"I can think of no other people, no other country, who gave us more support,
who gave us an example of how to stand up to terror than the people of Israel."

Israeli panel:
Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel

Rudolph Giu

Ground Zero Illnesses
Come Back To Haunt Giuliani

By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

The Devil is in the Details:
the foolish cult of Giuliani

Rudy Rasputin And Florida Anthrax
By Devvy © 2007

Flip-Flopping for Power
Rudy Giuliani is back – with all the old arrogance,
conceit, prickliness, and ambition for power.
Couldn’t he have just retired into the sunset with all those profits he made off 9/11?

'Thank God that George Bush is our president'

In Germany,
Giuliani pegs Israel as 'key to world peace'
Friday January 24, 2003

Date: Friday, June 1, 2001

Rightist Rally Hears Speech From Giuliani
OCTOBER 26, 2001
JERUSALEM — NEW YORK'S MAYOR Giuliani spoke by telephone this week
to a right-wing rally here at which speakers called for
the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority and several speakers urged
the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Israel's occupied territories.

Giuliani Calls Idea of Quitting Iraq
‘Terrible Mistake'

December 7, 2006

Rudolph Giuliani:
Israel is a "Brand Name" in Security

Speeches from the 2002
Pro Israeli Washington Rally
Washington Mall, April 15, 2002


Israeli panel:
Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel 

By Haaretz Staff

Last update - 18:50 05/09/2006

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is the "best" candidate in the 2008 race for Israel, a panel of eight Israeli experts assembled by Haaretz has determined.

Giuliani is followed by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Arizona Senator John McCain and New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Ranking bottom of the list is Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

As part of a new project, The Israel Factor: Ranking the presidential candidates" the panel will rank the candidates every month, up until the 2008 election, awarding them marks out of 10 on a series of questions that will determine which candidates are "best" for Israel.


The project is part of Rosner's Domain, and is moderated by Haaretz Chief U.S. Correspondent, Shmuel Rosner. Professor Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University, who is also the Haaretz pollster, is responsible for the statistical analysis of the rankings.

The panel also concluded that the chances of any of the candidates ordering future military action in Iran were not very high. Giuliani scored highest on this question, followed by Gingrich and McCain.

Clinton was the candidate the panel considered most likely to engage more vigorously in mediating a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. She was followed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former presidential candidate John Kerry.


Ground Zero Illnesses
Come Back To Haunt Giuliani

By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor


Alas, the man who is billed as 9/11's hero, America's sheriff, the man who would be President, is being faced today with thousands of people who worked selflessly at Ground Zero and have become ill, and are now suing the city for health damages. I wrote about their plight in a Dec, 20, 2006, Online Journal article: No money to treat 9/11 workers, $3 billion to fight Iraq?
I quoted the New York Times which said that previously "roughly $40 million that was set aside by the federal government to treat rescue workers, volunteers and firefighters who became ill after helping with the 9/11 cleanup and recovery will run out in months, physicians and federal officials said yesterday."
The amount necessary to keep care ongoing beyond that was "$256.6 million, including $163.6 million in direct medical expenses for 19,200: $91.2 million for 9,6000 patients with respiratory or digestive disorders, $58 million for 8,000 patients with 9/11 related mental illnesses and $14.4 million for 1,600 patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Medications account for more than half of the treatment cost."
And now we find out that the major reason for the extent of harmed responders was no less than Hizzoner Rudy Giuliani himself. According to the Times' Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani's Legacy, "The city ran a generally slipshod, haphazard, uncoordinated, unfocused response to environmental concerns." This is their quote from David Newman, an industrial hygienist with the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, a labor group.
The Times adds "City officials and a range of medical experts are now convinced that the dust and toxic materials in the air around the site were a menace." No kidding. Two 500,000-ton Towers were pulverized, vaporized into that mist.
"More than 2,000 New York City firefighters have been treated for serious respiratory problems. Seventy percent of nearly 10,000 recovery workers screened at Mount Sinai Medical Center have trouble breathing. City officials estimate that health care costs related to the air at ground zero have already run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and no one knows whether other illnesses, like cancers, will emerge."
Additionally, as of May 24, 2004, the New York Times reports that For the First Time, New York Links a Death to 9/11 Dust. "In a letter made public yesterday [May 24, 2007], [New York City's Chief Medical Examiner] Dr. [Charles S.] Hirsch said that he was certain 'beyond a reasonable doubt' that dust from the twin towers contributed to the death of Felicia Dunn-Junes, 42, a civil rights lawyer who was engulfed on Sept 11 as she ran from her office a block away from the trade center. She later developed a serious cough and had trouble breathing, and she died five months after the terrorist attack. Her name will be added to the official list of World Trade Center victims, and the official number of people who died as a result of the attack on the twin towers will be increased to 2,750. . . ."
A mayor out of control
The first Times' piece tells us that while "the city had a safety plan for workers, it never meaningfully enforced federal requirements that those at the site wear respirators." It seems Hizzoner was obsessed with getting the job done post haste at any cost. One official from the Army Corps said, "Mr. Giuliani acted like a 'benevolent dictator."" I would strike the benevolent from the dictator. He never let FEMA or the Army Corps take over the clean-up operation.
"The clean-up was expected to last 30 months," according to the Times, but "the pit was cleared by June 2002, nine months after the attack." This is not just speed. It's the elimination of the biggest most important crime scene in American history, a crime itself, committed with a criminal intent by someone who knew better, a former US attorney, Rudy Giuliani. And what possible reason could he have had for that miscarriage of justice? Aside from getting Wall Street's lights back on, could Giuliani have been aiding and abetting the cover-up of how and who and why the Towers went down?
Of course most of us who are reading more than the Times know it wasn't two airliners piloted by wild-eyed Muslim terrorists that brought those buildings down. First of all none of the terrorists' names were on the manifests. And FBI director Robert Mueller, who at first magically produced the terrorists' names and pix, later said they could not be definitively proven to have been there, at least not like the passport of Mohamed Atta that was found in pristine condition in the massive smoldering ruin of Ground Zero. It is highly probable those planes were piloted by remote control systems that kicked in as the transponders went down.
Secondly, the ten thousand gallons of jet fuel in each plane burned up brightly and swiftly in the open air of the cool September morning. It could not and did not produce the temperatures necessary to melt the redundant steel foundations of the towers. In fact it was the rocking explosions from the very tops, down through, and from the basements of the Towers that brought the towers down. There was no pancaking of floors to slow the towers' freefall at the speed of gravity. Thus, each massive tower went down some 1,300 feet in about 10 seconds.
Ironically, the South Tower that was hit second went down first, after burning less than half an hour. The North Tower, which was hit first, burned close to an hour and a half, and went down last. And so, could it be that the mayor's rush to clean up was a cover-up? Did he have some foreknowledge of these strange and bizarre events?
Did Hizzoner want all evidence gone of aerosolized metals, and explosive materials like thermite, that created this carcinogenic mixture of "dust," more like a gray sky-soup of atomized concrete, iron, plastics, wood, rubber, wire, flesh, blended into particulates, that would settle and calcify in the lungs and other body tissue? The concrete's 200,000 gallons of water was literally vaporized. Thus, in order to understand the enormity of these explosions, read what Dr. Ed Ward, MD, reports at The Price of concerning The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs- Domestic- WTC- . . .
"The spectrum and percentages of cancer are massive. There are at least 4 classifications of blood-cell cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's and myeloma. There are many more classifications of soft tissue cancers. There is brain cancer. There is breast cancer. For most of these there are subclassifications of many different types of specific cancer in each, so far not publicly disclosed. There are huge percentages of respiratory distress and loss of function. Multiple reports of 'irregular cycles' (miscarriages?). Most likely there will be several more types of cancer to follow. In particular, responders should be checked for thyroid cancer and function. There has been no noting of birth defects which also needs to be done. There is one thing and only one thing that can cause all these cancers and problems - RADIATION."
Dr. Ward contends that "the factual evidence indicates that our government is using and has used 3rd or possibly 4th generation hydrogen bombs domestically and internationally. The evidence for international usage is not quite as strong as the domestic usage, but when domestic usage is considered, the international usage seems inescapable. The process of exclusion based on the known facts leaves only one viable option for the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings-a relatively pure hydrogen bomb." Take a look also at Dr. Ward's Update on thermal imaging post the WTC event. It's an eye-opener.
Did Hizzoner have foreknowledge of 9/11?
Perhaps his Hizzoner had no idea of the punch that was to be packed. Yet, somehow he knew to evacuate his headquarters on the 23rd floor of Tower Seven at 9:15 AM. He said that he was told the building was going down. Seven did not go down with the first two towers. But its owner. Lucky Larry Silverstein, had it "pulled" eight hours later by internal demolition, and it went down neatly into its footprint, and Mr. Silverstein made an instant $500 million profit on the original cost of the old Tower 7 versus the new one. As you may know, an internal demolition for a building that size takes weeks to create, not eight hours.
Also, both Giuliani and Silverstein had foreknowledge of the fact that the Twin Trade Towers were asbestos "bombs," that is they were loaded with the lethal insulating material when they were built in the early 70s. The towers were not permitted to be leveled by internal demolition because they were part of a public trust, The Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey, established by the Rockefeller family. Nevertheless, the towers had to come down by law by about 2007. Unfortunately, they would have had to be disassembled piece by piece at a cost of some $10 billion dollars plus.
Mr. Giuliani knew all this. Mr. Silverstein knew this when he leased the buildings less than two months before 9/11. Perhaps that's why Silverstein upped the insurance to $3.5 billion, with provision for coverage from "terror attacks." He later tried to collect for each hit separately, which would have given him more than $7 billion. As of, March 24, 2003, the Times reports on the final settlement in Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero. A second contract, which provided for the double payment had not been fully completed when the acts occurred, and thus triggered the six years of litigation. Yet consider how prescient it was of Mr. Silverstein to ask for it in the first place.
This last Times article also tells us that New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer brokered the deal for the remaining seven (out of two dozen insurers) who had not already settled. Allianz Global Risks, Travelers Companies, Zurich, Swiss Re, Employers, Insurance, Industrial Risk Insurers and Royal Indemnity, agreed to pay a total of $2 billion dollars. The other insurers had already kicked in $2.55 billion, bringing the total to $4.55 billion, which will be awarded to Silverstein and the Port Authority after millions in litigation were spent.
Of this award, Silverstein will get $1.13 billion for three large office towers (Towers 2, 3, and 4), to be built on Church Street, between Vesey and Liberty Streets, on the east side of the WTC complex. The remaining $870 million will go the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which actually owns the land at ground zero and is the original builder of the WTC. The new money will go towards the building of both the $3 billion Freedom Tower, tallest and of the buildings planned to be built, and Tower 5. The insurance money will cover half of the $9 billion cost of erecting five towers, retail space and conceivably a hotel. Remember, the original down payment made by Silverstein and partners to secure the original 99 year lease of the WTC @ $120 million a year was $125 million. Of this, Silverstein's silent partner, Lloyd Goldman put up $80 million and Lucky Larry a mere $14 million in the deal. Not a bad deal for Larry.
It is also interesting that Governor Spitzer jumped in to settle the financial morass of 9/11 insurance coverage, while he has completely ignored all the information presented to him several years ago by 9/11 scholars and scientists that prove 9/11 was an inside job. One wonders why he did not apply his formidable talents to cutting through the morass of government disinformation to get to the truth that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag op, to go at the Muslim world. Could it be that Eliot Spitzer, the ex-lawyer/partner of the Skadden Arps corporate law firm, which was also Larry Silverstein's firm pre-9/11 firm, as well as Hank Greenberg's (Chairman of AIG) corporate law firm; could it be that crusader Spitzer might be unwilling to tackle some bad people?
Given these facts, plus the fact that Giuliani knew that FEMA was in town on the night of 9/10/2001, supposedly for a series of terror-hijack drills, as stated in Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson's article Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11, Rudy might have had a more nefarious reason to work those deadly 24-hour shifts. That reason, as stated earlier, was clearing away evidence for any further investigation of the real perpetrators, high-ranking members of our own government, who have subsequently taken Rudy to their bosom.
Commenting on the Giuliani/Times story about the four large construction companies working round the clock, Charles Blaich, in charge of safety for the Fire Department at the time of 9/11 said, "They should have backed off on the night shift, when a very limited amount of work could be done." But they (Hizzoner) didn't. It was full steam ahead regardless of the human consequences.
"A conspiracy of purpose"
Also, in that same Times article, Suzanne Mattei, director of the New York office of the Sierra Club and a critic of how the clean up was handled, said, "I would describe it as a conspiracy of purpose. It wasn't people running around saying, 'Don't do this safely.' But there was a unified attempt to do everything as fast as possible, to get everything up and running as fast as possible. Anything in the way of that just tended to be ignored."
I, too, would describe Giuliani's cleanup handling as "a conspiracy of purpose," perhaps of a much larger conspiracy with a much larger purpose: to be the Pearl Harbor of the New World Order's hegemonic march to conquer the world, beginning with its attacks on Afghanistan and subsequently Iraq.
Times writer Anthony DePalma also mentions, "Records show that the city was aware of the danger in the ground zero dust from the start. In [a] federal court deposition, Kelly R. McKinney, associate commissioner at the city's health department in 2001, said the agency issued an advisory on the night of Sept. 11 stating that asbestos in the air made the site hazardous and that everyone should wear masks . . ." Many workers refused, given the super-hyped need for speed. They also complained that the respirators were unwieldy and made it hard for them to speak.
DePalma adds "Violations of federal safety rules abounded, and no one strictly enforced them. OSHA did not play an active role during the rescue phase, which is usually the case in emergency operations." In another place, he tells us that a Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey official, not authorized to speak for the agency, said "the focus was always on preventing accidents, not protecting workers from the toxic dust." In other words, speed above safety.
Additional errors in Giuliani judgment
Wayne Barrett, a longtime critic of Giuliani along with fellow writer Dan Collins, condemned Giuliani's oversight in their revealing 2006 book, Grand Illusion. In an interview, Barrett commented that Giuliani "said all the right things, but did all the wrong things." Barrett also points to "a five-page memo from Jerry Hauer, who was the head of Emergency Management [under Giuliani]. He [Hauer] wanted it [the command center] to be located in Brooklyn in the Metrotech complex. That happens to be roughly where Mike Bloomberg has since put it . . ." The command center could not be put underground at the WTC. The Hudson River just a few blocks away would have flooded it. Thus, it was shoved 23 stories into the air in Building 7, right next to the Twin Towers, which already had been attacked in 1993. Not smart.
But ignoring facts is a key to Rudy's modus operandi. It's no wonder that the Times comments that "The city's handling of safety issues has been criticized by doctors, unions and occupational safety experts." Let's add to the critics Kristen Breitweiser, 9/11 widow, Jersey Girl and former Republican, whose husband perished in the North Tower. She has this to say on her website . . .
"Forgive me, but Giuliani is the person responsible for deciding to locate NYC's emergency center in the World Trade Center [23rd floor, Building 7]. . . . During the attacks, because the command center was rendered inoperable, NYC had no clear chain of command and no physical command structure in place to coordinate the emergency response. Frankly, the whole reason Giuliani was on television all day and available for interviews was because he was scrambling around the streets trying to set up a command post since the one he had designed and located [against the advice of old friend Police Chief Howard Safer and many others] was paralyzed during the attacks . . ."
Breitweiser adds, "Furthermore, Giuliani is also responsible for giving the FDNY inoperable Motorola radios. This, too, cost hundreds of lives when firemen did not hear the order to evacuate the towers prior to their collapse." By the way, those radios were still not fixed for years after 9/11. In fact, they hadn't been fixed since the 1993 first WTC attack, when Giuliani was running for and became mayor.
Obviously, the most damning issue to Rudy at this point is his criminal rushing of the cleanup. Yet, it is part of a consistent pattern of Giuliani behavior, the self-appointed "dictator" more than willing to play an illegal and/or slipshod role in accomplishing unholy business. And this is the man who stands before us today as a candidate for president. In fact, he is the current front-runner among Republican candidates. Woe to those who don't learn more about him. Examine his personal life, especially philandering through three marriages. Examine his family's mobster past. Examine his shady post-mayoral business dealings in this recent Washington Post article: In Private Sector, Giuliani Parlayed Fame Into Wealth.
Hopefully, you'll find out "What Makes Rudy Run." A relentless if not ruthless will to rule, not patriotism or a concern for the common good. And too reminiscent of the present dictator's "I am the decider" obsession.
Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at
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ZNet | Activism

The Devil is in the Details:
the foolish cult of Giuliani  

by Joseph Grosso; December 17, 2006

One of Shakespeare’s most oft-quoted phrases (probably second only to “To be or not to be…”) comes out of the mouth of Malvolio when speaking to Olivia in Twelfth Night: “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” When Rudy Giuliani comes to mind, one of the strongest of the GOP’s early presidential hopefuls for 2008, it is difficult to know which of those categories he would fall into, or better still with which he would flatter himself.

Would it be born great as he comes close to implying in the preface to his unreadable book Leadership with “I was prepared to handle September 11 precisely because I was the same person who had been doing his best to take on challenges my whole career”; Achieving greatness as he for years basked in glory for turning New York City into a real estate mogul’s utopia while dismissing anyone, including police commissioners who dared share the spotlight; or having greatness thrust upon him as he makes a point of writing in Leadership that he read the chapters of Roy Jenkins’ Churchill biography that describe Churchill’s ascension to Prime Minister after arriving at his friend’s apartment the night after 9/11 (while comparing on the same page “present day” Israel to London under Nazi bombardment)?

The fitting irony of Shakespeare’s phrase, used for countless inspirational speeches and other hallmark moments, is that it is spoken in one of his greatest comedies and when heard on stage humorously goes like this:

Malvolio: Be not afraid of greatness-twas well writ

Olivia: What mean’st thou by that, Molvolio?

Malvolio: Some are born great-

Olivia: Ha!

Malvolio: Some achieve greatness-

Olivia: What say’st thou?

Malvolio: And some have greatness thrust upon them.

Olivia: Heaven restore thee

Malvolio being the victim of a practical joke set up by vengeful associates is almost a perfect parallel for the foolishness of the cult of Giuliani, Over the past decade Giuliani has been honored with accolades ranging from super crime fighter, prophet of terrorism, and American Churchill, to “Mayor of the World” – the latter the title of his Time magazine 2001 “Person of the Year” profile.

It is true enough that New York in its current age resembles an urban suburb with its organic supermarkets and conversion of any remaining factories into luxury condos (to the obvious detriment of the city’s working class remnant) – while at the same time minority communities continue to be victims of unjustified police shootings and other racial profiling and the city’s public schools largely remain a mess.

However it was on 9/11 where Giuliani’s aura was truly established (mostly by a worshipping media with the predictable fawning by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters). In the 2001 Time profile it was stated of Giuliani on that day:

When the day of infamy came, Giuliani seized it as if

he had been waiting for it all his life, taking on half a

dozen critical roles and performing each masterfully.

Improvising on the fly, he became ‘America’s homeland-

security boss’, as well as its ‘gutsy decision

maker’ and ‘crisis manager’

Such is the sentiment that has become accepted wisdom even years after the fact (and financially profitable accepted wisdom at that as Giuliani has collected millions in consulting fees through his firm Giuliani Partners and millions more in speaking fees, mostly on the basis of his perceived leadership and organization on that day).

Yet it was as mayor that Giuliani disregarded the advice of the head of the Office of Emergency Management (an agency Giuliani created and endlessly boasted of since as the main example of his foresight on terrorism), Jerry Hauer, among many others, and the Office’s command center built at WTC 7 rendering completely useless on 9/11 when most needed (it was the large amount of fuel underneath the building used to supply the command center that did the most to make the building collapse). Current mayor Michael Bloomberg has since moved the command center to Brooklyn where Giuliani had rejected a technologically advanced and more secure site because it wasn’t within walking distance of City Hall.

Potential repercussions of this awful decision can be seen in a quote from 9/11 Commission senior counsel John Farmer referring to the location of the command center (as quoted in Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins’ book Grand Illusion): “I really think it would have made a difference. Maybe the failure to communicate among the agencies doesn’t happen that day because that thing is functioning…I’ve never been convinced that they could have done much better with civilians, but I think the number of responder deaths could have been greatly reduced. That’s where I think the real tragedy is.”

Strangely the lack of an adequate command center, and therefore divided police and fire commands, allowed Giuliani, attempting to originally reach WTC 7 to become a heroic legend by his mere coincidental presence in lower Manhattan and as time went on allowed him to distort the truth and portray himself bravely rushing to the scene of the crime.

Added to the useless command center was the mix of corporate cronyism and pettiness that led to firefighters using inadequate radios that were unable to relay calls of evacuation that may have gotten some out of the inferno before the South Tower collapsed.

Perhaps the worst facet of Giuliani’s 9/11 record, one that cannot be defended with emotional, nerve wrecking contexts, is his hasty, hard-headed decision to reopen lower Manhattan only a week after the attacks. The Time profile claimed “He was the gutsy decision maker, balancing security against symbolism, overruling those who wanted to keep the city buttoned up tight, pushing key institutions- from the New York Stock Exchange to Major League Baseball- to reopen and prove that New Yorkers were getting on with life.” Yet it was this brazenness, along with misleading statements from the EPA, that reopened Wall Street and exposed thousands to toxic fumes from still raging fires. As documented by New York Journalist Juan Gonzalez, even as Giuliani, the EPA, and the New York City Department of Health were assuring the public about the air quality their own tests revealed otherwise while at the same time safety standards not being enforced at Ground Zero left rescue and clean up workers unprotected from toxic releases. While the long term effects of the exposure are yet to be known, early studies and reports of all sorts of repertory ailments suffered by firefighters and other Ground Zero workers indicate that the true 9/11 heroes will suffer some measure of health problems in the future (New Yorkers may remember that 9/11 wasn’t the first time Giuliani was careless with public health by recalling his large scale pesticide-spraying campaign against West Nile virus. The spraying left hundreds of people sick and thousands of fish dead).

It was largely on this record that Giuliani traveled the post-9/11 world to great esteem from Mexico City to Israel to the Republican Convention. Giuliani visited Israel shortly after 9/11 on a mission of proclaimed solidarity, something he has long and uncritically expressed with the Israeli government. The extent of this support can be ascertained with a project run by a panel put together by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz called “The Israel Factor: Ranking the presidential candidates” that keeps a monthly ranking of the best American presidential candidates “for Israel”. Since its inception earlier this year Giuliani, probably as a result of his post 9/11 ultra-hawk rhetoric as well as his absurd dismissal of Arafat from a concert in Lincoln Center celebrating the UN anniversary in 1995, has received the highest ranking and was found the most likely to order future military action against Iran. It was Giuliani who gave none other than Ariel Sharon, among other world leaders including Vladimir Putin, a tour of the ground zero wreckage. One may be forgiven for shuddering when imagining the conversation between Giuliani and Sharon on that day. How stoic and impressive a veteran of unleashing terror must have been to the tough guy mayor who it can be suggested suffers from a case of penis envy for likes of an old general. As ridiculous as the phrase “Giuliani presidency” sounds, it must be pondered how dim the odds would be for a just peace in Palestine with Giuliani in charge.

While it is true that Rudy Giuliani faced as grave a crisis as any local elected official in American history on 9/11, his record of poor operational mediocrity is surpassed only by his unreflective arrogance and lack of honesty needed to make vital improvements to urban security and preparation. Rather than admit shortcomings in preparation for a greater understanding, Giuliani has consistently gone out of his way to glorify his role both as a leader and hawk to great financial profit and political acclaim. Such are not the characteristics great leader but of a second rate huckster who Americans should not allow near the White House.



Flip-Flopping for Power

by James Ostrowski

September 10, 2004

Rudy Giuliani is back – with all the old arrogance, conceit, prickliness, and ambition for power. Couldn’t he have just retired into the sunset with all those profits he made off 9/11?

When 9/11 hit, Giuliani was a scandal-ridden, washed-up, former rogue prosecutor, soon to be ex-mayor with nowhere to go politically. Then, on the way to his anti-terrorism headquarters in the World Trade Center – that’s right, the World Trade Center – he got trapped in a building after the first tower collapsed. Later, many of his firemen died due to outmoded radios. His police helicopters were ordered away from the scene, apparently due to bureaucratic infighting. A sorry performance by any standard.

Later that day, with heroic rescuers still anonymous, the nation needed a hero and Giuliani was handy with Bush on the run. He does deserve credit for this role, but as Giuliani no doubt reminded many a defendant at sentencing time, the good you do does not erase the bad.

Eventually, though, Giuliani's hat size expanded and he tried to stay on as Mayor even after his term was set to expire. Geez, what a gargantuan ego. Alas, Rudy, we hardly missed you.

Next, Giuliani profiteered off 9/11 with a book, lectures and a politically-connected security firm. "Don’t have your anti-terrorist command center inside the leading terrorist target on earth. That’ll be $50,000."

Then, he pops up at the Republican Infomercial the other night. There is an "I" in team, according to Giuliani, whose remarks were seasoned with the "I"-word.

Giuliani offered a spirited defense of one of our worst presidents, a president who has failed in foreign policy, the economy and civil liberties, but done well in all other aspects of his administration such as having lunch with the Belizean Ambassador and reading to school children.

He excuses Bush for 9/11 by explaining that he had only been president for eight months. He fails to mention that Bush had been repeatedly warned about bin Laden. Giuliani dissertates about how terrorism had obviously beenmishandled for many years but fails to explain why Bush and his team did nothing about this obvious policy lapse for eight months. He also fails to mention that his former boss Ronald Reagan promised action against terrorism but funded the Mujahedeen.

Giuliani accuses John Kerry of flip-flopping, giving sparse examples. Here’s Giuliani’s record: voted for McGovern (1972); worked for Ronald Reagan (1981–1989); ran as a Liberal for Mayor of New York City (1989, 1993, 1997); endorsed Mario Cuomo (1994); now endorses George W. Bush. His whole career has been one long series of flip-flops for power.

One thing Giuliani doesn’t flip-flop about is Israel, to which he repeatedly panders in his speech. After all, Israel is America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East. I can’t for the life of me figure out why an "ally" with one of the top two armies in the world, and a mere 500 miles away, has contributed no troops to the Iraq War. In any event, it takes great courage for a New York politician to be mindlessly pro-Israel.

He is right about one thing: "The hatred and anger in the Middle East arises from the lack of accountable governments." Two governments with superior military machines have been able to impose their wills on Middle East peoples who never voted in favor of such domination: the United States and Israel.

Giuliani boasts of Bush’s war on global "terrorism." The problem is, neither Giuliani nor any other neocon is against terrorism; they are only against "terrorism." That is, they are not against the systematic use of aggressive force or violence to achieve political ends; they are merely against the use of such force by the private sector or by governments they don’t like. The leaders of democratic governments, no matter how many innocent people they kill, maim or torture, can never be called terrorists, by definition. "Isn’t that special?"

The "terrorism" that Giuliani complains of is often inspired by the terrorism that Giuliani, lawyer that he is, defines out of existence by word games. However, not even the most brilliant lawyer by verbal gymnastics can define out of existence the real consequences of such blindness, hypocrisy, arrogance and self-destructiveness, as Giuliani himself found out on 9/11 when he was trapped in that building on Barclay Street.

So Rudy – take your 9/11 millions and run – as far away from us as you can.

James Ostrowski is an attorney in Buffalo, New York and author of Political Class Dismissed: Essays Against Politics, Including "What’s Wrong With Buffalo." See his website at

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'Thank God that George Bush is our president'

Find this article at:


NEW YORK (CNN) -- Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani addressed the Republican National Convention on Monday night. This is a transcript of his remarks.

Thank you. Welcome to the capital of the world.

New York was the first capital of our great nation. It was here in 1789, in lower Manhattan, that George Washington took the oath of office as the first president of the United States.

And it was here in 2001, in the same lower Manhattan, that President George W. Bush stood amid the fallen towers of the World Trade Center, and he said to the barbaric terrorists who attacked us, "They will hear from us."

Well, they heard from us.

They heard from us in Afghanistan and we removed the Taliban.

They heard from us in Iraq, and we ended Saddam Hussein's reign of terror.

And we put him where he belongs, in jail.

They heard from us in Libya, and without firing a shot Gadhafi abandoned his weapons of mass destruction.

They are hearing from us in nations that are now more reluctant to sponsor terrorists or terrorism.

So long as George Bush is our president, is there any doubt they will continue to hear from us until we defeat global terrorism?

We owe that much and more to the loved ones and heroes that we lost on September 11.

The families of some of those we lost on September 11 are here with us. To them, and to all those families affected by September 11, we recognize the sacrifices your loved ones made. We recognize the sacrifices that you're making. You are in our prayers, and we are in your debt.

This is the first Republican convention ever held here in New York City.

I've never seen so many Republicans in New York City. It's great.

I finally feel at home.

And you know something? Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Pataki, all of you that worked so hard in bringing this convention to New York, our president and the party that decided they'd have it here, above and beyond everything else, it's a statement, it's a strong statement that New York City and America are open for business, and we are stronger than ever.

New York. New York. New York.

AUDIENCE: New York. New York. New York.

GIULIANI: This is getting to be like a Yankee game. I don't know. Watch out.

You know, we're just not going to let the terrorists determine where we have political conventions, where we go, how we travel. We're Americans, the land of the free and the home of the brave.


GIULIANI: From the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, to President George W. Bush, our party's great contribution is to expand freedom in our own land and all over the world.

And our party is at its best when we make certain that we have a powerful national defense in a still very, very dangerous world.

I don't believe that we're right about everything, and Democrats are wrong. They're wrong about most things.

But seriously, neither party has a monopoly on virtue.

We don't have all the right ideas. They don't have all the wrong ideas.

But I do believe there are times in history when our ideas are more necessary and more important and critical, and this is one of those times when we are facing war and danger.

There are times when leadership is the most important.

On September 11, this city and our nation faced the worst attack in our history. On that day, we had to confront reality.

For me, when I arrived there and I stood below the north tower and I looked up, and seeing the flames of hell emanating from those buildings, and realizing that what I was actually seeing was a human being on the 101st, 102nd floor, that was jumping out of the building, I stood there, it probably took five or six seconds, it seemed to me that it took 20 or 30 minutes, and I was stunned.

And I realized, in that moment, in that instant, I realized we were facing something that we have never, ever faced before.

We had never been confronted with anything like this before. We had to concentrate all of our energy and our faith and our hope to get through those first hours and days. And we needed all the help that we could get and all the support that we could get.

And I will always remember that moment as we escaped the building that we were trapped in at 75 Barclay Street, and I realized that things outside might actually be worse than inside the building.

We did the best we could to communicate a message of calm and hope, as we stood on the pavement watching a cloud come through the cavernous streets of lower Manhattan.

Our people were so brave in their response.

At the time, we believed that we would be attacked many more times that day and in the days that followed. Without really thinking, based on just emotion, spontaneous, I grabbed the arm of then-Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, and I said to him, "Bernie, thank God George Bush is our president."

I say it again tonight. I say it again tonight:

Thank God that George Bush is our president, and thank God that Dick Cheney, a man with his experience and his knowledge and his strength and his background, is our vice president.

On September 11, George Bush had been president less than eight months. The new president, the vice president, the new administration were faced with the worst crisis in our history virtually at the beginning of their administration.

President Bush's response in keeping us unified, in turning around the ship of state from being solely on defense against terrorism to being on offense as well and for his holding us together for that and then his determined effort to defeat global terrorism, no matter what happens in this election, President George W. Bush already has earned a place in history as a great American president.

But you and I, we're not going to wait for history to present the correct view of our president. Let us write our own history. We need George Bush now more than ever.

The horror, the shock and the devastation of those attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and over the skies of Pennsylvania lifted a cloud from our eyes.

We stood face to face with those people and forces who hijacked not just airplanes, but a great religion and turned it into a creed of terrorism dedicated to killing us and eradicating us and our way of life.

Terrorism did not start on September 11, 2001. It started a long time ago. And it had been festering for many years.

And the world had created a response to it that allowed it to succeed. The attack on the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics was in 1972. That's a long time ago.

That's not yesterday.

And the pattern began early. The three surviving terrorists were arrested. And then within just three months, the terrorists who slaughtered the Israeli athletes were released by the German government -- set free.


GIULIANI: Action like this became the rule, not the exception. Terrorists came to learn time after time that they could attack, that they could slaughter innocent people and not face any consequences.

In 1985, terrorists attacked the Achille Lauro. And they murdered an American citizen who was in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer. They marked him for murder solely because he was Jewish.

Some of those terrorists were released, and some of the remaining terrorists -- they were allowed to escape by the Italian government because of fear of reprisals from the terrorists.

So terrorists learned they could intimidate the world community, and too often the response, particularly in Europe, would be accommodation, appeasement and compromise.


GIULIANI: And worse, they also learned that their cause would be taken more seriously almost in direct proportion to the horror of their attack.

Terrorist acts became like a ticket to the international bargaining table. How else to explain Yasser Arafat winning the Nobel Peace Prize while he was supporting a plague of terrorism in the Middle East and undermining any chance of peace?

Before September 11, we were living with an unrealistic view of our world, much like observing Europe appease Hitler or trying to accommodate the Soviet Union through the use of mutually assured destruction.

President Bush decided that we could no longer be just on defense against global terrorism, we must also be on offense.

On September 20, 2001, President Bush stood before a joint session of Congress, a still grieving and shocked nation and a confused world, and he changed the direction of our ship of state.

He dedicated America, under his leadership, to destroying global terrorism.

The president announced the Bush Doctrine, when he said, "Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated. Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

And since September 11, President Bush has remained rock solid.

It doesn't matter to him how he is demonized. It doesn't matter what the media does to ridicule him or misinterpret him or defeat him.

They ridiculed Winston Churchill. They belittled Ronald Reagan. But like President Bush, they were optimists. Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present, and it's set on a future of real peace and security.

Some call it stubbornness. I call it principled leadership.

President Bush has the courage of his convictions.

In choosing a president, we really don't choose just a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or a liberal. We choose a leader.

And in times of war and danger, as we're now in, Americans should put leadership at the core of their decision.

There are many qualities that make a great leader. But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader.

One of my heroes, Winston Churchill, saw the dangers of Hitler while his opponents characterized him as a warmongering gadfly.

Another one of my heroes, Ronald Reagan, saw and described the Soviet Union as "the evil empire," while world opinion accepted it as inevitable and even belittled Ronald Reagan's intelligence.

President Bush sees world terrorism for the evil that it is.

John Kerry has no such clear, precise and consistent vision. This is not a personal criticism of John Kerry. I respect him for his service to our nation.

But it is important and critical to see the contrast in approach between the two men: President Bush, a leader who is willing to stick with difficult decisions even as public opinion shifts and goes back and forth; and John Kerry, whose record in elected office suggests a man who changes his position often, even on important issues.

Now, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, John Kerry voted against the Persian Gulf War.


GIULIANI: Ah, but he must have heard your booing because -- because later he said he actually supported the war.

Then in 2002, as he was calculating his run for the presidency, he voted for the war in Iraq. And then just nine months later, he voted against an $87 billion supplemental budget to fund the war and support our troops.


GIULIANI: He even, at one point, declared himself as an antiwar candidate. And now he says he's pro-war candidate. At this rate, with 64 days left, he still has time to change his position four or five more times.

My point about John Kerry being inconsistent is best described in his own words, not mine. I quote John Kerry, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

Maybe this explains John Edwards' need for two Americas.

One is where John Kerry can vote for something and another where he can vote against exactly the same thing.

Yes, people in public office at times change their minds, or they realized they're wrong. I have, others have, or circumstances change. But John Kerry has made it the rule to change his position, rather than the exception.

In October of 2003 he told an Arab-American Institute in Detroit that a security barrier separating Israel from the Palestinian Territories was a "barrier to peace." OK.

Then a few months later, he took exactly the opposite position. In an interview with the Jerusalem Post he said, "Israel's security fence is a legitimate act of self defense."


GIULIANI: The contrasts are dramatic. They involve very different views of how to deal with terrorism. President Bush will make certain that we are combating terrorism at the source, beyond our shores, so we don't have to confront it, or we reduce of confronting it here in New York City, or in Chicago or in Los Angeles or in Miami or in the rural areas of America.

That's what it means to play offense with terrorism, and not just defense.

John Kerry's record of inconsistent positions on combating terrorism gives us no confidence that he'll pursue such a determined, difficult course.

President Bush would not allow countries that appear to have ignored the lessons of history and failed for over 30 years to stand up to terrorists, he wouldn't allow them to stop us from doing what is necessary in the defense of our country.

He's not going to let them set the agenda. Under President Bush, America will lead, not follow.

Remember, just a few months ago, John Kerry kind of leaked out that claim that certain foreign leaders who opposed our removal of Saddam Hussein prefer him.

Well, to me, that raises the risk that he might well accommodate his position to their viewpoint.

It would not be the first time that John Kerry changed his mind about matters of war and peace.

I remember the days following September 11 when we were no longer Republicans or Democrats, but we were Americans. We were determined to do everything, everything that we could to help the victims, to rebuild our city and to disable our enemies.

I remember President Bush coming here on September 14, 2001, and lifting the morale of our rescue workers by talking with them and embracing them and staying with them much longer than was planned.

In fact, if you promise to keep this between us, because, I mean, I could get in trouble for this.

But I get in trouble all of the time. I was mayor of New York.

It is my opinion that when President Bush came here on September 14, 2001, the Secret Service was not really happy about his remaining in the area so long.

With buildings were still unstable, with fires raging below ground of 2,000 degrees or more, there was good reason for their concern.

Well, the president remained there. And talked to everyone, to the firefighters, to the police officers, the health care workers, the clergy. But the people that believe -- this is my opinion now from observing it -- that the people that spent the most time with him were our construction workers.

Now, New York construction workers are very special people. I'm sure this is true all over America where you come from, but I know the ones in New York really well.

And they were real heroes that day, like many others.

But I have to tell you, they're big. They are really big. They have arms that are bigger than my legs. And they have opinions that are bigger than their arms.

So every time the president would go up to one of them, they would hold his hand a little bit longer. And they would give him advice. I think like his Cabinet, Mr. Vice President, gives him advice.

They would like tell him in their own language exactly what he should do with the terrorists.

I can't repeat -- after all this is the Republican convention -- I can't repeat what they said, but one of them really got the president's attention. The president really bonded with him. They sort of hit it off. And the guy's giving him this long explanation of exactly what he should do. And when the man finished, President Bush said in a rather loud voice, "I agree."

At this point, all of the people kind of looked at this guy, all of his buddies. And can you imagine -- I mean, you're a construction worker, and all your buddies say -- and the president says, "I agree."

The guy went up in his own estimation from his 6 feet to about 6-10.

He lost total control of himself. Forgot who he was dealing with. He leaned over. He grabbed the president of the United States in this massive bear hug, and he started squeezing him.

And the Secret Service agent standing next to me, who wasn't happy about any of this, instead of running over and getting the president out of this grip, puts his finger in my face and he says to me, "If this guy hurts the president, Giuliani, you're finished."

I didn't know what to say. I was kind of shook when the -- and I said -- the only thing I could think of, and it's the moral of the story, I said, "But it would be out of love."

I also remember on that same day, as I'm sure Governor Pataki does, the heart-wrenching visit President Bush made to the families of our firefighters and our police officers at the Javits Center. I'm sure some of you remember it.

I remember receiving all the help and the assistance and support from the president, and even more than we asked for. For that, and for his personal support of me, I am eternally grateful to President Bush. He helped to get me through.

And I remember the support being bipartisan and actually standing hand in hand Republicans and Democrats, here in New York and all over the nation.

During a Boston Red Sox game in the seventh inning there was a sign that read, "Boston loves New York."

You're not going to see it now with a 4.5 game spread between the two teams.

And then one of the most remarkable experiences was, I was driving along and I saw a Chicago police officer directing traffic in the middle of Manhattan, sent here by Mayor Daley of Chicago, who was a good friend of ours, and is. And that's what I mean about no Democrats or Republicans.

Well, the guy is directing traffic. And I got out to thank him, and I did. And then I went back in my car and all of a sudden, I had this thought: "I wonder where he's sending these people."

I think some of them are still driving around the Bronx, but it was very reassuring to know how much support we had, and I thank all of you for it, because you all gave us support -- Republicans, Democrats, everyone.

And as we look beyond this election and realize that elections do accentuate our differences, let's make sure that we rekindle that spirit that we had, that we are one America. We are united to end the threat of global terrorism as one people.

Certainly President Bush will keep us focused on that goal. When President Bush announced his commitment to ending global terrorism, he understood, I understood, we all understood that it was critical to remove the pillars of support for the global terrorist movement.

In any plan to destroy global terrorism, removing Saddam Hussein needed to be removed.

Frankly, I believed then and I believe now that Saddam Hussein, who supported global terrorism, slaughtered thousands and thousands of his own people, permitted horrific atrocities against women, and used weapons of mass destruction -- he was himself a weapon of mass destruction.

But the reasons for removing Saddam Hussein were based on issues even broader than just the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

To liberate people, give them a chance for accountable, decent government and to rid the world of a pillar of support for global terrorism is nothing to be defensive about.

It's something for which all those involved, from President Bush to the brave men of our armed services, should be proud. They did something wonderful. They did something that history will give them great credit for.

President Bush has also focused us on the correct long-term answer for the violence and hatred emerging from the Middle East. The hatred and anger in the Middle East arises from the lack of accountable governments.

Rather than trying to grant more freedom, or create more income, or improve education and basic health care, these governments deflect their own failures by pointing to America and to Israel and to other external scapegoats.

But blaming these scapegoats does not improve the life of a single person in the Arab world.

It does not relieve the plight of even one woman in Iran.

It does not give a decent living to a single soul in Syria.

It doesn't stop the slaughter of African Christians in the Sudan.

The president understands that the changes necessary in the Middle East involve encouraging accountable, lawful, decent governments that can be role models and solve the problems of their own people.

This has been a very important part of the Bush doctrine and the president's vision for the future.

Have faith in the power of freedom. People who live in freedom always prevail over people who live in oppression.

That's the story of the Old Testament.

That's the story of World War II and the Cold War.

That's the story of the firefighters and police officers and rescue workers who courageously saved thousands of lives on September 11, 2001.

President Bush is the leader we need for the next four years because he can see beyond just today and tomorrow. He can see in the future. He has a vision of a peaceful Middle East and a safer world.

Don't be discouraged. Don't be cynical. We'll see an end to global terrorism. I can see it. I believe it. I know it will happen.

You know, right now, it may seem very difficult and a long way off. It may even seem idealistic to say that. But it may not be as far away and idealistic as it seems.

Look how quickly the Berlin Wall was torn down and the Iron Curtain ripped open and the Soviet Union disintegrated because of the power of the pent-up demand for freedom.

When it catches hold, there is nothing more powerful than freedom. Give it some hope, and it will overwhelm dictators and even defeat terrorists.

That is what we've done and must continue to do in Iraq. That's what the Republican Party, our party, does best, when we're at our best.

We extend freedom, and it's our mission. It's the long-term answer to ending global terrorism. Governments that are free and accountable.

We have won many battles in this war on terror, at home and abroad. But as President Bush told us way back on September 20, 2001, it will take a long-term determined effort to prevail.

The war on terrorism will not be won in a single battle. There will be no dramatic surrender. There will be no crumbling of a massive wall.

But we will know it. We'll know it as accountable governments continue to develop in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We'll know it as terrorist attacks throughout the world decrease and then end and we save lives. And then, God willing, we'll all be able on a future anniversary of September 11 to return to Ground Zero, or to the Pentagon, or to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and to say to our fallen brothers and sisters, to our heroes of the worst attack in our history and to our heroes who have sacrificed their lives in the war on terror, we will be able to say to them that we have done all that we could with our lives that were spared to make your sacrifices build a world of real peace and true freedom.

We will make certain, in the words of President Bush, that they have heard from us, that they've heard from us a message of peace through free, accountable, lawful and decent governments giving people hope for a future for themselves and their children.

God bless each one we have lost, every soul, every single person, here and abroad, and their families. God bless all those who are currently at risk and in harm's way defending our freedom. And God bless America.





In Germany,
Giuliani pegs Israel as 'key to world peace'
Friday January 24, 2003 

TOBY AXELROD Jewish Telegraphic Agency

BERLIN -- The former mayor of New York is drawing on his experience with terrorism to help raise funds for Israel.

Rudy Giuliani appeared Monday at two United Israel Appeal fund-raising events aimed at the non-Jewish German public.

Israel's is an "outpost of freedom and democracy and the rule of law," Giuliani said Monday in a speech at Hamburg's ornate town hall, and its preservation is "a key to world peace."

Giuliani told reporters he did not hold Hamburg responsible for the fact that some of the Sept. 11 terrorists had planned their attacks there.

"Hamburg is a great city," he said at a news conference. "Any city, including New York, can unfortunately serve as the background from which people do evil and horrible things."

Monday's fund-raising events in Hamburg and Berlin were organized by Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal as part of a new campaign for the hearts -- and pockets -- of evangelical Christians.

Andreas Wankum, director of Keren Hayesod in Germany, told the Hamburg audience that he had invited Giuliani "because we wanted you to meet someone who was directly affected by terrorism, who felt it in his own body."

"We in the free world thought we had overcome such blind murder when we beat the Nazi terror," Wankum said. "But no: This lust for murder is showing itself again, this time from another corner of the world."

In Germany, Jewish groups traditionally have avoided cooperating with fundamentalist Christian groups.

Keren Hayesod does cooperate, but only with groups that do not target Jews for conversion, according to the organization's spokesman in Germany, Wolf Bruer.

"It is an essential change for Keren Hayesod," Bruer said. "In Germany, a lot of support is coming from Christians. It comes partly from a sense of common responsibility for the Holocaust."

"We have been very guilty, all Christians," said Waltraud Keil, president of the Christian fundamentalist group The Bridge Berlin-Jerusalem. "It did not start with Hitler."

Jewish leaders increasingly are willing to accept support for Israel from Christian fundamentalist groups, said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder of the Chicago- and Jerusalem-based International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

The fellowship recently signed an agreement under which Eckstein will assist Keren Hayesod's efforts to reach out to Christians in Europe. His first campaign in Germany is scheduled for February.

"It has never been done before," Eckstein said, but it makes perfect sense, since Christian groups gave $21 million to Israel in 2002.

During the past year, thousands of evangelical Christians demonstrated for Israel in Berlin and in The Hague in the Netherlands.

"Jews have to get it where they can," said Israel Singer, president of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the Claims Conference. "People don't have a choice when they are isolated. We need support from like-minded, Judeo-Christian types."

But some cautioned that there are limits to the alliance.

"I think we don't have to reject the money, but that does not make" evangelical groups "our friends, because we are different from them fundamentally in many respects," said Michael Brenner, professor of Jewish history at the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich.

Giuliani's appearance came as Germany re-evaluates its long-standing support of Israel, in light of popular support for the Palestinian cause and opposition to the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The Israeli Embassy in Berlin welcomed Giuliani's efforts.

Giuliani, who interrupted a book promotion tour in England for the events, spoke in Hamburg's City Hall on Monday afternoon and in Berlin's City Hall in the evening.

In Hamburg, Mayor Ole von Beust presided over the event.

Funds raised at the events are earmarked for fire-fighting and rescue equipment, ambulances, and other medical services. Keren Hayesod did not say how much money was raised.

Recalling his emotions as the events of Sept. 11 unfolded, Giuliani told the Hamburg audience that he had turned to Israel for inspiration.

"I saw horrors I never imagined seeing in all my life," he said. "I saw one man, and then another, jumping from the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center. And as I was considering how I could gather the strength for my people, I thought about my trip to Israel after the assassination of" Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

"I thought of how Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert invited me to ride a city bus after the bus bombings there, to show the people how not to be afraid to stand up to terror," he said.

If the Israelis could get through "days and days and days of the possibility of terror attacks," Giuliani said, "then we could get through whatever we had to get through in the United States.''


Archives of the Mayor's Press Office

Date: Friday, June 1, 2001


Weekend Rally to Show Support for Israel and Call for End of Terrorism

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today joined Rabbi Avi Weiss and Jewish religious and community leaders to announce the Solidarity Rally for Israel to be held this coming Sunday in front of the Israeli Consulate. Mayor Giuliani will attend the rally, along with thousands of New Yorkers, to show support for the State of Israel and to call for an end to the wave of terrorism that has swept through Israel.

Also joining the Mayor to announce the rally were Rabbi Bruce Block, Rabbi Neil J. Borovitz, Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin and Rabbi Harlan Wechsler.

"The epidemic of terrorism that has plagued Israel over the last several months should serve as a painful reminder to all New Yorkers that Israel needs our strong support," the Mayor said. "We must stand together in opposition to those who wish Israel harm and who are willing to use brutality to further their goals and to derail the quest for peace. The Solidarity Rally provides an opportunity for New Yorkers to raise our voices in support of Israel, to renounce terrorism, and to remember those who have fallen victim to the senseless violence."

Rabbi Avi Weiss said, "We deeply appreciate Mayor Giuliani's encouragement of all New Yorkers to participate in this Solidarity Rally for Israel. At a time when Jews are being murdered in Israel only because they are Jews, at a time when American citizens are the victims of Arab terror, as the United States government stands by, we are grateful to the Mayor for his voice of moral conscience and his firm stand behind the people of Israel."

The rally will take place on Sunday, June 3 at 11 AM in front of the Israeli Consulate, Second Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets. An ad hoc committee of rabbis from every part of the Jewish spectrum initiated the rally. The UJA/Federation of New York, regional Federation chapters throughout the tri-state area, synagogues and other community organizations are co-sponsors and will bus in their members to the rally.



Rightist Rally Hears Speech From Giuliani
OCTOBER 26, 2001


OCTOBER 26, 2001

JERUSALEM — NEW YORK'S MAYOR Giuliani spoke by telephone this week to a right-wing rally here at which speakers called for the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority and several speakers urged the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Israel's occupied territories.

The rally, staged by the Council of Settlers of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, was billed as a memorial for slain Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi.

Drawing a boisterous crowd of 80,000 mainly Orthodox Jews to Jerusalem's Zion Square, its themes included stepping up the war against terrorism and banishing Yasser Arafat from the territories. At least four speakers, including a leader of Ze'evi's Moledet Party, Knesset Member Benny Elon, called for the "transfer" of the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to the 22 other Arab nations as demonstrators brandished signs that described Mr. Arafat and Osama bin Laden as "twins."

Mr. Giuliani spoke to the crowd by live telephone hookup from New York, reportedly at the invitation of Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert.

"New York and Jerusalem are closer than ever before," Mr. Giuliani told the crowd, adding that the two cities have "the same values." "Both the United States and Israel are seeking to defend and perpetuate the same values of democracy, freedom, respect for the law and human life," he said.

According to a close adviser and former aide to Mr. Giuliani, Bruce Teitelbaum, the mayor had no knowledge of the contents of the speeches or the tenor of the rally. He "simply wanted to express his solidarity with the people of Israel at this very difficult time and to explain to the Israeli people that the United States is fighting terrorism and that it is important to eradicate terrorism forever, wherever it exists."

"I'm certain the mayor would reject the notion of the forced expulsion of anyone from Israel," Mr. Teitelbaum added.

Last year, while Mr. Giuliani was running for the U.S. Senate against then-first lady Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Clinton was repeatedly criticized by Mr. Giuliani's supporters for appearing at events where sponsors or fellow-speakers took extreme anti-Israel positions. In each case Mrs. Clinton had denied being familiar with the background of the people in question.

This week, however, most observers appeared to accept Mr. Giuliani's ignorance as sufficient explanation for his participation alongside advocates of a view most Americans consider repugnant. "If one mayor asks another to address a gathering, there is no reason to have any doubts," said the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman. He added that ADL views the notion of "transfer" as "undemocratic, contrary to Jewish tradition and Jewish history."

"You try to find out to the best of your ability what will be said, but there is nothing to stop someone to get up at the microphone and deciding to go beyond the script," said the assistant executive director of Americans for Peace Now, Lewis Roth. "However, it is also incumbent on individuals speaking at political events in Israel to make sure that the tone and content of the events are consistent with mainstream thinking about various issues."

The speech was the second time in recent weeks that Mr. Giuliani has injected himself into the Middle East conflict. Two weeks ago, he rejected a Saudi prince's $10-million donation toward relief for the World Trade Center attack after the prince suggested the attack stemmed from American support for Israel. The mayor's move at the time was applauded by many American Jewish organizations.

"Transfer," or mass relocation of Palestinians from the territories, is a controversial doctrine that kept Ze'evi on the margins of Israeli politics for years, despite his reputation as a military hero. The doctrine continues to win little support in the general public, though it is said to enjoy significant backing in the settler community, which is nearly unanimous in opposing any peace plan that would give Palestinians sovereignty in the territories currently under Israeli control.

This week's rally was intended by the settler movement as a combination show of strength, memorial to Ze'evi and protest against what settlers view as government inaction in the face of Palestinian terror.

One rally participant, Heather Samuels, a native of Memphis, Tenn., said she attended the rally to mourn Ze'evi's death, to oppose the dialogue with the Palestinian Authority and to encourage Israel's government to use military means to resolve the year-old intifada, "just as President Bush is" in his war against terrorism.

Others, however, used the rally as an opportunity to spread messages of their own. One Moledet volunteer was seen distributing stickers calling for the arrest of the "Oslo criminals," as rightists often refer to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and his allies. The volunteer, who declined to give his name but said he was from the West Bank settlement of Karnei Shomron, wondered aloud how the United States would react if the "black population of America was to rise up against the whites and fire mortars at New York. That would be the end of them. Now we have to do the same."

A deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Larrisa Gerstein, a political ally of Mr. Ze'evi, told the Forward she saw the rally as evidence of a "resurgence of the right, that was always strong. But more than the strengthening of the right, I see the building of national unity, unconnected with politics, that addresses our survival. The only way to ensure [Israel's survival] and to commemorate the deaths of the 657 people killed since the signing of the Oslo agreement is to see Oslo to the grave."

Many on the left, however, downplayed the importance of the rally. "I am surprised that they had less than 100,000," said Peace Now spokesman Didi Remez. "As an absolute show of strength it was pretty small." He predicted that the return of the Israeli government to pre-Oslo policies of confrontation with the Palestinians would galvanize Israel's floundering left. "Most people see us sliding down a slippery path to another Lebanon, and that is what we must prevent," he said.

Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, placed Mr. Giuliani's speech in line with his support for Israel and dismissed any connection between the mayor and the issue of population transfer.

"The issue of transfer is an issue for the government of Israel and the people of Israel to discuss, not for the mayor of New York City," Mr. Klein said.

Mr. Foxman, while agreeing that "our responsibility is not to respond to demonstrations and people in the street," said that American Jewish groups need to respond if the issue of population transfer is addressed.

The rally showed the anger many Israelis feel in the wake of the Ze'evi assassination. As demonstrators held a sign declaring "Muslims are Nazis," Mr. Elon criticized Prime Minister Sharon for sending a message to Washington that Mr. Arafat is Israel's partner, while declaring in Israel that he is the enemy.

Mr. Olmert, for his part, devoted his speech to expressions of unreserved support for the settler movement. He called the settlers the "commandos of Israel, the very foundation of Israel's strength," who act as Israel's defensive outpost against those who oppose its right to exist "both within and without." He ended his speech by declaring that Israel will "never leave any part of Jerusalem."



Giuliani Calls Idea of Quitting Iraq
‘Terrible Mistake'

BY ELI LAKE - Staff Reporter of the Sun
December 7, 2006

WASHINGTON — Mayor Giuliani resigned from the Iraq Study Group when it became clear that signing the group's report would politicize its findings and conflict with his likely presidential run in 2008.

When asked yesterday by The New York Sun, the mayor said he had not read the report's recommendations but that some of those he had heard about on television sounded "useful."

Nonetheless, Mr. Giuliani's views on the war are in contrast to the Iraq Study Group's conclusions. The extent of Mr. Giuliani's disagreement with the bipartisan group's Iraq policy recommendations, published yesterday, was made clear in remarks he made to a talk-show host, Dennis Prager, on Tuesday.

"The idea of leaving Iraq, I think, is a terrible mistake," the former mayor said. The group's report, however, stresses that America should not make an "open-ended" commitment of troops and links the presence of troops to milestones met by the Iraqi government.

Mr. Giuliani also rejected the panel's recommendation that America tie the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict to stabilizing Iraq. When asked about this linkage on Mr. Prager's radio show, Mr. Giuliani said, "Israel and Palestine is an important issue. Sometimes it's used as an excuse to deal with underlying issues. But the reality here is that the Islamo-fundamentalist terrorists are at war with our way of life, with our modern world, with rights for women, religious freedom, societies that have religious freedom. And all of that would still exist, no matter what happens in Israel and Palestine."

The stark difference between the position of Mr. Giuliani, who left the Iraq Study Group this summer, and that of the rest of the group — which is headed by a former secretary of state, James Baker, and a former congressman, Lee Hamilton — indicates that the greater political world is less agreed on the group's 79 recommendations than are the group's five Republicans and five Democrats.

Indeed, Mr. Giuliani is not the only potential presidential candidate who is dissenting from the report, which was released yesterday. In a conference call yesterday, the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a possible 2008 presidential contender, Senator Biden, a Democrat of Delaware, said that while the panel got some big questions right, he would nonetheless hold bipartisan hearings in the next Congress to "complete the work of the Baker-Hamilton commission."

The report rejected Mr. Biden's proposal to allow Iraq to devolve into a federalist system of three states for Sunni Arabs, Shiite Arabs, and Kurds.

"It is no longer a question of whether we stay in Iraq, but when and how we leave," Mr. Biden added yesterday.

Senator McCain, a Republican of Arizona, also offered a critical assessment of some of the group's recommendations. He called the linkage of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict to the violence in Iraq "tenuous at best."

Mr. McCain also rejected the panel's call for a regional diplomatic conference on Iraq involving Iran and Syria. "Our interests in Iraq diverge significantly from those of Damascus and Tehran, and this is unlikely to change under the current regimes," he said. In the report, the group said one of the inducements America should offer Iran is to drop its policy of regime change.

But Mr. McCain appeared most concerned about the panel's placing of a time line of early 2008 to begin redeploying American combat troops stationed in Iraq. "By placing a limited timeframe on our military commitments, we would only induce Iraqis to side with militias that will stay indefinitely, rather than with the U.S. and government of Iraq," he said. "Such a step would only complicate our considerable difficulties."

For his part, Mr. Giuliani told the Sun that he had not read the group's final report. He did say, however, that he thought some of the recommendations were "useful."

"The goal has to be an accountable, responsible government in Iraq that diffuses terrorism rather than promotes it, and if the president keeps that goal the same, then I think maybe not all of these recommendations — I can't imagine all of them will be implemented — but some of them will be very, very useful," Mr. Giuliani told the Sun.

That last point is likely to chafe his former colleagues in the study group, who yesterday urged President Bush to adopt their recommendations in full, stressing that theirs was the only bipartisan set of recommendations he was likely to receive.

Nonetheless, Mr. Baker made clear that the report only represents suggestions that, at the end of the day, are not binding. "This is not legislation or an executive order," he said.

"This does not bind leadership on the hill or the president. But it is the only recommended approach that will enjoy complete bipartisan support."

Another important voice yesterday seemed to be backing away from adopting the report's recommendations completely — that of Mr. Bush. Before a meeting with congressional leaders, he praised the seriousness of the report and its bipartisan process. But he added a caveat: "Not all of us around the table agree with every idea. But we do agree that it shows that bipartisan consensus on important issues is possible."

December 7, 2006 Edition




Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report November 2005

Rudolph Giuliani:
Israel is a "Brand Name" in Security

Israel is a brand in security, and Israeli security technology and has the opportunity to lead, said former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani was the guest of honor at the Ness Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: NSTC) "Leadership Through Information Technology" conference. He said Israel had marvellous high-tech capability, and an immense amount of talent.

"People in the US know Israel, and when talking about security and intelligence, there are few examples like it," he said. "Israelis understand what security and intelligence mean, because they have learned them the hard way."





Speeches from the 2002
Pro Israeli Washington Rally 
Washington Mall, April 15, 2002



RUDOLF GIULIANI MC: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kenneth J. Bialkin, past president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

MR. BIALKIN: Ladies and gentlemen, few public figures have captured the heart and soul of a nation as has our next speaker, Rudy Giuliani. (Applause.) For several years as mayor, Mr. Giuliani's toughness, which was honed in his long career fighting crime, has been forcefully turned against those who threaten both the United States and Israel.

And when the terrible events of September 11 focused the eyes of the world on New York City, in a new way Rudy Giuliani became a tireless symbol in the struggle of his beloved city, both to cope with tragedy and to rise above it. Our nation, New York City, supporters of Israel, all owe him abiding gratitude for his courageous leadership.

Please join me in expressing that gratitude now as we welcome Rudy Giuliani. (Applause.)

MR. GIULIANI: Thank you very much, Ken. Thank you. Thank you. We're here – we're all here today for the same purpose – to support America, to support Israel and to support all those who join us in understanding that we have to end terrorism, we have to end the threat of terrorism, and we have to make it clear that we're going to stand together to accomplish that purpose. (Applause.)

I commend our great president, President Bush, and our government for the determined, the patient, the courageous and the very focused effort to accomplish that goal over the last seven months. It has truly been inspirational.

Israel is vitally important to America and to all Americans and to all who agree, and like us, are dedicated to political freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human rights and human life.

Those five principles define us as Americans. Together they constitute our beliefs, our philosophy and our principles. And those five principles bind us inextricably with the state of Israel. (Applause.)

Israel is an oasis of freedom in a desert of authoritarianism and worse. It is an outpost of democracy where democracy is unique. And in all ways, it's America's good friend. (Applause.)

When American lives were at risk in the Gulf War, it was Israel that stood with America – (applause) – while others turned their backs. When America was attacked on September 11th in New York, here in Washington, and in Pennsylvania, attacked for our beliefs, the beliefs we share with Israel, Israel stood with us shoulder to shoulder while some others refused to condemn or even tried to shift the blame and celebrate. We remember that. (Applause.)

To my good friends Prime Minister Sharon and to Prime Minister – (applause) – and to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who you will hear from very soon – (applause) – to Natan Sharansky and to my very good friend, Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem – (applause) – I say today that I think of you and I feel for you, for all parties in Israel.

I remember the attack on my city and I remember your being with me to help and assist and I remember being with you and Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg in Jerusalem just a short while ago while we stood with you as you stood with us to make the same point – we're not afraid. We're not going to cower. We are not going to back down. We are going to stand up for who we are and what we are. (Applause.)

Let us remember, yes, how important it is that Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of the state of Israel. (Applause.) But let us also remember, as these signs demonstrate to those of us of other religions, Jerusalem is important to us, and our sites, our important institutions, our churches and mosques, have never been treated as fairly as they have since Israel has been – (applause) – guiding the fate of Jerusalem. So for all of us, it is important that it stay that way.

All of us yearn for peace, but peace must be based on realism, not romance. (Applause.) Peace must be based on security, not terrorism. (Applause.) The desire for peace must not overwhelm our common sense. Otherwise we will fail to achieve peace.

Let's be clear. There is no moral equivalent between the state of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. (Applause.) Israel and the Palestinian Authority are different. There is a difference between a nation based on law and democracy and one that harbors terrorism.

For the good of America and for the good of Israel, the path to peace must be based on three principles that we must re-emphasize. The Palestinian Authority must live up to its agreements, agreements that it made in exchange for territory, its agreements to assist in eliminating terrorists and terrorism. They must do that for the good of Israel, for the good of the Palestinian Authority, for the good of America and for the good of all of us who understand the terrible risks we take in allowing people to support terrorism.

The Palestinian Authority also must demonstrate, over a period of time, a real effort, which it has not, to establish institutions of political and economic freedom and religious toleration for all religions. And we must, thirdly, re-analyze the territorial arrangement in order to provide one that makes more sense in leading toward a lasting peace. (Applause.)

All of us, as all you good people who have come here, all of us wish for peace. We pray for it. All of us today, despite the horrible, horrible events that we've been through in America and people have been through in Israel, we are optimistic.

We are hopeful, because we know, not in any belligerent sense, but we know that we're right and they're wrong. (Applause.) We're right about political and economic freedom, about religious toleration, about the rule of law and respect for human rights and human life.

So thank you for coming. Thank you for demonstrating your abiding commitment to those principles. God bless Israel, God bless America, and lead us to peace. (Applause.) Thank you.


Rudy Rasputin And Florida Anthrax

By Devvy © 2007

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was called the "Holy Devil" or "Mad Monk." Rasputin was never a monk, he was married and mad as a hatter.

As I covered in my December 18, 2006, column, the unseen hand the gullible public never sees, but who control and direct politics in this country, went gutter trolling when they let the first presidential contenders loose with top billing going to serial adulterer, Rudy Rasputin Giuliani. His claim to fame, besides marrying his second cousin and frequently dressing in drag, is 911. Other than his alleged leadership on that day and the weeks following, few outside the legal community knew anything about him before he became mayor and since he left office. Rudy Rasputin claims to be Catholic, but he can't be other than in his own mind because he's pro-sodomy and pro-abortion. He is pro-illegals and has no problem with this massive invasion destroying our country. Regardless of his current spin, Giuliani has always worked towards nullifying the Second Amendment. He does NOT believe in the rule of law, only what suits his pocketbook and what will get him votes.

Those who have read the thoroughly researched work, Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael Ruppert, fully understand that Rudy Rasputin should be put under oath in front of a grand jury regarding the events of 911. One doesn't have to agree 100% with Ruppert's take on peak oil, but his research on 911 and the drug money moving through Wall Street banks is backed up by source reference material and some 900 foot notes to verify what he presents in his book. There are links below this column that are important. My columns always contain these links so that anyone reading my columns will be able to determine where I got information/data and do further research for themselves. After Giuliani left office, he went for the big money in the private sector and here's where it gets interesting for Rudy Rasputin.

Robert Stevens died from anthrax on October 4, 2001. Stevens was a photo editor for The Sun, a supermarket tabloid housed in the AMI office building in Florida. According to media reports, the Florida anthrax letters carried a postal paper trail showing it was sent to the National Enquirer at it's former address, but then got forwarded to the American Media, Inc., office in Boca Raton. The AMI offices housed both the National Enquirer and The Sun. The question arises: who would wish harm to this photo editor? Well, it seems that the National Enquirer had run photos of George Bush's daughter, Jenna, falling down drunk. Four to six months before 911, these tabloids were having a field day with publishing photos of Bush's daughters and their drunken escapades; papa Bush wasn't too happy. Of course, all that stopped with the anthrax attacks.

I have already done extensive writing about Enron, Thomas White, 911 and anthrax; see links below. Here is more information up for consideration from a friend of mine in California:

"About a week prior to Thomas E. (Enron) White leaving the position as Army Secretary, one David Rustine buys the American Media building in Florida, the former headquarters of the National Enquirer also in Florida, which sustained an Anthrax attack. I contend that White in his position of Army Secretary could have kept the American Media anthrax laden building under "control", but once Rustine bought it, he could then safety leave his Army position.

"Rustine bought it in title under his firm, Crown Co. Crown in turn was bought subsequently by another of his firms, Bio-ONE. Coincidentally, which has to be the biggest stretch in the history of mankind, in 2004 Giuliani forms a company with the SAME name (though different company). Thereafter, Rudy announces to the universe, that he wants to move facilities into the former American Media building, but has to first decontaminate it, i.e., destroy the anthrax, or more apropos, in context, the evidence.

"What is so important here, is that anthrax has unique DNA, the analysis from there could readily prove, for example, it came from the ARMY's (remember White was then Secretary of Army) weaponized strain. However, a party who owned a box of photographs which was thought to harbor Anthrax too, would not allow it to be decontaminated. What did Rudy do? He canceled the deal. In truth therefore, of all the hundreds of thousands of buildings in America to lease, he picked out the only one sealed off because of anthrax, and then changed his mind about leasing it, when he could not access ALL of the anthrax.

"That is the raw truth and facts. Why? Because as a clear head would deduce, he could not destroy ALL of the evidence. Think about it...The biggest question is why would Rudy be so interested in destroying all the evidence? Rudy had to be compromised, and certain powers that be, needed his clout and image to trump even the FBI, when in truth it was given in effect sedatives by much higher ups, which goes all the way to the White House, I contend.

"This past Monday, the American Media building in Boca Raton, was given a green-light regarding anthrax. Two days after, Rudy on Larry King, announces his Presidential ambitions. I contend he was holding back, fearing complicity in tracing the DNA of the anthrax to the Army. Who completed the work on the American Media building? A company named Marcor. From Marcor's web site let me quote, and I hope your socks are on tight, as this might knock your socks off. It stated: "Marcor was the first contractor to arrive for the 9/11 World Trade Center forensic recovery effort at Fresh Kill Landfill, and was the last to leave the scene. Marcor worked closely with the New York City police department..." Marcor was obviously primed and ready, as the first on the scene, and by WHO?

"Rudy was the mayor of New York, of course, then. Too, the former police commissioner was Bernard Kerik, who has been a consultant to Giuliani Partners, which Rudy is the CEO. What are the odds that Marcor, out of hundreds of thousands of contractors, would be the first and last on the scene of 9/11, and ALSO be the firm that would destroy all of the anthrax evidence in the American Media building? Remember, Rudy pulled out of leasing the American Media building, when, by an acknowledgment of his company attorney, he could not access all of the anthrax, in particular, that which was in the boxes of photographs. David Rustine (building owner) in the death of the former photo editor by anthrax of the Enquirer, could be charged easily I believe, in the destruction of evidence, as an accessory after the fact of Murder 1.

"White, was a brilliant planner, and won several awards for the planning in Gulf War I (he was a Brigadier General then, and he and Cheney, who I also believe is at the epicenter of all of this, accordingly, go way back). After White became Army Secretary, 3 1/2 months thereafter came 9/11 and anthrax. The anthrax employed is thought by many, including initially the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to be the weaponized version of the Ames strain, which cost some 6 million dollars per gram, which only the military could afford. Rudy was employed, I contend, to kill the anthrax evidence in Florida, as such DNA, could prove it was from the Army, which thereupon could lead to White, and then to Cheney. This was deja vu in his conspiring to destroy evidence as it were in New York. The significance is that such implicates White, with Cheney, as with Libby, behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

"Cheney is now tied to White through Halliburton to Arch Coal, which recently bought 25% of White's DKRW company, for its coal mining processing in Cheney's Wyoming. The main Director of Arch Coal too sits on Halliburton's Board of Directors. White is being bought off to maintain his silence. Also like the WMD, and Libby, Judith Miller was called upon to spread the word by her daily scaring articles, and she publishes a book titled "Germs..." on Oct. 2, 2001. This was about 10 days after the first mailings, which were one week after 9/11. White, one day after her book is published, gets appointed by the Pentagon to be Homeland Security Director.

"Summary: Rudy was once the third highest person at the Department of Justice, so if anyone should know the importance of not tampering with, and in particular, discarding or destroying evidence, it would be him, wouldn't you agree? Nevertheless, Fresh Kill Landfill was on Staten Island, where the debris of ground zero was taken for processing. The first contractor on the scene was Marcor, Inc. It was also the last to leave. Marcor thus processed the debris from ground zero, or evidence as it were. Right after the 9/11 attacks, came the anthrax attacks. A relative of a Marcor executive, David Rustine, bought the American Media building in Boca Raton, where the photo editor of the Enquirer, Robert Stevens, was killed by anthrax.

"Marcor thereupon was contracted to decontaminate the building. Rustine then terminated Marcor and hired Rudy's BioOne firm, with the adjunct publicly announced thought that thereupon Rudy's company was to lease the building. Rudy canceled out and aborted his plans when he could not access all of the anthrax, in particular the photographs in boxes. His desire, it follows logically, was to destroy all of the anthrax, or more accurately, it could be argued, the evidence.

"Rustine then re-hires Marcor to complete the job, but all parties have yet to tell the box of photographs owner what they did with the boxes; very strange indeed, wouldn't you also agree? We know that the metal from the World Trade Center was immediately whisked off to foreign countries. This metal too was evidence, which arguably could have proven that the WTC was imploded internally by thermite.

"The anthrax could have proven that its origin was from the Army's Fort Detrick's facility. Remember, the FBI destroy some of the anthrax. Who ordered the FBI to destroy this evidence? Anthrax was sent to Democratic Senators Leahy and Senator Majority leader Tom Daschle, who were dragging their feet on the Patriot Act. Both Senators reversed their foot dragging after these mailings, and the Act passed. 9/11 and anthrax attacks killed many Americans.

"For the moment, ignore the pageantry of government. If all of these facts, as well as others, were presented to any Grand Jury, in any forum, why would it not be likely that there would be probable cause for these people, to be indicated for Murder 1, and accomplices to murder? The main reason Americans are engaged in foreign wars is because of 9/11, which Bush has repeatedly, for example, stated: Cause - Effect. However, what if the cause was bogus? What if, it in fact was contrived? Perhaps more importantly, the "Holy Wars" will continue unless the Truth be known. This is the true issue, in expressing the Truth of all of this: to negate the cause, which will thereby reverse the effect.

"I forgot to mention that Roy L. Hunt, who is Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve of Dallas, CEO of Hunt Oil, and its related firm of Petro-Hunt, which owns 50% of Arch Coal, which recently bought 25% of DKRW, Thomas E. (Enron) White's firm, is ALSO a Board of Director of Halliburton. Douglas H. Hunt, is too on the Board of Directors of Arch Coal, who is in charge of acquisitions. The lead Board of Director of Arch Coal, James R. Boyd, is also on Halliburton's Board of Directors. The point in part is the continued tie-in to Cheney and Thomas E. (Enron BILLIONS at stake) White, the main conspirators behind the 9/11 and anthrax attacks. Furthermore, if anyone interferes with our pursuit of the Truth and Justice in this matter, they could be properly charged with in part interference with the administration of Justice, obstruction of Justice, and even accomplices after the fact, of murder in the first degree." (End of quote)

All of this will be immediately jettisoned by those who fail to understand - because for the most part, Americans are a trusting people - how evil really works. Americans don't want to know they've been betrayed by those they trusted. Americans will reject - without doing one minute of hard research - all of this material as raving conspiracy theories because they simply cannot even begin to understand how powerful individuals like Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Rudy Rasputin are and the lengths to which they will go to accomplish their goals.

Over a year ago I wrote a three part series about Enron, Cheney, White and 911. Not a peep from the likes of Bill O'Reilly or Shawn Hannity even though it got huge exposure and even links on chat sites in Great Britain. Two weeks ago, the detestable Rosie O'Donnell blasts some accusations about Enron and 911 and the aforementioned media hacks went into a galactic maelstrom. On March 23, 2007, O'Reilly and Hannity opened their shows with an arctic blast against billionaire Dallas Maverick's owner, Mark Cuban. What is Cuban's crime? Apparently, he is funding distribution of a theater quality version of the DVD, Loose Change, with the assistance of Charlie Sheen. Both O'Reilly, Hannity and his guest, Michael Reagan, were swift to say that these conspiracy nuts are the equivalent of holocaust deniers. See: not_to_make_film.htm FOX News Threatens Sheen & Cuban Not to Make Film

When all else fails, bring out the old holocaust denier smear. Of course, they fail to specify which holocaust? The millions of gentiles killed during WWII under the Third Reich or the TEN+ MILLIONS slaughtered under Stalin, so many of them Catholic? How about Mao if you want to talk about a holocaust? Don't all those poor souls matter? Par for the course, the only holocaust referred to by O'Reilly and Hannity was obvious reference to those of the Jewish faith who were murdered under Hitler's reign of terror. It's the old smear the messenger, kill the message.

I suppose that also means that millions of Americans, many of the Jewish faith who believe the Bush Administration either knew or allowed 911 to happen are all holocaust deniers. How about all the family members of 911 victims linked below with their legitimate questions? Are they also holocaust deniers? Something that seems to escape people like O'Reilly and Shallow Shawn Hannity: Not everyone who questions the events of 911 hates George Bush. In fact, I know so many people who voted for Bush who now believe his administration and cronies like Thomas White and Rudy Rasputin are involved in a cover up and it makes them sick to their souls. This is an American issue, not a political one. This is about mass murder and the cover up of a crime of such magnitude, some days it's still hard to believe such a thing could have happened in our country.

Robert Schuler is the attorney representing the widow of Robert Stevens in a wrongful death lawsuit still winding it's way through the courts. So far, there has been ZERO justice in any federal court room regarding 911 for the victims, their families, for America. As for Thomas White, I believe that if all the facts and ALL the evidence were presented to an impartial grand jury, a bill of indictment would come down against him. Without any hesitation, I also submit to you that both Dick Cheney and Rudy Rasputin Giuliani are up to to their eye balls in 911. This is a complicated, incestuous stew pot of players, motives, means and opportunity. All of the individuals mentioned in this column, the links, the companies, their powerful corporate figures, coupled with corrupt politicians makes for a puzzle that could be solved with the right grand juries and district attorneys with the stones to do the right thing. The only way the truth is going to be exposed is by continued massive pressure from the people of this country who value truth, integrity and the law above party loyalty and fun times.

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