The Revolutionary Bowel Movement

By Mike James in Germany

December 6, 2009

I was always taught as a child to “turn the other cheek”, not fully understanding that Jesus, a Celtic revolutionary, a Judean of Gaelic-Galilean stock, who came to set us free from those who called themselves ‘Jews’, but who were, and remain, the most cunningly, perniciously insidious breed of men, Cultural Deceivers deriving from both non-Israelite Edomite descent and later, their shadow cohorts, the usurious, thoroughly conniving and anti-human tribe of (non-Semitic) Ashkenazim, who hailed from the goat-raping hinterlands of Minor Asia, taught us, like Socrates, not to entrust the future of our children in the hands of a Satanic religious cult.

His rejoinder to a political question was designed to inculcate within his listeners the survival instinct of those who, tactically, should not involve themselves in unnecessary disputes; for a revolutionary behind bars is a revolutionary unable to participate in the Liberation to come.

This Man, who was neither an Edomite, Judahite or even a fully natural-born Judean, but God Himself, told those who heard his message: Speak not of my name.

God has no name. He is Spirit, and unknown to all who are mere mortals. No man has either spoken to him and no man has ever seen him. Those who tell you otherwise are liars, perhaps with a nifty eye on your wallet. Every priest, pastor, bishop, imam, rabbi, guru, pope, deacon, television evangelist or maharaja is a thief and a conman; and this is clearly evidenced by the fact that none of them are ever obliged to pay taxes to Mammon.

They will tell you that they, and they alone, are somehow spiritually ordained to avail you of the name of the One who fashioned your soul. You can call him Jehovah, Allah, Zebedee-Bing-Bong, Mr. Bean, Donald Duck, Looby Loo, Zoroaster, Big Fat-Arsed Buddha, the deformed flesh-eating Shiva, Uncle Fred, Saint WTF, Captain Kirk, The Great 70-Percent Volume in The Sky, Kermit the Frog. Any fucking name will do.

You, as a human being, are exercising the uttermost arrogance in trying to name and identify the Entity who created you. In so doing, whether you regard yourself as a Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or any other member of an artificial, tosspot religion of political and social control, you are nothing more than an ignorant child indulging in a futile exercise of self-delineation that bears testimony, not only to your own superlative and laughable nescience about the Ultimate Design of the universe within which you live, but also to your own willingness to surrender your soul to the demonic, Satanic New World Order.

By default, you are all Jews, Edomites: despised from the beginning of time. Welcome to your new Freemasonic, Noahide future.

Deceivers in the recorded annals of human history, even taking upon themselves the geometrically symbolic ‘666’ Star of David, representing the wickedness of the Antichrist Old Testament Cain, are not, by any means, the “Chosen of God”. They are the “Chosen of Satan”. It is our collective incredulity (and this includes almost all of us, no matter what our beliefs) that has enabled this psychopathic, sociopathic breed of anti-humans to bring the world in which we live to the very point of financial and nuclear Armageddon. The Snake, who spawned all religions and destructive political ideologies that set man against man and brother against brother, is an incipient, almost inseparable component of the lowest common denominator of human reasoning and interaction.

I have even heard so-called ‘Christians’ claim that Jesus Christ was a ‘Jew’, an Edomite! It takes my breath away to hear such outrageously pornographic utterances.

The Snake, the most cunning interpolator of all that was handed down to us by the Word, and who was cleverly instrumental in making of Christians (and Muslims) the obedient servants of (non-Semitic) Edomite and Ashkenazim vermin, is still slithering with a reptilian laugh all the way to the usurious banks while you, having being deceived by Mammon and his Temptresses, who whore themselves within the Temple once made clean by a Man who knew you better than you yourself, resides within the lower cortex of your brain and, unbeknownst to you, no matter how morally scrupulous you deem yourself to be, commandeers every decision you make.

I don’t succumb easily to mythology or reports handed down to me by those I never knew before I was born. That’s why, as a rational, Socratic-thinking human being, who was born in the Face of God as a fully-free Englishman, I refuse to believe everything that my history teachers have taught me, for nobody, in his own rational mind, could ever contemplate beyond the scope of first-hand evidential experience, the so-called truth of ‘events’ that were alleged to have happened long before the day he was born.

We all know, instinctively, deep down inside of ourselves, that our entire raison d’être is at the creative whim of a True Creator who does not identify himself with anything other than his own true capacity to create and provide multiple opportunities for those he has fashioned from the loving complexity of his own mind. If it does not lie beyond your own wit and imagination to somehow rediscover the source of your very own being and genius, which reside within yourself and at the very core of your own, self-endowed intellectual and spiritual powers, then you shall never fully realise yourself as an empowered, truly-free and sovereign individual human being.

It has nothing to do with education or acquired ‘knowledge’. Even a child, without ever having experienced a single day of formal education (state indoctrination), is able to intuitively understand self-evident Truths that cannot be grasped by high-minded men steeped in degrees and diplomas. Indeed, our ‘education’ system serves only to deprive us of all the inherent knowledge with which we were born. It dismembers everything we once remembered. It refashions us to become nothing more than consumers and tax-paying slaves to the state.

Religion and dogma is the antithesis of everything that an unnameable Creator represents. When a man sets out to transcribe what he thinks is the teachings of the Unknowable Creator, he hears only one voice: that of the Adversary. Within the Tetragrammaton, which Edomites, the Ashkenazim and their Freemasonic running boys claim is the ‘holy’ name of God, lies a special secret. It is the coded name of the false creator. Spelt backwards, it means ‘Satan’, the enemy of mankind whose pyramidal ‘illumination’ is of a false light.

Do me a favour.

Eat the Torah, the Old Testament, the Taisho Daizokyo, the Koran, The Talmud, The Kabala, the Adi Granth, the Holocaust Religion Pamphlets, The Patriot Act, The Communist Manifesto, the Lisbon Treaty, and anything else written by the authors of religiously and politically-mediated social control.

Drink half a bottle of cheap Scotch, eat the strongest, most repulsively hot Vindaloo curry with an excess of Mexican Chilli peppers, take three tablespoons of Epsom salts, sit with pleasant anticipation upon the gilded excremental seating lodge within the contemplative solitude of your own bathroom and expel from within your guts, in one glorious blast of diarrhoea, all of the lies and hypocrisies you were taught were the “Words of God” and the “Wisdom of Men”.

Then wipe your ass, and be free.

Michael James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.




The Freemasonic Bible
And The Destruction Of The New World Order

A polite riposte to Bob and Suzanne Hamrick
in regard to their intelligent observations
concerning “The Revolutionary Bowel Movement”.
By Mike James
December 8, 2009

Dirk Zimmermann:
A Modern German Hero

Mike James in Germany 
November 27, 2009
,.....Dirk, like me, found such anti-free-speech laws
to be repugnant to the dignity of men. He issued
a so-called ‘Selbstanzeige’, a means by which he sent
legally forbidden, but truthful and scientifically
researched evidence compiled by the internationally-esteemed
chemist and physicist, Germar Rudolf, to his local mayor,
pastor and Catholic priest within his Heimat, Heilbronn.
He simply asked his recipients to refute the validity and integrity
of all that had been objectively, scientifically and empirically proven
to be nothing less than a monstrous lie.
Would you find such a request to be unreasonable in a so-called
‘democracy’ that ‘constitutionally’ defends freedom of speech and enquiry?
Not so in Zionist-occupied Germany, now fully controlled
by the illegal Soviet European Union....

Zionist-Soviet EU Dissidents Face Charges
Of Sedition, Possible Execution

By Mike James in Germany
16 November 2009
....When the cowardly Vaclav Klaus, who finally succumbed
to the sort of pressure one usually associates with 'sweeteners',
such as extraordinarily large payments made into secret
Swiss bank accounts, went down on his knees in Rome and
accepted the illegal and undemocratic Lisbon Treaty without
allowing his people the right to a referendum, a whole new
Soviet Communist Super-State came into being.
...The independent nation states of Europe no longer exist...

The Fight Of Our Lives:
Destroying the Lisbon Treaty

By Mike James in Germany
10 November 2009
.....Cameron, like Gordon Brown, is a traitor to the people of England,
the vast majority of whom want nothing less than total withdrawal
from the Zionist Soviet European Union. I used to work close to
Westminster and am more than familiar with three lampposts
in that district tailor-made for the ropes that will hang the
war criminal Blair, the liar Brown and the opportunistic coward Cameron.
The time for talking is over. There was never any real debate.
Democracy, if we can even conceive of it as having played a meaningful
role in our lives, has betrayed the British and American people.
It serves only the interests of the Zionist-Jewish Lobby and their
evil International Banking System....

Lisbon And The Zionist Nightmare:
Why I Love My People

By Michael James in Germany
....You make me laugh. You make me cry. You are fighters.
You are natural-born rebels. You are my people.
You are, by virtue of your Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Frankish,
Teutonic, Alpine, Old Mediterranean and Scandinavian ancestry,
one whole bunch of contentious, argumentative, reactionary,
swing-a-fist after one too many beers, sons of proverbial bitches.
You are the scum of the earth. You are an utter disgrace.
You are largely ignorant, dumbed-down, manipulated, deceived,
naive, easily duped by The International Tribe and their grotesque
quasi-religious fables and their International Money System.
But you are heroes. And I love you....

The Last Shout
By Mike James in Germany
November 29, 2008
....America has just elected an avowed Marxist,
aligned with the principles of British Fabianism,
to be their president for at least the next four years.
McCain would have been no different;
for the Zionists and the State of Israel,
who control America, stacked their cards
to ensure for themselves
a satisfactory outcome either way....

Zionist Jews
Force Mike James Offline,
No Phone

By Michael James in Germany
22 November 2008

.......Owing to the inexplicably sudden, sheer dearth
of income provided by my regular commissioners
over the past few months, I have been forced
to unsubscribe from the provider of my mainline
telephone connection, the infrastructure
of which supports my ISP.
According to another freelance friend in the business
who has an ear for gossip, it is no coincidence
that my commissions vanished shortly after
the Central Council of Jews failed twice in their
mendacious attempts to sue and imprison me,
earning the unexpected ire of both the State Attorney
and Senior State Attorney....

When the Jews first came for ....
By Michael James in Germany
3 November 2008
......When the Jews first came for the holocaust deniers,
I remained silent;
For I did not ask questions and accepted the myth....

Extradite Toben,
Declare Total War on Michael James

By Michael James in Germany

......Fredrick Toben is one of the most respected
and esteemed historians in the western world.
His crime: He has seriously posited
exceedingly intelligent questions about the accuracy
of the so-called number of Jews alleged to have perished
at the hands of the patriotic Hitler regime.
His “thought crimes” pale into insignificance with mine;
for although I live and write in Germany,
and have fearsomely researched this topic more thoroughly
than any existing writer living in the "safelands",
I can absolutely and with no doubt in my mind say
that there was no systematic murder of the "Jews"
as outlined in the post 1970s hysteria propagated
by fat overpaid Hollywood moguls such as Stephen Spielberg.
I openly deny the holocaust narrative in the heart of Germany;
yet not one lawyer has hairs enough on his testicles
to arrest me because I would make a Socratic laughing stock
out these anti-German, anti-Christ traitors in court.....

Game Over:
Top German State Attorney
Backs Mike James, Jews Silent

By Mike James in Germany
20 July 2008

German Kids Beg For Food
While Berlin Elites Drink Vintage Champagne

By Mike James in Germany
16 July 2008

This Side of Midnight
By Mike James in Germany
4 July 2008

Jews Run Scared of Mike James,
German State Attorney Cites Insanity

Learning to live among the sane
and comfortably numb in the
European Soviet Union of Zionist States

By Mike James in Germany
30 June 2008

Six Million Monkeys.
One Banana.

By Michael James [censored] in the Truly Free
and Absolutely Gloriously Intellectually Inquisitive
German Democratic Republic of Free Opinion
and Academic Research [cut it right here -- ed.]

Mike James Sues German Jews
for Incitement To Bear False Witness

From Michael James in Germany

11 June 2008

I Want My Freedom Back
By Mike James in Germany
3 June 2008
...Yesterday I found my way to the Bad Homburg
Polizeidirektion (police headquarters) for what
I believed would be a frank exchange of views
with a certain Herr Müller, who had been charged
by the Central Council of Jews to read me
the riot act and seek a prosecution.....

The Prophet Before The Storm  
The Brother Nathanael interview and a profile
in anti-Jew revolutionary Christian courage,
with an after-word conclusion by Michael James

End This Evil Holocaust Deception
and Let Angelika Live

By Mike James in Germany
18 May 2008
...This article is dedicated to that great American patriot
and Rhodesian war hero, 
whose website,, has been shut down
by Zionist trash for his having exposed
the “Austrian Dungeon Monster”, Josef Fritzl, as a Jew.

Let's Get This X**X!! Straight
By Mike James in Germany
28 April 2008

The World Starves
as Antichrist Jewish Bankers
Grow Fat

By Mike James in Germany
23 April 2008

The Baphomet Conspiracy
and the Laboratory of Fear

How Satanic Jews and the German Secret Service
Use Psychological Terror and Assassination
to Silence German Patriots
and Prevent the Restoration of the German Reich.
By Michael James in Germany

Zionists Foment Race War
in Germany,

Part I and 2

German government kills police investigation
into Jewish false flag operation
and places banning order on subservient,
cowardly journalists.

By Mike James in Germany

Germans Enraged by Merkel’s
Grovelling Goy Show

By Michael James in Germany

Making Out
Like Everything is Normal

By Michael James
On the border of Germany
and Switzerland

The Painfully Silent Genocide
of the German People

By Mike James 
26 February 2008

The Brutal Psychic Destruction
of Our Children

by Government Decree
By Mike James 1 March 2008

Almost 50,000
Concentration Camps
For EU Dissidents

By Michael James

Denying Everything:
A Holocaust of Bacon and Lies

By Mike James
23 February 2008
















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