraq had "failed on all three accounts," specifically that it failed to make US safer, failed to make our military stronger, and failed to make the Middle East more stable, her honest and truthful observations were received by the "America last" traitors and agents of a foreign power with boos and hisses and a mild "polite" applause. Who the hell are these traitors and enemies of America to criticize our leaders and representatives for correctly assessing our losses in the insane and unjust invasion they helped initiate? And why do our representatives and leaders fawn over them in hopes of winning their favor? We all know the answer: money!

George Soros is a world renowned billionaire and financial wizard. Soros is Jewish. His concern for the wrong direction that AIPAC is leading US in supports the concerns of Jewish professor and intellectual Anthony Judt, as well as the analytical criticism of AIPAC voiced in the now-famous Harvard paper prepared by Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. Writing in the New York Review of Books, Soros in his piece published in the April 12th edition entitled, "On Israel, America and AIPAC" offers: "The current policy is not even questioned in the United States. While other problem areas of the Middle East are freely discussed, criticism of our policies toward Israel is very muted indeed. The debate in Israel about Israeli policy is much more open and vigorous than in the United States. This is all the more remarkable because Palestine is the issue that more than any other currently divides the United States fromEurope. Some European governments, according to reports, would like to end the economic boycott of Hamas once a unity government is successfully established. But the US has said it would not."

Soros continues: "One explanation is to be found in the pervasive influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which strongly affects both the Democratic and the Republican parties. AIPAC's mission is to ensure American support for Israel but in recent years it has overreached itself. It became closely allied with the neocons and was an enthusiastic supporter of the invasion of Iraq. It actively lobbied for the confirmation of John Bolton as USambassador to the United Nations. It continues to oppose any dialogue with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas. More recently, it was among the pressure groups that prevailed upon the Democratic House leadership to drop the requirement that the President obtain congressional approval before taking military action against Iran. AIPAC under its current leadership has clearly exceeded its mission, and far from guaranteeing Israel's existence, has endangered it."

The latter observation is right on the money. It can be shown that the majority of the Jews who are native to the nation-state of Israel are vehemently opposed to the right-wing fascist police state tactics of the Likud Party-controlled ruthless government of Israel. It can also be shown that the majority of Jews residing in the United States not only oppose the Likudniks in Israel, but are also strongly opposed to George Bush and his regime. AIPAC does not represent the majority of Jews in EITHER country!

Soros observes: "Supporters of Israel have good reason to question AIPAC's advocacy and they have begun to do so. But instead of engaging in critical self-examination, AIPAC remains intransigent. Recently, the pro-Israel lobby has gone on the offensive, accusing the so-called progressive critics of Israel's policies of fomenting anti-Semitism and endangering the very existence of the Jewish state."

Soros laments the attacks against him by fellow Jews and doesn't hesitate to quote and itemize their charges against him. It documents and reveals that which any alert observer has already surmised. Soros reveals his feelings, both as a Jew, and as an American: "I am not insensitive to this argument. It has held me back from criticizing Israeli policies in the past. I am not a Zionist, nor am I am a practicing Jew, but I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel. I did not want to provide fodder to the enemies of Israel. I rationalized my position by saying that if I wanted to voice critical views, I ought to move to Israel. But since there were many Israelis who held such views my voice was not needed, and I had many other battles to fight."

That succinctly articulates not only Soros' views as a Jew, but the views of many Americans as well, including my own. I am not pleased with the way the Jewish nation-state of Israel came into being. I am not at all comfortable with the way the modern state of Israel came into being, that being with acts of terrorism against the former peaceful Palestinian inhabitants of what is now Israeli territory. I abhor the ruthlessness and inhuman brutality of Israel, which is most definitely on a par with that of Hitler and his Nazis. A peaceful coexistence is not only possible, but was demonstrated as viable by former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. As Soros points out, AIPAC has so far overstepped its mission of protecting Israel that its posture now threatens both Israel and theUnited States.

Soros summarizes his observations in his outstanding and well-written piece: "I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC. Palestine is a place of critical importance where positive change is still possible. Iraq is largely beyond our control; but if we succeeded in settling the Palestinian problem we would be in a much better position to engage in negotiations with Iran and extricate ourselves from Iraq. The need for a peace settlement in Palestine is greater than ever. Both for the sake of Israel and the United States, it is highly desirable that the Saudi peace initiative should succeed; but AIPAC stands in the way. It continues to oppose dealing with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas."

It is important to remember that Hamas was assisted in its establishment by funding provided by the state of Israel. Israel had hoped to create an Arab/Muslim opposition movement that would challenge the authority of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization. The original Bush/Israel-sanctioned election supported a Hamas government, and as Soros points out, requires Israel and the United States to deal with that popular movement to at least bring the belligerents to the peace table. The obvious answer to peace in the Middle East is to capitalize on a "bottoms up" pressure of the people of both the Palestinian territories and Israel to pressure governments and societal and political organizations for peace.

But the suicidal tendency of AIPAC, representing the minority fascist governments of both Israel and the United States, is blocking any and all such peace initiatives. Additionally, AIPAC's pressure for US to attack Iran has been supported by the treasonous actions of so-called Speaker of the House of Representatives, Madam Nancy Pelosi. If one individual can be identified by her treasonous actions and as an anti-American traitor, it is Pelosi. She alone will bear full responsibility for the coming conflagration that will be launched by the criminal Bush regime's attacking Iran.

And this invasion and attack will serve neither Israel nor America. In fact, tiny Israel will now be at greater risk than anytime during its entire existence. The resistance demonstrated by Hezbollah when Israel launched an unjust attack against Lebanon's infrastructure has already demonstrated this. Retaliation againstIsrael need not be nuclear nor immediate; but it will be massive and total. AIPAC is America's greatest enemy, and may eventually prove to be Israel's as well.

© THEODORE E. LANG 3/31/07 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.

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The AIPAC Girl
Pelosi Greenlight's Bush's Iran War

By Patrick J. Buchanan


If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.

For it was Pelosi who quietly agreed to strip out of the $100 billion funding bill for Iraq a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran.

Pelosi's capitulation came in the Appropriations Committee.

What went down, and why?

"Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy," wrote ghe Associated Press' David Espo and Matthew Lead.

"Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., said in an interview there is a widespread fear in Israel about Iran, which ... has expressed unremitting hostility to the Jewish state.

"'It would take away perhaps the most important tool the U.S. has when it comes to Iran,' she said of the now-abandoned provision.

"'I don't think it was a very wise idea to take things off the table if you're trying to get people to modify their behavior and normalize in a civilized way,' said Gary Ackerman of New York."

According to John Nichols of The Nation, Pelosi's decision to strip the provision barring Bush from attacking Iran without Congress' approval "sends the worst possible signal to the White House."

"The speaker has erred dangerously and dramatically," writes Nichols. Her "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come."

Nichols does not exaggerate.

If Bush now launches war on Iran, he can credibly say Congress and the Democrats gave him a green light. For Pelosi, by removing a provision saying Bush does not have the authority, de facto concedes he does have the authority.

Bush and Cheney need now not worry about Congress.

They have been flashed the go sign for war on Iran.

Pelosi & Co. thus aborted a bipartisan effort to ensure that if we do go to war again, we do it the constitutional way, and we do it together.

Nothing in the provision would have prevented Bush, as commander in chief, from responding to an Iranian attack or engaging in hot pursuit of an enemy found in Iraq. Nor would the provision have prevented Bush from threatening Iran. It would simply have required him to come to Congress ­ before launching all-out war.

Now Pelosi has, in effect, ceded Bush carte blanche to take out Iran's nuclear facilities. It's all up to him and Cheney.

For this the nation elected a Democratic Congress?

Why did Pelosi capitulate? Answer: She was "under pressure from some conservative members of her caucus, and from lobbyists associated with neoconservative groups that want war with Iran and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)," writes Nichols.

The Washington Times agrees as to who bully-ragged Nancy into scuttling any requirement that Bush come to the Hill before unleashing the B-2s on Arak, Natanz and Bushehr:

"Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a smattering of boos when she bad-mouthed the war effort during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Democratic leadership, responding to concerns from pro-Israel lawmakers, was forced to strip from a military appropriations measure a provision meant to weaken President Bush's ability to respond to threats from Iran."

This episode, wherein liberal Democrats scuttled a bipartisan effort to require Bush to abide by the Constitution before taking us into a third war in the Middle East, speaks volumes about who has the whip hand on Capitol Hill when it comes to the Middle East.

Pelosi gets booed by the Israeli lobby, then runs back to the Hill and gives Bush a blank check for war on Iran, because that is what the lobby demands. A real candidate for Profiles in Courage.

As for the presidential candidates, it is hard to find a single one willing to stand up and say: If Bush plans to take us into another war in the Mideast, he must first come to Congress for authorization. And if he goes to war without authorization, that will be impeachable.

All retreat into the "all-options-are-on-the-table" mantra, which is another way of saying, "It's Bush's call."

The corruption of both parties is astonishing. Republicans used to be the party of the Constitution: "No more undeclared wars! No more presidential wars!"

Democrats used to be the party of the people. The people don't want this war. They don't want another. The Jewish community voted 88 percent for Democrats in November, and 77 percent oppose Iraq.

So says Gallup. Yet, just because the Israeli lobby jerked her chain, the leader of the Peoples' House has decided she and her party will leave the next war up to Bush.

Sam Rayburn must be turning over in his grave.

c. 2007 Creators Syndicate

Comment Mary Sparrowdancer

The one and only one way for anyone in political office to remove themselves from AIPAC, or from any other political pressure is to simply remember their oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution takes the subject of war seriously, and calls for not just one voice when it comes to a declaration of war. We need to rid ourselves of all of these persons who are supposed to be representing The People of the US but are not doing so. If those in the three branches of the government cannot uphold the Constitution as they are sworn to do, then they should be removed from office because they are a disgrace to America.

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Pelosi hears boos at AIPAC

March 13, 2007

Members of the main pro-Israel lobbying group offered scattered boos to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that the Iraq war has been a failure on several scores. 

The boos, mixed with some polite applause, stood in stark contrast to the reception House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) received minutes earlier. Most of the crowd of 5,000 to 6,000 stood and loudly applauded Boehner when he said the U.S. had no choice but to win in Iraq. 

Pelosi and Boehner were speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual meeting. AIPAC has not taken a position on the war in Iraq or the supplemental spending bill to be considered this week by the House Appropriations Committee, but much of Boehner’s speech was about the future of the Iraq conflict. 

Boehner sought to link the fight in Iraq to the future of Israel, as he said a failure in Iraq would pose a direct threat to Israel. 

Pelosi said the U.S. military campaign in Iraq had to be judged on three accounts: whether it makes the U.S. safer, the U.S. military stronger and the region more stable. 

“The war in Iraq fails on all three counts,” Pelosi said. Some of the crowd applauded before catcalls and boos could be heard. A spokesman for AIPAC argued the boos were in response to those clapping for Pelosi. 

AIPAC leaders have said about 6,000 of their members are in town for this week’s annual meeting, which ends today. Members are set to lobby individual lawmakers on the Hill for the rest of today. A priority for the group is to convince Congress to approve tougher sanctions on Iran, which is seen as a growing threat to Israel.



Open Letter To:
US House Of Representatives
Leader Nancy Pelosi
And The US House
Of Representatives

From Jim Kirwan



RE: Your recent comments on Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez,
Because you are unreachable as my US representative, I'm writing this open and illustrated letter to be certain that you have the opportunity to read this for yourself. I'm just one of your constituents, but there are millions just like me.
You said, "Hugo Chavez fancies himself a modern-day Simon Bolivar, but all he is, is an everyday thug." And you charged that Chavez "has abused the privilege of speaking at the United Nations." You could learn a lot from this man, Nancy, because he actually represents not only his people, but the vast majority of people in the world. Part of the reason for the United Nations is to provide people from other nations with a forum to do exactly what Chavez did-which was to simply rebut the policies and practices of what has become the military-dictatorship of the USA-Israeli cabal. You have only to note the length of the applause that greeted Chavez's remarks to understand how far from reality your own uninformed positions really are.
You are the supposed 'leader' of the Democratic side of the US House of Representatives, which has to be one of the most criminally-flawed and out-of-touch organizations in the world today. For the last five years you and the vast majority of 'your members' have consistently voted in favor of the junta that has taken over this nation. You of course went along with the attack on Afghanistan, despite the fact that no facts were presented to you or to the Congress, regarding the 'proofs necessary' to warrant such an attack. You voted for the USA Patriot Act, without even reading it and then you voted for the illegal and completely unfounded War-on-Iraq. You personally went ballistic over any attempt to separate US support for Israel from continuing US policy ­ and that's just the barest outline of your failures to represent the people of your district in California, and California in the nation. If Chavez is "a thug"-then what does that make you and the biggest-little corrupted-corporate club in the United States?
You and your colleges are part of the privileged class in this country, and as such should be disqualified from "representing" anyone but the filthy rich ­ that's the job of the US Senate. Together you are referred to as "the Congress" and your popularity is well below that of the creature you created when you failed in your sworn duty to prevent the US Supreme Court from appointing Bush back in 2000. That election should have been handled by the Congress, but you and yours shirked your duties (again) to the people you are supposed to represent-and sat silently by while the United States was handed over to a certified "political thug." Then in 2004 you had another chance in yet another rigged election, and again you failed to stop a second stolen election: However 'we the people' let you get away with it, so it appears that "we" are equally culpable in this series of crimes against what used to be our country.
My point here is that before you or representative Rangel, decide to spit on the president of another nation, you might want to remember that the United States of America was founded around the privilege of Freedom of Speech. One of the reasons that the UN was built here was supposedly so that people would not fear to speak their minds; because after all the place was located in the USA, where such things were always possible-at least they were before Bush & the Bandits (that includes most of the 535 members of the congress) transformed 'us' into the world's most recently-corrupted Empire.
Bush deserved everything that Chavez said about him. That's what the truth does Nancy, it stings whenever it is spoken aloud.  Bush may be the titular head of state but he's not 'my president'-because in my country presidents' have to be elected legally, they cannot be appointed by the courts. And as far as manners go, when a corrupt leader attempts to own the entire world, then the potentially affected world has every right to call him on it! Just as when Cheney-Bush and his cabinet finally go down for this: the congress and the courts will each have their share in that assessment as well, right along with major media and their psy-ops propaganda coupled with the misinformation and the crimes of omission that goaded so many into many of the illegal things this nation continues to do.
Think of it this way Nancy-if the USA were just a mega-corporation, you would all be members of the Board of Directors, and the Courts would be serving as your legal advisors. The foreign policies of this nation would be seen as the corporate business plan for unending growth, and Homeland security would be seen as the privatized hired guns that they are-to eventually become the prison guards in what is about to become the National Security State that used to be called the United States of America. But, if this were a corporation then you would all have been fired, years ago, because not one single policy that you have all underwritten has worked. Nothing, Nada, Zip!
Under your 'leadership' the titles of all the agencies designed to protect the nation or its people have all been turned on their heads EPA destroys the environment, Health and Human Services destroys those who need help, rather than assisting them. Education has become the corral that holds the sheep, for shipment to the lowest possibilities while they await the export of what remains of all their jobs. Look at Katrina, and see how you failed to hold Bush's feet to the fire on that one ­ you  ought to have to try to live without water or electricity for a month ­ before you go to jail for allowing the government to
destroy five thousand perfectly good homes, because they're on "valuable" land. New Orleans is in the USA and yet the congress and you personally Mrs. Pelosi did nothing to assist those refugees and the displacements which that storm crated over a year ago. Just who is it that you do represent 'Leader' Pelosi?
The administration has gutted international agreements, treaties, and conventions­ and as the congress-you and yours have been right there holding your tongues and voting for everything the dictator demands of you, without a whimper. If this had happened in most counties, Bush and his cabinet would have been lynched in the streets ­ but not here ­ no here we are AFRAID: very afraid of what might happen to us-if we dare to speak out against the likes of you and Cheney-Bush, or the courts-all of which comprise the despicable and illegal government of the USA today! Just look at this latest little piece of bullshit that congress is going to play word games with ­ the Geneva Conventions: You held a dog-&-pony-show about how not to change the Charter, or the touchy parts that directly affect the entire point of the agreement itself. Then you announced a compromise that did exactly what you said it would not do ­ but in the process you found yet another way to cave in to the junta that calls itself the USA's world government. This will not 'fool' anyone, especially not in the wider world
As a 'mega-corporation' in charge of administering one of the world's most bountiful nations, you have instead run this place from a national surplus into the most despicably bankrupt country imaginable. You have allowed our interstate freeway system to be divided up and sold off to foreign nations that are converting them to privatized toll-roads, just like you're allowing the national parks to be invaded by the oil companies, while you are not-demanding that the automotive companies come up with a carburetor that could get at least 90 miles to the gallon. In every area of national interest you have opted for the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources to maximize short term corporate gains. You have defended Capitalism at the expense of the millions of lives of those who have made those corporations possible-and you've chosen to do it all under a filthy blanket of secret government activities that was unthinkable before you and your fellow creeps took over. There is virtually no chance that any of you on the Board of Directors will suddenly awaken anytime soon. Meanwhile you have presided over the destruction of one of the most lucrative and 'possibility-filled' nations on earth. And on your watch you have been driving this entire nation into literal chaos at a thousand miles an hour-and then you claim that this is the best that can be done-given all the wars that you ensured could be created under Cheney-Bush (including the two more with Iran and Syria still pending). What's truly incredible is that you haven't all been lynched already!
Just as a point of interest what do you say to all those who have lost people in your wars? How do you sleep at night? Have you thought about what will happen when all that DU contaminated brass from all our shells gets reprocessed into 'goodies' for the yuppies to use in their 'new' homes that are being built to accommodate so many new foreigners, who can come here and buy property with their money: while you disallow Americans to travel with more than $10,000 in cash? You are spreading death and continued destruction with every stroke of the pen you make, with your so-called 'position' in this government.  
You and Cheney-Bush have blood on your hands; in fact you are all so drenched in the contaminated blood from so many innocent people the world over, (from Palestine, to Bosnia, to Afghanistan, and Iraq) that it would be difficult for even Solomon to figure out how to deal with all your crimes against humanity: not to mention all the secret money wasted or given to Cheney & his friends.  And you dare to criticize a man who has been a leader for all those things that you specifically claim to represent 'us' in! Nature will find a way to deal with you-and you will pay for what you've collectively tried to do to the world. The arrogance of this government is so far beyond the pale, that when the world begins to stand up, as it is doing now: Your bought and paid-for co-conspirators (maybe a million strong) will be swept away like the sand-castles they are trying to build-before that oncoming Hurricane of the other Five Billion, Nine-Hundred Million of us that you tried to enslave. . .
Nancy - When you first 'ran for office' I was one of those that helped; guess I'm still a constituent. You were just a woman with five kids and a bright smile that wanted to do something to change the world. Well you've "done something" alright-and because you have so completely abused your office and this nation's people-it's way past time for you to go. However; because you are a person completely without honor, I don't expect you to resign, but I will look forward to adding the leadership of Congress, to the pending impeachment proceedings, that will soon begin the process of taking back this nation!
Jim Kirwan

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Anytime, Madam Speaker
Because The World Is Waiting


Jim Kirwan 1-9-7

Madam Speaker,

You have chosen to overlook the responsibilities that go with your office, and the obligations that go with your title. The constitution gave the House of Representatives the sole power to bring impeachment charges against any officer of the federal government-yet you have chosen to deny the people of the United States the right to bring impeachment charges against the highest officers of this government. You do not have the right to come between the people and their government.

The constitution also gave the power over the purse strings for the federal government to the congress; again-neither you nor the congress had the right to "give away that right" to the administrative branch of government; which you did when the congress (of which you were a part), granted The Decider his License-to-Kill, immediately after 911. "What must now be done IMMEDIATELY, is that congress must tear up that license and take back your powers to check the administration-which would bring control back over the wars, to the congress and to the people of the United States: which would put an end to the Dictatorship-of-the-Decider." This is the only way to begin to end this nightmare that has cost us over 500 billion dollars, and only god knows how many lives-so far!

You have said that you will not cut the funding for the war because that would mean the congress would "not be supporting the troops." That is a conceit meant to justify continuing with business as usual-and for the record that's a lie! If congress supported the troops they would remove The Decider and his failed cabinet for not only non-performance, but for incompetence as well as the tyranny under which he led this nation into both those wars in the first place. Nine-Eleven was a crime, not an act of war, and everything that flowed from that almost immediate decision by the Bandits has enabled virtually every crime that has come directly from that first mega-lie. Virtually all these events have contributed to the bankruptcy of the nation and the destabilization of the planet ­ and this comes down to the failure of congress to check the colonial and dictatorial passions of the Gang-in-Power now.

It was the job of congress to protect this nation from internal enemies, as much as it was your responsibility to protect Americans from foreign powers and you failed by refusing to differentiate between the commission of a civil crime of greed and power from an outright international act of war. No discussions took place, no debates were held: The Decider told us what to think, and congress followed lock-step-in near unanimity. Now you're the Speaker-and if you do not act to bring about corrections for these crimes in which you participated-then there will be hell to pay!

For your information you should also re-review the record of exactly what has happened since 911. The election of 2000 was stolen, and between the inauguration and nine-eleven, The Decider had already begun to re-write all the agreements and compacts which the US had been a signatory to. This included everything from Global Warming to the Geneva Conventions. After that black September day you granted the presidency an open ended agreement for total and unlimited warfare, not on an enemy but upon an idea!

How did he manage the wars or the policies of the United States in the six years since he's been The Decider-in effect the CEO in charge of everything that could be called part of "the interests" of the United States? George W. Bush has failed repeatedly in each and every aspect of every single thing he has undertaken-again & again-yet congress has continued to go along and has yet to question anything that The Decider has done. No hearings, no serious investigations were ever held: Katrina, Abu Ghraib, the never-ending SECRECY, the paranoia, the spying by this government that now includes White House claims of privacy over the visitor's logs maintained by the Secret Service over those who visit the White House. The White House is the People's House, and those documents belong to the people of the United States-those records are not now and have never been the private property of any of our government's servants. The White House is ours the Decider is just a renter, passing through (1).

Look at what has happened to the world's most-super power. The Decider and his advisors took the most expensive armed force in history and systematically destroyed it. We lost a full third of our mechanized vehicles in the full speed rush (through a massive desert sand-storm) to topple Baghdad. And we continue to lose weaponry and vehicles to the hopelessly inept military policies of people who have no knowledge of anything military-because they each dodged their military responsibilities when their time came. In fact the only thing the administration's personnel have in common is that they all lie and attempt to avoid all responsibility for anything. The other massive costs associated with the wars have been the massive frauds created by Cheney and his companies in their bogus 'secret-no-bid contracts' with the government for everything from the delivery of mail, to food service and recreation. On the civilian side there was the re-construction of electrical facilities, drinkable water, sanitation, hospitals, schools, or even general security to allow protection of the conquered to leave their houses-none of which happened-hell it's no wonder we cannot win in this situation. These things didn't happened just here and there, it was policy that the contractor's couldn't be forced to produce in combat situations, yet they were to be paid anyhow. Had any of this been investigated at all-Cheney would in jail on charges of corruption, theft, war-profiteering and a huge list of other crimes

While Cheney wasn't alone in this theft of multi-billions, he is the highest ranking official who is visibly culpable, and criminally liable. Yet no one has even suggested that he could be questioned, much less charged with any crimes. And you say that impeachments are out-of-the-question: or "off the table" as you put it? Explain that to the American public!

One thing has become crystal clear from all of these crimes of greed and arrogance: No one who has a million dollars should be allowed to hold any government office in the United States of America. Of course this won't be allowed to become law, because the same people who would have to approve this are the same people who are the millionaires in question: most of them members of congress! But -in Central and South America, that is exactly the kind of grass-roots thing that has begun to take root. After a hundred years of invasions and colonial rule, the people there figured it out: the rich do NOT make good leaders because all they care about is more money and more power-purchased at the expense of the public they were supposed to represent against those foreign powers that routinely come to steal their countries and their lives. The primary offender therein is and was the USA.

This "thought-form" may not be possible at this time, but the idea will grow, and with it the time frame for leadership by the filthy-rich will continue to shrink. It's way past time for you and your fellow congressional people to get to work and begin to do what you were elected to do-which is to rid this country, and the world, of the Dictatorship that now owns everything we used to call our own!

One more thing Madame Speaker, please spare us all the embarrassment of everything that has to do with political parties because that is another failed fiction. Neither political party in the US allows freedom of speech or public gatherings that disagree with what the formal party gatherings want the world to see. There is no opposition coming from any elected group, because almost all politicians are owned by the same financial backers. That favorite theme of 'the Party Platform' has no teeth, and becomes obsolete the second 'the selection' is over. But the most outrageous thing about politics in America is that Americans are not allowed to hold political opinions that disagree with those currently in-charge: and it matters not at all which "party" is in office. The insult that adds to this injury comes when you introduce terms like "bi-partisanship" or that's "playing politics": for the record: Even the act of breathing is political!

The money that supports all of you-is the same money that sends our jobs offshore, cuts our retirement, slashed our social benefits, destroyed education, paved, drilled and polluted the environment into borderline conditions that now threaten the entire planet, and is murdering all life in the waters of the world. That money is the same money that supports the censorship of anything that is not in agreement about entertainment content, books, radio or television, that might attempt to throw any light on what's really going on. The media under the FCC must be reconfigured so that there is an actual public guardian involved in keeping the airwaves of America open to more than one thought or one opinion, especially "during a time of war." 'Everybody Knows' this is true-but until you and your people begin to do their jobs, this totally censored and nearly fascistic dictatorship will only get worse.

One footnote: The flaw in the ointment of Absolute Power-ruling absolutely is that all people will be affected by the results of the global designs of the New World Order-because these criminal policies will decimate the filthy rich as well. It's happened hundreds of times in history when the rich thought they could control everything only to be killed by their own house servants, or destroyed by the complete collapse of the economies they destroyed because, in their lust for power, they killed off too many of the talented people who kept things working.

Listening to your public pronouncements is painful because in many ways you are so clueless. The handwriting is on every wall in blood, yet you proceed as though this was Norman Rockwell's 1957 instead of The Decider's 2007. The Decider has had hundreds of chances to 'get-it-right' in Iraq but all he has succeeded in doing is to have wrung the worst possible outcome from every opportunity that he's been given: having produced in that process the very things he said we were going to war to prevent! If this were a company and he was CEO-you'd be a major member of the Board of Directors. Name one company that has ever existed in which a total failure was allowed to stay in office after six full years of total and utter FAILURE! That's six years of near total monetary collapse, (the largest public debt ever in history) a country that outsources all its best jobs while entering into contracts to destroys what remains of its own work force, and at the same time tries to drive away the few people who manage to survive that onslaughts created to steal whatever might be possibly be left to steal.

This same fictitious company has completely perverted the so-called 'justice' system along with the courts, not to mention the completely sold-out congress of the United States. Congress approved each and every criminal now in office: ironically the criminals probably outnumber the non-criminals, in the upper levels of this administration-yet no questions are ever asked.

You have a huge job to do Nancy and half-measures won't make the grade. So far you've been too cute by half, and not nearly tough enough to matter to anyone very much. You want to go down in history-then be prepared to get dirty and lose a few of those overly involved and financially interested "advisors" that brought you to this point. This is not a corporation, this is a flesh and blood nation on the edge of real and lasting anger over what has happened to this country. Changes are needed, and you're the Woman-of-the-Hour. The public has been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for The Decider to decide to decide what to do. Pre-empt him, tear up his License ­to-Kill, cut off all his supplemental spending, charge his Vice President with the crimes he's involved in, and since his incompetent commanders will not have the money: the troops will have to come home. That would be how this government should "Support the Troops"! Do it now because we've all waited overlong to end this nightmare NOW!

1) White House Blocks Access to Visitors Logs 334341.shtml?source=RSSattr=HOME_2334341


Molly Ivins ­ Stop This War Now!



Just how cozy is Pelosi
with AIPAC?

Now that Pelosi is slated to become Speaker of the House, let's take a closer look at just how much she supports the zionist cause and vice versa.
Political observers say it’s no surprise that the congresswoman from San Francisco considers herself close to the Jews.

The daughter of Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., a former mayor of Baltimore, Pelosi grew up in a Democratic family with Jewish neighbors and friends.

“She likes to say that, growing up in Baltimore, she went to a bar or bat mitzvah every Saturday,” Amy Friedkin, a former president of AIPAC and a friend of Pelosi’s for 25 years, wrote in an e-mail message to JTA.

Friedkin noted that there’s even a soccer field in the Haifa area of Israel named after the lawmaker’s family.


Really??? Wow. Impressive.

How many Catholic Americans do you think have israeli land dedicated to their families?

Well, now you know one.

While the Republicans had campaigned partly on the premise that support for Israel among Democrats has waned, exit polls from Tuesday’s voting show that Democrats won an overwhelming majority of the Jewish vote.

With Pelosi as speaker, Jewish activists and officials are confident that the U.S. Congress will remain strongly pro-Israel.

“I’ve heard her say numerous times that the single greatest achievement of the 20th century” was the founding of the modern state of Israel, Friedkin wrote.

“She has been a great friend of the U.S.-Israel relationship during her entire time in Congress and is deeply committed to strengthening that relationship.”

Sam Lauter, a pro-Israel activist in San Francisco, has known Pelosi for nearly 40 years. He was 5 years old when the Pelosis moved into his San Francisco neighborhood, he recalls. The two families lived on the same street.

“She’s one of the classiest,” most “straightforward people you could ever meet,” Lauter said. “She’s incredibly loyal.”


I'm sure she is - the question is TO WHOM?

Lauter said the Pelosis used to attend the first night of the Passover seder at his parents’ house.

“As far as the Jewish community is concerned, she feels our issues in her soul,” he said.

To illustrate his point, Lauter told a Pelosi story that has become almost legendary in the Jewish community.

At an AIPAC members luncheon in San Francisco right after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Pelosi was speaking when an alarm sounded.

“Everybody started getting nervous, scrambling toward the door,” Lauter recalled.

One person, though, was reading the words of Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, above the din.

It was Pelosi.

“It actually calmed the crowd,” Lauter said. “You could see people actually smiling, saying ‘Wow.’ ”

This “wasn’t something done purposefully to show everyone that Nancy Pelosi supports the Jewish community,” he said. It “actually came from inside her.”


You would think that being an American congresswoman in America, that if any anthem 'came from inside' this woman's heart, it would be an AMERICAN one.

But, according to AIPAC and clan, putting America first would be anti-semitic.

Rabbi Doug Kahn, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco [is] confident that Pelosi, as speaker, will be effective in persuading people with a broad range of views on the Middle East, the importance of maintaining bipartisan support for Israel.

hen it comes to Israel, “she truly gets it,” said Matt Dorf, a consultant to the Democratic National Committee. he gets “Israel’s value and asset to U.S. security” and its “importance as the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Jewish organizational officials also commend Pelosi’s record on Jewish communal issues.

William Daroff, vice president for public policy for the United Jewish Communities, the federation system’s umbrella group and a Republican himself, said the lawmaker has helped ensure federal funding of Jewish family service agencies and Jewish hospitals and has supported government programs and policies that Jewish organizations value, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

He also noted that Reva Price, Pelosi’s liaison to the Jewish community for a year and a half, came from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella group of local community relations councils.

Bringing on board such an insider was “really a masterful stroke,”Daroff said.

Price, he added, has done a wonderful job of playing “traffic cop” with Jewish organizations and in making sure that Pelosi’s agenda is in tune with that of the Jewish community.

She’s been "a real champion of making sure the Jewish community is well served,”Daroff said of the lawmaker. "I’m sure she’ll continue to be a champion.”


Forgive me if what I'm about to say sounds a tad insensitive to the Jewish cause, but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?!!



DO TELL ME, please.

However, I should give credit where credit is due.

Pelosi isn't completely controlled by zionists. Occasionally, a sliver of inner conscience peers through the thick zionist exterior to catch a glimmer of daylight.

Some Republicans, in fact, questioned Pelosi’s support for Israel this summer.

The congresswoman ended up removing her name as a co-sponsor from a House resolution supporting the Jewish state during its war with Hezbollah because it did not address the protection of civilians.


So, there is some hope, albeit very little.

God knows, I didn't hear her cry foul yesterday when 17 women and children were murdered in their sleep by israeli shells.

Maybe they weren't 'civilian' enough for her.

Reproduced from this excellent blog site:





Pelosi - Another Israel
First Zionist Gatekeeper?

By Amiram Barkat


Pelosi On Israel
Pelosi is 100% behind Israel, and stated "The creation of the State of Israel is one of the miracles of the twentieth century."
Pelosi overlooks Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians, and doesn't mention Israel's massive nuclear, chemical and biological weapons arsenal. Pelosi's view of Muslims versus Americans and Israelis is racist.
Regarding Iran
According to Pelosi, the biggest danger to Israel today comes from Iran, whose nuclear ambitions, though still unproved, also threaten the US.
Her perspective contains the seed of ominous things to come, because, after all, something will have to be done about Iran, right? Yes, and soon. 
"If evidence of participation by other nations in Iran's nuclear program is discovered, I will insist that the Administration use, rather than ignore, the evidence in determining how the US deals with that nation or nations on other issues," she said.
Read Her Shocking AIPAC Speech 
Pelosi's Husband Is An Extremely Wealthy Real Estate Developer
The Pelosi family has a net worth of over $90 million, mainly from Paul's investments. Paul Pelosi, Italian/Catholic/Crypto, was a New York investment banker turned San Francisco real estate developer. He is president of Financial Leasing Services, a venture-capital company in San Francisco.   He is a stock trader with millions in Microsoft, and AT&T.
Relationship to Nancy Pelosi: Husband of nearly 40 years.
Occupation: President of Financial Leasing Services Inc. of San Francisco, specializing in real estate and venture capital investments.
How they met: While a student at Trinity College in Washington, D.C., Nancy D'Alesandro took a class at Georgetown University and met undergraduate Paul Pelosi, a San Francisco native. After they married, Paul and Nancy Pelosi in the mid-1960s returned to San Francisco, where they raised five children.
The role he plays: While Nancy Pelosi has pursued a political life, Paul Pelosi has helped maintain her financial independence, in addition to being what many consider the model political spouse, providing emotional and practical support that has freed his wife to pursue her political interests.
"You cannot have a career in politics as a married woman unless you have incredible support from your mate,'' said Roz Wyman, a long-active Democrat and close friend of the Pelosi family. "Paul's support is immeasurable.''
Quote: "I've made a conscious effort to not be involved or give the appearance of being involved in her political career. People should realize that she's the one.''
Assets Of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA
· 1600 Atlas Peak Road, Napa, CA
· 235 Twelve Inc.- LLC Common Stock (Now 235 Second Twelve Inc.-LLC)
· 25 Point Lobos, San Francisco, CA - Commercial Property
· 45 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA - Four Story Commercial building
· 723 Mule Ears Court, Norden, CA - Townhome
· 820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Anselmo, CA-Commercial Property
· Access Technology Partners, LP
· Adaytum Software, Inc.-Common Stock
· Advanced Fiber Communications, Public Common Stock
· Agile Software
· Alliance Gaming Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Alter Ego - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· America's - Common Stock
· - Common Stock
· Apogee Networks, Inc. - Common Stock (now evident - common stock)
· Aristotle Publishing, Inc. - Common Stock
· Ashlar, Inc. - Common Stock
· AT&T Public - Common Stock
· Atipa Fund B (See Oculan Corp)
· Attenza, LLC - Common Stock
· Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford, CA - Owns resort hotel
· Avaya - Public Common Stock
· Bank of America, San Francisco
· Bank of America, Washington, DC
· Beacon Education Management - Common Stock
· BF Enterprises - Common Stock
· Borel Estate Company - Owns shopping center
· Briazz - Public Common Stock
· Broadcom Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Broadway Property, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Option
· Builder's Info. Group - Common Stock (Formerly Netclerk)
· Bullhorn (Formerly Bridgepath LLC - Common Stock)
· Calico Commerce - Public Common Stock
· Chalone Wine Group, Ltd.
· Cierra Photonics - Common Stock
· Cisco Systems, Inc. - Common Stock
· CMGI, Inc. - Common Stocks
· Co-Net (Formerly - Common Stock
· Coach, Inc. - Public common stock
· - Common Stock
· Collaborative Group - Common Stock
· ComCast - Public Common Stock
· Command Audio - Common Stock
· Commerce One, Inc. - Common Stock
· Congressional Credit Union, Washington, DC
· CopperCom, Inc. - Common Stock
· Covalent Technologies - Common Stock
· Critical Path Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Currenex - Common Stock (Formerly FX Trades)
· Digital Fountain - Common Stock
· Digital Intelligence (Now Picture IQCorp)
· EDI Associates, Mill Valley, CA - Hotel Investment
· Emulex - Public Common Stock
· Engage, Inc. - Common Stock
· Evident - Common Stock (Formerly Apogee)
· Fastnet - Common Stock
· Financial Leasing Services, S.F., CA - Investment company
· Forty-Five Belden Corp., S.F., CA - Investment Company
· Genetope Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Getty Images, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Granite Ventures, LP
· - Common Stock (now Unicru)
· IKnowMed Systems, Inc.
· Infospace, Inc. - Public common stock
· Interloci, LLC - Public Common Stock
· Internap Delaware - Common Stock (formerly Internap Network Services)
· Internap Network Services, LLC - Common Stock (Now Internap Delaware)
· Internet Cap. Group - Public Stock
· Intraop, LLC - Common Stock
· Japan Partners - Common Stock (AKA Isochron Data Corp.)
· Jet Blue Air - Public Common Stock
· Johnson & Johnson - Public Common Stock
· Learning Techonolgies, Inc.- Common Stock
· LEG Partners, III, LP - Common Stock
· Liberate Technologies - Public Common Stock
· Lionis Gate Limited Partnership (Cordavalle) - Golf Development Partnership
· Lucent Techonolgies - Public Common Stock (Formerly Nexabit)
· LuxN, LLC - Common Stock
· McGrath Rentcorp, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Microsoft Corp. - Public Common Stock
· MontaVista, LLC - Common Stock
· Mosher Partners, LP, Sacramento, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Natelli Communities - Real Estate Partnership
· Nautilus Leasing Services - Container leasing company
· Navis Holdings, LLC - Common Stock
· Net2Phone, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Netcessity - Common Stock
· NetSchools Corp. - Common Stock (Now Plato-Common Stock)
· Niku Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Niman Ranch - Common Stock
· Nine Forty Five Battery, LLC, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Nine Hundred One Battery, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Oakwood Homes Corp - Bonds
· Oculan Corp - Common Stock
· Odyssey, LLC - Common stock
· Orlimar, LLC - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· Pacific Island Resources LLC - Common Stock
· Piatti Restaurant Co., Tiburon, CA - Restaurant Opening Company
· Picture IQ Corp. - Common Stock (AKA Digital Intelligence)
· Plato - Common Stock (Formerly Netschools - Common Stock)
· Plumtree Software, Inc. - Common Stock
· Polycom - Public Common Stock
· Potomac Investment Association, Gaithersburg, MD - Real Estate Partnership
· Procure Point - Common Stock
· QIC (Quinton Instrument Company) - Public Common Stock (Now Quinton Cardiology Sys., Inc.)
· QualComm, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Rainmaker Systems, Inc - Common Stock
· Read-Rite Corp, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Ready Router (Now Netcessity)
· Recommender 2 - Common Stock
· Redenvelope - Public Common stock
· REOF V - Real Estate Partnership
· RF Micro Devices, Inc - Public Common Stock
· Robert Half Intl., Inc. - Public Common Stock
·, LLC - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· Shutterfly - Comon Stock
· Skellenger Lane, Rutherford, CA - 8 acre vinyard
· Slam Dunk Networks, Inc.
· Sonus Networks, Inc.-Public Stock
· Speakeasy, Inc. - Common Stock
· Spirian, LLC - Common Stock
· Stoneridge, LLC
· Sun Microsystems - Public Common Stock
· Support Inc. - Common Stock (AKA Support Soft, Inc.)
· TeraOp, LLC - Common Stock
· Thirteen Hundred One Sansome, LLC - Real Estate Partnership
· Tripath Technology, Inc. - Common Stock
· Trivium Systems, Inc - Common Stock
· Trux Gate Associates Ltd, Real Estate Partnership
· Unicru Common Stock (Formerly
· Union Bank of California, San Francisco, CA - savings account
· USA DR - Common Stock
· Vanguard Airlines, Inc - Public Common Stock
· Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA - Savings account
· Witness Sys, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Xtreme Spectrum, Inc. - Common Stock
· Yantra Corp - Common Stock
· Yerac Associates - Investments
· Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, CA
Presented by the Federal Election Commission
Contributions Arranged By Type And Recipient
Contributions to Political Committees
Total Contributions:    2000.00
Financial Leasing Services
235 Montgomery Street Suite 610
San Francisco, CA (California) 94104-2915
Phone: (415) 788-8600
Business Types: Security Brokers & Dealers



Pelosi Gives A Pep Talk To AIPAC
The Democratic leader in her own words

By Mark Gaffney 11-11-6

Rep. Nancy Pelosi's recent speech to the Israeli-American lobby (AIPAC) ought to be a clarion call for peace activists. Her address did not contain any big surprises. But it is, nonetheless, remarkable for its transparency. The speech (see below for the text) affords a up-close look at what Pelosi thinks about Israel, the Palestinians, the Mideast, and nukes.

It's worth a look too because Pelosi's beliefs on these matters are not a departure. Most of the Democratic Party leadership espouse similar ideas. The bipartisan voting record of Congress in recent years on Mideast issues proves this to be the case. Remember, this is the party that's supposed to represent the grassroots, i.e., we the people. So what is the Democratic leader of the House doing, anyway, giving a pep talk to the second largest lobby in Washington? Indeed, to the lobby of a foreign power? It's a question more Americans ought to be asking.

Most of the speech is the same old stuff. I draw your attention only to several points:

Pelosi denies that the key issue is Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza --- at a stroke repudiating numerous UN Security Council Resolutions that the US voted for and supposedly still supports. But clearly, that's no longer the case, and hasn't been for many years.

The real issue, she states, is the survival of Israel. This is the familiar mantra by which anything and everything becomes possible. Only, there's a minor catch: The statement isn't true and hasn't been since probably 1949.

If nothing else, Pelosi is well-versed. She recites another familiar line, the one about how there was no partner for peace until Arafat expired, when light suddenly came flooding in. Pelosi makes it clear that in her view the Palestinian leader Abbas' real job is to serve as policeman for Israel. Evidently, his legitimacy largely depends on this. Looking after the best interests of his own people comes in a distant second.

But her most revealing statements concern nuclear proliferation, and they show why the Democrats (who don't get it) are no improvement over the Republicans (who always get it wrong). In fact, the Democrats may be even more dangerous, precisely because there is still the perception in the land, however mistaken, that the Democrats are the party of enlightened ideas. I would be willing to bet that most registered democrats are not aware of how extreme their elected Democratic representatives are on these key issues. Nor can most thus have a true sense of how dire the situation is.

According to Pelosi, the biggest danger to Israel today comes from Iran, whose nuclear ambitions, though still unproved, also threaten the US. Her perspective contains the seed of ominous things to come, because, after all, something will have to be done about Iran, right? Yes, and soon.

Meanwhile, Pelosi manages to overlook Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians, which undoubtedly is the greatest danger to Israel, by far, and comes from within. Nor does she mention Israel's massive nuclear, chemical and biological weapons arsenal. But her statements additionally contain the tacit and troublesome assumption that the only people in the region who matter are Israelis and Americans. Everyone else, virtually the entire population of numerous countries, though no less imperiled by nuclear weapons (arguably even more so), simply don't count in this calculus. In fact, Pelosi's remarks are implicitly racist for this reason.

The shocker, though, also near the end, is where Pelosi takes the US and Israeli nuclear monopoly in the region for granted, as if this were a good and necessary thing. The purpose of the NPT in her view is to shut down the rogue proliferators, who by definition are always those other guys, never us. It's the stuff of which nuclear nightmares are made. I would also bet that the vast majority of people who live in the Mideast take sharp issue with Pelosi's thinking, and probably have a bone to pick with her about where the actual threat lies.

George Washington, our founding father, who warned against entangling alliances, must be turning over, about now. But don't take my word for it. Read Pelosi's speech (which follows) and draw your own conclusions.

Mark Gaffney is the author of Dimona: the Third Temple?, a pioneering 1989 book about Mordechai Vanunu and the Israeli nuke program. Mark's latest book is Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes. Mark can be reached for comment at



Pelosi Already Using Gingrich Bait & Switch Trickery
Offers Another Bogus 'Contract With America'
Called 'Six In O6' -

More Utter BS From Dick Eastman 11-11-6


After Waco and other crimes, the people voted Democrats out of Congress -- but what they got was a new crop of Republican congressmen led by Newt Gingrich who backed Clinton on every major policy of the money-power agenda -- he called it the "Contract with America" -- it as a fake set of reforms that no one wanted and no one asked for (but which made certain plutocrats evern richer)

And now Madame Chairman is serving up the same crap -- the people voted Democrat in reaction against the things Bush is doing for the money-power elite -- but when they are voted back in power, the Democrats pull a Gingrich -- the bait and switch -- they feed people a different agenda other than the agenda the people wanted and voted for!

Why did you vote for the Democrats?

1) Will they repeal the Patriot Act?

2) Will they reinstitute the Writ of Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus?

3) Will they eliminate Bush's 2007 Military Commissions Act?

4) Will they seek to impeach Bush & Cheney?

5) Will they withdraw from Iraq?

6) Will they reopen and conduct a legitimate 9/11 investigation?

7) Will they roll back globalization to restore the middle classes?

No chance.

Here is Nancy Pelosi stating her "agenda" (and asking for money)

"Together, we can set a new course for America. Nowhere did the American people make it clearer that we need a new direction than in the war in Iraq. We are committed to finding a new solution to Iraq, but we know that actions speak louder than words.

"That's why we will go forward with our "Six for '06" agenda:

* To make our country safer by implementing the 9/11 commission recommendations

* To make our economy fairer

* To make college and health care more affordable

* To move toward energy independence

* To guarantee a dignified retirement

* To do this in a fiscally sound way with civility, integrity, and bipartisanship.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, not only is "Six for 6" NOT what we voted for -- it itself is also code for very bad legislation, rife with all kinds of corruption and pork are behind each of her platitude goals.

'Implementing the 9-11 Commission recommendations' means accepting the Commission's UTTER WHITEWASH and going ahead with more police state measures.

'Making the economy fairer' means taxing the middle class and further crushing small business -- without touching the multi-national economy, big corporations and big finance and anarcho-criminal laissez-faire.

'Making college and health care more affordable' means regulation and loss of freedom and rationing according to political formula

'More towards energy independence' means not implementing new energy forms to compete with oil -- but new taxes and costs placed on oil use to further exploit/strangle families and small business

A 'dignified retirement' means this is where the votes are. We have a very aged population -- but what does this mean and who will pay for it? (certainly not the richest)

Do this 'in a fiscally sound way' means taxing the middle class, taxing the small business while letting the billioniares off free -- the Democrats are owned by the corporations, by the Zionist billionaires

Note carefully the following: Ruppert Murdoch -- who brings you Hannity, etc. -- is for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Pelosi is in the Hillary Clinton circle (with Diane Feinstein, etc.) We are in for more crime -- and lots of pretend "opposition" that really isn't opposition at all. They will debate losts of phony issues and the media will help them -- while what really matters stays stolen and the world continues its course of death and rot.

Dick Eastman

Yakima, Washington



Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Supporter of Endless U.S. Occupation in Iraq

Supporter of Brutal Israeli Occupation of Palestine


Don't just read this, Take Action! More Here. 

Our organizing has already made a difference.

See below and the next page for Pelosi voting record.  

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, has a reputation of being a "liberal".  She has been elected to represent San Francisco, a city known for its progressive history in supporting labor, civil liberties, and the cause of peace.  Yet while giving lip-service to some of these causes, she has often been the spokesperson of an unjust status quo.  Pelosi may be called a "liberal", but she is very much opposed to liberation. 

Pelosi's history of support for the military occupation of Palestine, her unqualified support for Sharon's policies, exposes Pelosi not as a woman of principle, but is just one example of Pelosi's dedication to the politics of ruthless expediency.  By not questioning U.S. policy, and supporting the policy of special interests (like AIPAC, an organization that seeks to keep U.S. policy in line with the needs of Israel), she has gained great power, and may very possibly be the next Speaker of the House.  Yet, her subservience to the militaristic approach in regards to Israeli/Palestinian conflict has come at great cost to the people of the region, especially the Palestinians who suffer from military occupation, and also to those Israelis who work tirelessly to stop the violence done in their name.   It is also an affront to the people of Bay Area who have a very different set of values, who believe in co-existence based on justice instead of military occupation extended through brute force. 

Pelosi & Iraq

See Update regarding Pelosi support for Murtha Resolution.

Pelosi has again shown herself to be completely out of touch with her constituents after she voted against a modest proposal offered by Congresswoman Woolsey that would eventually remove the U.S. military from Iraq. 

Pelosi has "requested" to President Bush that he produce a give a report to Congress on what conditions he plans to remove the troops from Iraq.  A careful reading of what Pelosi proposes and you will see this: 

 “Specifically, my amendment would require that the President, within 30 days of the enactment of the defense appropriations bill, submit to Congress a report identifying the criteria that will be used to determine when it is appropriate to begin to bring our troops home from Iraq. It does not require the troops to be brought home by a particular date; it requires only that the means for judging when they can be brought home be shared with the Congress. " - Nancy Pelosi Press Release

Pelosi is responding to pressure from those who want an end to the nightmare in Iraq, and we can see she is already feeling the heat. 

Update! Pelosi supports Murtha Resolution. Previously had not called for immediate withdrawal, Pelosi changes her tune.

In late November, Nancy Pelosi offered support for the Murtha resolution.  This resolution is one of the best offered in Congress so far, despite some serious shortcomings.  On the plus side, it says that the US should withdraw, without qualifications about what the political situation in Iraq.  On the negative side, it asks for redeployment "over the horizon", meaning Kuwait or some such place, leaving US troops and military bases in the Middle East.  See Here for a good and brief analysis of the proposal.  Beyond the shortcomings of the resolution, Nancy still insists on funding the war.  She also continues to support the most extreme policy positions of the Israeli government. 

There is no doubt that our work has made a difference in Pelosi's position on the war.  Now let us continue to demand that she take a fair position on the question of Palestine, and cut off all funding for this illegal, immoral war in Iraq. 


2 days left until we protest the pro-war policies of Nancy Pelosi!

See Pelosi's Voting record, as compared to other Bay Area Congresspeople.  Go Here


Other Voices on the Extremism of Pelosi, and in Her Own Words and Deeds

"Pelosi Win Not a Progressive Victory"

An excellent article by Stephen Zunes

Zunes clearly delineates how Pelosi's assent to a leadership position is not a progressive victory. 


When Amnesty International released a report harshly critical of Israel's brutal re-invasion of the Occupied Territories in October 2002, Pelosi, a member of the so-called Human Rights Caucus in Congress, rushed to the side of fundamentalist right-winger Congressman Tom Delay, Republican from Texas, supporting his resolution in support of Israeli military actions, and effectively attacking the credibility of Amnesty International. 

She then went on to support a resolution for increasing military aid to Israel.

Read more here

Pelosi voices support for Apartheid Wall in West Bank.

 The 400 mile apartheid wall (see more on Wall here) being built by Israel mostly inside the West Bank, is prompting much criticism from normally quiet, acquiescent governments, including even (muted) protests from the Bush administration (Bush describes it as a "problem", because it "snakes through the West Bank", and has even threatened to decrease loan guarantees because of the Wall).  Currently the International Court of Justice, better known as the World Court, is considering a case regarding its legality.  

 Yet here again Pelosi leaps to the side of Sharon.  She has signed a letter that says that there should be no pressure on Israel to conform to International Law.  The letter puts it more deceptively, of course, and it says "the U.S. must never pressure Israel to take a position or action which would jeopardize the security of its citizens."    See the full letter here.  We see here another example of Pelosi positioning herself to the political right of Bush. 


Pelosi Defends Assassination as a Political Tool. 

In a move many see as encouraging ever-escalating violence in the Middle East, Nancy Pelosi has endorsed the targeted killing of Palestinian resistance leaders.   She chastised President's Bush mild (and qualified) rebuke of the Sharon regimes use of U.S. Apache Helicopters in "targeted killing" (actually, missile strikes in densely populated neighborhoods, that usually result in the death of many bystanders)  of leaders of resistance groups, where Bush said he was "troubled" and said that they may impede progress towards peace. 

See the San Francisco Chronicle report on Pelosi's extremist stand here.

Pelosi speaks before the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

In April of 2003, Pelosi spoke to AIPAC, the self-described "most important organization affecting America's relationship with Israel".   In this speech, she again reiterated her commitment to Israel's security: "America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering."   Left out was any mentioning of the security of the Palestinian people whose land Israel Occupies.

More Excerpts and some questions:

Pelosi says: "No injustice, real or imagined, can ever justify, and no future can ever be built upon, the calculated slaughter of innocents." 

To which I would respond with these simple questions, does that include the calculated destruction of homes and farms of innocents by U.S.-supplied bulldozers by the Israeli military?   Does that mean she is saying no to the use of a U.S. helicopter gunship on the children protesting the destruction of their homes in Rafah, Gaza? (See Here

And when Pelosi says this:

"The world must never accept in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Haifa what the world would not tolerate in London, Washington, New York or San Francisco." 

I ask this:

Pelosi, why do you accept, indeed, endorse, the kinds of disregard for human rights by the Israeli military in Rafah, Nablus, Jenin,  Palestine what the world would not accept elsewhere?  Could this not be the root of the violence and insecurity you supposedly deplore? 


See the full speech Pelosi gave to AIPAC here. April 2003 Speech

Pelosi's May 2005 Speech.  


Take Action!

Call Pelosi's San Francisco office and demand an end to our tax dollars being used for the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.  Pelosi's office phone number is (415)556-4862

Download and Distribute flyer on Pelosi's support for war on Iraq and US support for Israel's policy of continued occupation and dispossession of Palestinian land.  This flyer also includes a call to protest at her San Francisco office on September 26, 2005

Another flyer asks why Pelosi wants to subsidize 21st century Apartheid. 

See summary of Pelosi's voting record here



Reproduced from:



Lindorff - Why Pelosi Is Wrong On Impeachment

By Dave Lindorff 10-25-6

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in an interview with Lesley Stahl of CBS News, said impeachment would be "off the table" if Democrats take over the House of Representatives in November, calling it a "waste of time." She couldn't be more wrong, and most Americans know it.

While Pelosi was responding to a loaded question from Stahl, who couched impeachment in terms of Democrats' supposed desire to seek revenge if they retake Congress, Pelosi, who would become majority leader in a Democratic House, bought into Stahl's argument, saying that she'd be "satisfied" to see the president and vice president spending the remaining two years of their second term as "lame ducks."

What Stahl should have asked Pelosi was whether she thought that President Bush had violated the law and the Constitution, and whether she believed he has committed impeachable offenses.

The answer to that is clearly yes.

Rep. Pelosi must know most of the president's crimes are not partisan at all. They are crimes against Americans of all stripes, and against liberty and the Constitution.

Just take the president's order to the National Security Administration to spy on Americans without first seeking a warrant. A federal judge in Detroit has already found that the president violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act--a felony--and the Fourth Amendment. That is an impeachable act, and one which Democrats and Republicans alike would punish if they understood the the implications of what the president has done. Given that the secret FISA court has only rejected a handful of warrant requests out of over 70,000 made since 1978, the only reason Bush could have decided to violate the law is that he is doing something so outrageous he knew the hand-picked, top-security-cleared FISA judges would have rejected it out of hand.

Or take the signing statements. This president has used so-called "signing statements" to render inoperative over 800 laws or parts of laws passed by Congress, claiming that he has the authority to do so because he is a commander in chief in time of war (the so-called "War" on Terror). Rep. Pelosi claims that if she becomes House leader, Democrats will want to pursue a positive, progressive political agenda, yet this will be clearly impossible if the president is allowed to simply continue issuing signing statements invalidating any laws passed by a Democratic Congress. Signing statements cannot be overridden, and if Democrats were to attempt to pass legislation outlawing them, Bush could veto that legislation--or render it inoperative with another signing statement. The only way to stop this unconstitutional usurpation of the founding principle of tripartite government is to impeach the president for blatant abuse of power.

This too, is an issue that Republicans and Democrats should agree on, for if this president is permitted to ignore laws passed by the Congress, then subsequent presidents (perhaps a President Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama?) could also do it, citing the continuing "War" on Terror, and the Bush precedent.

Does Nancy Pelosi believe that the president's lies and deceptions and the conspiracy by his administration to trick the nation into a disastrous invasion of Iraq is not grounds for impeachment? Nearly 3000 Americans have died as a result of that deceit, and nearly 40,000 have suffered grievous wounds, while the US military has been stretched to the breaking point, leaving the country unable to respond to genuine threats. Surely the author of this ongoing national nightmare must be punished, so that future presidents will not attempt to do the same thing.

These are only some of this administration's crimes. Others include:

Bush's role in attacking, and then covering up the attack on former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his CIA agent wife, Valerie Plame--a crime that was committed to discredit Wilson and discourage reporters from probing more deeply into his revelation that the documents used to claim Iraq was trying to buy uranium ore from Niger were obvious forgeries, and into who was behind those forgeries in the first place.

Bush's authorization of torture as a policy for captives in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the nebulous, endless and borderless "War" on Terror. The president, in an act of desperation, has gotten the currently Republican Congress to ram through a bill granting retroactive immunity to all those, including himself, who authorized or engaged in torture, but this should not deter a Democratic Congress from seeking impeachment for an action that remains a violation of international law, that places American troops at greater risk, and that has destroyed America's image around the globe.

Bush's criminally negligent handling of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

The rot of corruption in the administration, highlighted by the Abramoff lobbying scandals, which clearly reach right into the Oval Office, despite the president's initial lie that he didn't know Jack Abramoff.

Bush's refusal to testify under oath and on the record before the 9-11 Commission, and his refusal to provide officials and documents demanded by the commission regarding what the administration knew before the attacks and how it responded to what it knew. This obstructionism by the White House has been called close to an act of treason by former Sen. Bob Graham, who until the end of 2002 was the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and who has said if he were currently in the House would be the subject of a bill of impeachment.

Rep. Pelosi may think Americans don't want impeachment, but, like many Democratic leaders, ' simply out of touch. Indeed, the congresswoman will find a resolution on impeachment on her own ballot when she goes home to San Francisco to vote this November (a resolution that is likely to pass handily). Meanwhile, a new Newsweek magazine poll finds that fully 51 percent of all Americans believe that the president should be impeached--more than half of them saying this should be a priority. That same poll finds that 20 percent of Republicans think the president should be impeached, with one in four of those saying it should be a priority for the next Congress. These are astonishing figures when you consider that support for impeachment of President Bill Clinton never got higher than 36 percent, even at the height of his impeachment process.

Maybe Rep. Pelosi should start listening to the voters, instead of to her campaign strategists.

More importantly, she and other Democratic-and Republican--members of the House should recall that oath they took when they assumed office, which commits them to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

The Constitution these days is under relentless assault by an enemy in the White House. Defending it is not a "waste of time" Ms. Pelosi; it is your sworn duty.

Dave Lindorff is the author of Killing Time: an Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. His new book of CounterPunch columns, titled This Can't be Happening!, is published by Common Courage Press. Lindorff's latest book is The Case for Impeachment, co-authored by Barbara Olshansky. Visit his website for more information. Lindorff may be reached at This story is published in the Baltimore Chronicle with permission of the author.

Reproduced from 


Pelosi Revisited

By Jim Kirwan



"I think it is finally time we stood up and thanked Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the darling Democrat from the Bay Area who leads her party in the House. Pelosi's recent speech to the Israel-American lobby AIPAC, the second largest lobby in Washington, was monumental ­ truly unparalleled in its candor.
Despite the fact that AIPAC was recently busted for spying on the United States, Pelosi, along with many other top bureaucrats from Washington, gushed effusions of praise on the foreign power. "There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza," Pelosi said as she rallied AIPAC loyalists. "This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist.""
So long as there is this deeply rooted conflict of interest in Nancy Pelosi's heart, she is not fit to serve American government or American values: because what is good for Israel has not been good for the USA. Iraq is Israel's war, not ours! Nor is this the first time that Americans have died to promote an Israeli agenda-but it should absolutely be the last time that this is allowed to happen. Remember the USS Liberty? (2)
Bush continues to say that he will stay in Iraq until 'the mission is completed'. So what is this super-sacred mission which no one in this government wants to spell out for the public? First it was a Regime-Change, modified to include the WMD that this government maintained was everywhere in Iraq. That was proven to be nothing but a pack of lies. Then there was 'Freedom & Democracy' ­ the same freedom and democracy that the Bushwhacker's have been methodically demolishing for the last five years in this country. Yet the Decider is trying to give some form of it to Iraq, while denying every aspect of those founding principles to all Americans!
Our reason for remaining in Iraq is that 'the Decider' can't stand the thought of the scale of his failures that all this effort has become. Iraq is not Palestine, and we are not Israel-nor will America spend the next half century in Iraq-especially since we're still paying for the fifty-eight years of Israel's murderous wars of conquest.! So much blood and treasure expended, just to appease the extravagant plans of such a tiny nation that harbors so much hate and envy for that which is not theirs. So-Representative Pelosi, until you make your loyalties clear and on the record: you should not speak for this country. No member of this government should be supposedly serving the United States when their loyalties are so freely given to any other government, besides the one you swore an oath to protect and defend: against all others, whether foreign or domestic.
What happened on November seventh was a victory for "republican-light" But that does not expunge the previous nearly six years of "no questions" coupled with total submission to whatever 'the Decider chose to do-regardless of how deeply those decisions might cut into the fabric of our laws and the muscle of our way of life. These long years of this frontal assault has been relentlessly carried out against every facet of this nation. This cannot be so easily forgotten in one night of mid-term 'adjustments' in the Bush- War-upon-the people of the United States.
"The Democrats" want to throw more crumbs to the disillusioned, with you at the helm to guide these minor adjustments. But what is this nation without its constitution, without the freedoms that others earned? Will you see to it that those questions are finally investigated-fully? The list is long and damning; do you or your congress have the stomach for that? 'The Decider' said today that he would not be swayed by "politics' in what he chooses to do about 'the mission in Iraq.' Yet 'politics' is precisely what all wars are all about, and the specifics of those 'politics' matter greatly, especially when they are basic to any free republic: Hence Bush cannot simply 'leave politics out of his decisions,' no matter how much he'd like to.
You and Congress and the Cabal have been responsible for melting the moral compass of this nation in the vanquished flames of an Empire that cannot be achieved. The course that Bush set this nation on, with the nearly total acquiescence of the congress, was a path that attempted to exempt USA incorporated from the global guidelines for all modern warfare. The goal was for the world see the USA as a law unto itself. Iraq was to showcase a display of American Imperial Power-a power that could never be militarily resisted. By our actions we wanted to intimidate the world into believing that we can do whatever we want, without allies, anywhere, anytime-because any resistance to the American-Israeli Empire would always be futile. Instead what has happened clearly demonstrates, to anyone with eyes that we have invested all this time and treasure into nothing but death, destruction and a level of national-disillusionment that surpasses even the blood-drenched failures in Viet Nam. See the results of the Israeli war on Lebanon for details of their variation on this same theme of Imperial immunity to all resistance. In this case Hezbollah proved that resistance is not futile! (3)
The attacks on America have continued non-stop since 911, they just haven't yet begun to use bullets and bombs on the population: except for the psy-ops manipulation and the non-stop swirl of government propaganda that haunts every waking moment. But thanks to your utter failures in directing these wars: the psychology of our "superiority" has effectively been shattered (for the outside world) by the hourly failures in all we've undertaken to accomplish, since 'the Decider' was appointed by the court. And speaking of courts - Cheney has announced in advance that if he is called before congress he will not testify-will you insure that in any investigation all those directly involved will be subject to the rule of law?
What is the Mission Pelosi ­ Bush can't answer that simple question, can you? One thing it did not accomplish, contrary to the Decider's beliefs: We have not taken the attack "to the enemy," as promised. Another thing that we have accomplished is that we have insured that the 'enemy' we went to fight is now vastly larger and more powerful than it was before we unilaterally invaded either Iraq or Afghanistan. The results of 'the Decider's' actions, coupled with the spineless 109th congress, in which you played your part, has created the very kind of powers these wars were supposedly launched to prevent.
Welcome to the upper-echelons of power Nancy, but know this: there is very little time left to correct this barbaric course that has been brutally shaped over the last nearly six years-and if you fail, there will be no second chance to have a constitutional Republic worthy of the name - because (thanks to a dual set of books) - all that damage done to the financial structures on which this nation actually depends, is approaching bankruptcy at an incredible rate of speed. But then maybe that's the only thing that will be able to interrupt the Decider's plans for what was once a viable and promising nation.
One more thing: what about all the thousand illegal 'signing statements" that the Decider made to render congress toothless? Will they be 'negotiated-away' as proof of good faith-or will he simply keep adding new ones to everything that you and congress work out together? Make no mistake-the secret's out! There is only one party in this country, and it doesn't represent the people who work here, just those who profit from the labor of the victims of your criminal leadership. The best way to prove that I'm wrong Nancy is just as simple as something Bush also said today ­"just perform!"
1) With Hand on Heart Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First
2) USS Liberty
3) How Hezbollah Defended Lebanon 
Open Letter to Congress September 2002
Jim Kirwan's "An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi" can be read here:

Reproduced from


America Plays Into The
'Two Party' Sham Yet Again

By Kathy Fisher



We missed the boat when voters insisted on playing the two party system scam again.
The citizens say they want to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets, they want health care reform, they want their jobs to stop pouring out of the country. But that can't and won't happen until we settle the Israel/Palestinian problem. 14 in one family were killed today by the Israeli army. It won't happen until we stop the tens of billions of dollars going into the Bush fraud 'war on terror.' We need complete electorial reform and there needs to be a criminal investigation for fraud and treason while the Bush junta is still in power.
Remember how Pelosi said she would have supoena power...and then did a complete turn around and said: "there will be no impeachment under her rule"? Remember?
So, what makes you think it will be easy and honest now with the Democrats in control of the House? Did you forget how they have voted FOR the Bush/Cheney illegal, outrageous, treasonous anti-Constitution, anti-Bill Of Rights 'Patriot Act' legislation...and how they support Bush's butcherous, hideous Iraq war? And how most of them continue to give the most racist, dangerous nation on Earth billions and billions of our tax dollars to continue building its thermonuclear arsenal while carrying out the genocide of the Palestinian people...not to mention paying for the recent slaughter in Southern Lebanon?
What tiny piece of the pie of change will you be satisfied to the expense of the meat and potatoes we'll all starve for?
Labor law reform? Unions leaders need to get busy getting their act together, too. Remember the last time we had 'Democratic control' in power and how we were promised labor reform? They didn't deliver that either.
Insiders and power brokers, blackmailers, AIPAC, JINSA, ADL and mega corporate money and incfluence run BOTH parties. When will Americans get a grip on that reality? Pelosi is a LIAR. End of story. She will continue to sit down with the village idiot at luncheons and dinners and decide whether she'll have chicken or poached salmon.
She said in her election day speech that the Democrats must get the PAC money and the corporate interest out of politics. Same old rhetoric. Same old BS. And don't forget how she has virtually pledged her soul as an Israeli First Lady. So, you can count on our tax dollars continuing to pour into that festering pocket of deceit and anguish-causing country non-stop. The 'Democrats' will vote to continue to kill for Israel directly and indirectly every step of the way. Nothing will change.
Next, the dumb Dems will begin to push the Hillary ticket for 2008, claiming it will make all the difference in the world when the Democrats take complete control of Washington. Hillary is not a labor friendly candidate, either. Her prodigiuos, egregious record of gross hypocrisy and opportunism speaks for itself. And yet she may well end up being the next democrat Presidential choice.
And one more time: the Pro Patriot Act/Pro War Dems are supported by their own group of corrupt corporate lords and masters, and scores of special interest groups?
If you rejoice in this insignificant amount of change in Washington, then you, my friends, are very easy to please (read: deceive), indeed.
What a frigging joke.
Is there hope? Gee...three independents were voted in.
Good luck.


Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Will Democrats repeal and impeach or salute and follow? Mobbed-up establishment sycophant Nancy Pelosi is nobody's savior, as sacrificial lamb Rumsfeld steps down

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Democrats have swept the House and the Senate may well follow but did 7/11 really herald the defeat of the Neo-Con agenda or will establishment sycophants like Nancy Pelosi hijack and misdirect legitimate discontent and shield Bush from impeachment while blocking efforts to repeal legislation he passed?

Pelosi is widely tipped to become speaker of the house but she is already on the record as saying that no impeachment proceedings against President Bush, whether it be for deliberately lying a nation into war or being complicit in 9/11, will take place.

"Impeachment is off the's a is a waste of time," Pelosi told 60 Minutes recently.

In effect Pelosi is giving the Neo-Cons a blank check to send thousands more American soldiers to their deaths and conduct untold further egregious assaults on the Constitution over the next two years.

If George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are allowed to tear apart the very fabric of America without consequences then what is to stop a President Hillary Clinton or John McCain doing the same?

There's no doubt about it, to see frothing Neo-Cons who have been strutting around like John Wayne for the past five years finally eat humble pie is a breath of fresh air, but let's not be so deluded as to think that the Neo-Con agenda, which took decades to craft, was simply brushed aside by the victory of a party that has supported Bush every step of the way on major issues.

Nancy Pelosi voted for the war in Afghanistan, for the Patriot Act, for Homeland Security and against a bill that simply condemned torture of prisoners in Iraq. Pelosi is the pro-torture "savior" who we are told will keep in check the pro-torture Bush administration.

As blogger Kurt Nimmo points out, "Making Bush and Cheney—that is to say, the neocons—lame ducks will add a jolt of adrenalin to the neocon plan to decimate the Muslim and Arab Middle East, lest the neolib faction, under a Democrat president and Congress, go back to its old ways, that is, instead of mass murdering Iranians in one fell swoop, imposing the sort of sanctions levied against Iraq under Clinton, resulting in the slow death of 1.5 million Iraqis, 500,000 of them children."

"We can only hope, when the day finally arrives, Nancy Pelosi will be paraded before the world in her stylish orange jumpsuit, along with Bush, Cheney, and the vile neocons."

As is to be expected, her record on immigration is horrible, in almost every case Pelosi has opposed legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants from abusing rights only afforded to American citizens under the U.S. constitution.

Gun Owners of America, a real organization dedicated to defending second amendment rights unlike the co-opted NRA, gave Pelosi zero per cent two years running for her record on gun control and she routinely scores an F minus, the lowest possible approval rating.

Will the now advanced plan to decimate US sovereignty and impose tracking and taxation controls on vehicle travel across the country under the NAFTA Superhighway be reversed under a Democrat House and Senate? No.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, the main bulwark preventing the creation of the North American Union, is routinely attacked by leading Democrats such as Pelosi and Rangel.

After Chavez called Bush the devil at his UN speech Pelosi branded Chavez a "thug," which is quite rich considering Pelosi's mobbed-up father, Thomas D'Alessandro, let the Mafia have free reign over Baltimore in the 1940's after he was elected as Mayor.

Will the Military Commissions Act, the very bill that effectively nullifies nine of the ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution be repealed under a Democrat House and Senate? Time will tell but it seems highly unlikely.

Will the army of surveillance cameras that have invaded American streets via Homeland Security grants be curtailed under a Democrat House and Senate? If anything big government and Big Brother will only get bigger.

Will increased pressure be heaped upon Bush to bring American troops home from Iraq, save the isolated echoes of dissent from lone dissidents like Murtha? No, and if Hillary Clinton rides the wave of Bush discontent all the way into the Oval Office, she has already promised to expand the so-called war on terror.

Will an independent investigation into the Bush administration's complicity in 9/11 be ordered under a Democratic House and Senate? No - and the same goes for lying about pre-war Iraq intelligence - Pelosi has already brazenly proclaimed that Neo-Con war criminals will have safe passage.

Pelosi is an obedient adherent to the phony doctrines of the "war on terror" and her recent comments that “The war in Iraq is making it harder for America to fight and win the war on terror,” only go to show that she disagrees on the minutia of where the troops should be on the map, not whether they should be there at all.

The worst case scenario, that the mid-terms would provide an endorsement of illegal eavesdropping, torture, imperial hegemony and the revoking of the bill of rights, has thankfully not been realized. The American people have rejected the Neo-Con agenda and dealt it a symbolic blow.

Donald Rumsfeld has been offered up as the sacrificial lamb and top Neo-Con architects have abandoned Bush.

All the more reason for the elite to re-arrange the deck chairs and give an enflamed electorate a safe steam valve and a token victory before the fun really begins after 2008, meanwhile the same policies of big government, Big Brother, crackdown on dissent, destruction of sovereignty, and occupation of sovereign nations will continue - all under the stewardship of hierarchy brownnoser Nancy Pelosi.




American Leaders Promise More Pain
Democrats, Republicans, CEOs, Generals United

Article by John Stanton








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