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                      Don't believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them.
                     All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves.
                         Albert Camus


             A Fractured Conservative Movement



                     William Shakespeare:

                     Love all, trust a few.


There is nothing new about rugged individualists disagreeing.  In some respects such divergence is quite normal and appropriate.  Whether there is anything that can be remotely labeled a patriot movement, to begin with is certainly a valid area of discussion.  But what happens when supposed like- minded world views clash to the extent that eating one’s own becomes an obsession?


BREAKING ALL THE RULES maintains an editorial policy that respects its readership.  Those who are motivated to read, write or engage in political dialogue have proven to be above average intelligence.  While that may not have the same significance of years past, for the most part, placing trust in your own subscribers is a fair acid test of your own focus, proportion and rationality. 


Making self-claims of being an entrusted source in a “so called” truth movement, strikes a sour cord of arrogance when a publisher must resort to character assassination to win a following.  Specific feuds need not make an egomaniac, but patterns of reoccurring behavior as the basis of one’s message implies a breakdown in valid purpose.   


No one is more saddened with the erratic conduct coming out of WING-TV than BATR.  Once there was hope and a bond of friendship among colleagues.  Today what is left is an emptiness and sympathy for a publication gone berserk.    


The investigation of the all things related to 911 has become a religion to many WTC addicts.  To some, disagreement over arcane details and arguable minutia has become a way of life.  No doubt the planned destruction on September 11, 2001 changed the world for the worse.  Surely an open inquiry into provable facts is valid, but just how many people will notably alter their own lives and become passionate street activists because a pundit gears up psycop rhetoric to inflame a rational debate? 


By consistently targeting many of the named anti-establishment publishers for ridicule and savage attacks, the Victor-Lisa show resembles a Saturday Night skit more than serious journalism.  Earning an honorable mention in their list of the unfaithful does not slant this assessment.  Sure paranoid sites like Fintan Dunne’s The CIA Internet Fakes lumps BATR with WING-TV as government disinformation projects.  A careful inspection of this list indicated that BATR is included with some good company.  If the Dunne goal is to damage the credibility of such sites, why does WING-TV resort to the same kind of tactics - guilt by association?


Attacking Jeff Rense and Alex Jones because both refuse to deal with WING-TV is hardly a persuasive argument.  The claims and charges of censorship have been a long standing disagreement with Ms. Guliani.  What she sees as an obligation to have her viewpoint echoed on other sites, we view as a privilege to earn the trust of another publisher.  What WING-TV has done by their consistent and comprehensive smear vendetta is to destroy it’s own credibility as a truth teller.  Such devices of desperation are reflected without the trace of rational self-control or cogent wisdom.  Read closely Mr. Thorns angry outburst and judge for yourselves:  Message to a Eunuch (Sartre: BATR) by Victor Thorn


“For once in your lives, stand up and do something. If you're men, start acting like it. Your feeble articles are not only boring beyond words (i.e. Sartre), but they're weak in spirit, weak in delivery, with an emotional void that leaves the reader so filled with ennui that it's no wonder our country is in the mess it's in. If you were around during the American Revolution, our nation would have lost miserably because each and every one of you would have turned coat and ran back to England to suck on the King's tit.”


This example typifies the conduct used against anyone who takes issue with the purity of vision that only exists in the mind of a self-proclaimed soaring eagle of the alternative media.  BATR does not play this name game or sink to the level of crass verbiage.  The publisher calls the shots and any editor worthy of the name is well within their right to exclude the rants of disinformation specialists.  Likewise the reader is the sole arbitrator of who is worthy of their trust.  Who is telling the absolute and definitive truth requires the honesty of the divine and surely none of us aspire to such lofty heights.    


For this reason BREAKING ALL THE RULES has severed all relations with WING-TV.  Regretfully this decision is based not only upon significant differences in strategy and tactics but mainly upon a profound loss of respect.  It is the task of each individual to find the value in the work of any journalist or columnists.  We urge you to recognize some of the factual contributions that have been published on WING-TV.  However, Thoreau was right:  'If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.'


You decide those you trust and what publishers have the courage of authentic conservatism.  BATR hopes that individual actions come out of sincere personal convictions.  Pied Pipers that profess to posses the only way and condemn all others that take a different route are not inspired leaders.  The ineptness of conservatives is not limited to neocons.  Readers are urged to use care in picking your friends and even more caution in trusting publishers. 




With this standard in mind, BATR recommends all our loyal supporters, especially: Jeff Rense, Robert Momenteller, Jeff Bennett and Don Wassall.


SARTRE – April 20, 2006





          Outsourcing, Nation Building and Open Borders


           A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. 
Will Durant


Three pillars weaken a collapsing foundation for a viable self-sufficient society.  Each targets the destruction of self-rule and sovereignty.  Each amplifies on the disintegration of the other.  And each is interconnected in a much broader strategy to destroy self-determination, freedom and national security.



                     How do you outsource the empire?



Outsourcing has been part of the globalist scheme for decades.  Sold under the misnomer of Free Trade the real intent is to drain a domestic self-sustaining economy from internal independence.  The stark reality of exporting living wage jobs and laying waste to crucial industrialized segments of an effective economy benefits only the transnational corporatoracy.  The lust for cheap labor drives every possible job overseas.  Real wage purchasing power sinks with each decade.  Replacement employment in new-fangled ventures and fields seldom provide a compatible level of inflationary adjusted remuneration. 


Security of employment is but a fond memory.  The rat race has been transformed into an accelerated spinning wheel for less cheese.  Families can only survive and raise offspring with two bread winners.  Cut-rate Wal-Mart pricing drives out small business merchants.  Prices on cars rise so dramatically that it takes a second mortgage to buy, so folks just lease.  And what do the politicians do, but pass every NAFTA, CAFTA and FTAA policy structured and drafted to dismantle the last remnants of a self-contained economic independency.


The promise of low costs really translates into a lower standard of living for the bulk of society.  As inflation explodes the imbalance accentuates.  Outsourcing is a designed policy it is not an inevitable eventuality.  The political mechanism of government is run by and for the interests of favored enterprises.  The notion that they are public companies has as much credibility as saying your Senator honestly represents your family.


The Reality of Open Borders

With this economic model in place the next step is to send abroad this marvel of democratic servitude.  Nation building is the implied pride of the political elite.  The vile career class of bipartisan politicians that swear to defend and protect, advance their benefactor bounty as a gift to the rest of the world.  George W. Bush’s endless apostatizing in the guise of a democratic protectorate preaches the heretical gospel of internationalism.  Rattling off a list of “so called” democracies around the globe hardly substantiates self-governance.  Self-determination can never be correctly defined by a “world community” cabal, which is based upon the economic structure of interdependency.  


The nature of sophisticated slavery is sold under the label of a calculated and contrived constitutional framework and validated under stage-managed elections.  If nation building was such a noble objective, explain such failed results to Haitians.  The marketing of carrot and stick diplomacy leaves a soiled record of corruption and cronyism.  The recipient of the fruits of all these taxpayer public expenditures that fund such ambitions stream directly into the bank accounts of the blessed transnational corporatocracy. 


Defending the record of nation creation in tribal societies is like forcing the Knights Templar Crusaders to dine with Saladin.  Saladin was of Kurdish heritage and one of very few personages of his times that has managed to be positively described in both Western and Eastern sources.  But the invading and crusading victorious occupiers did more than just liberate the Holy Land, they built permanent garrisons to secure their presence.  Sacred relics have now been converted into hallowed black gold.  By what stretch of rationality should the arrogance of this day be any more successful then the armies of the Pope? 


Today’s Hessian mercenaries from the “coalition of the willing” are not welcomed as liberators.  The rule they are ordered to enforce, imposes a plutocrat structure that is not natural to the indigenous region.  Native inhabitants remain loyal to their tribal heritage, not to a designated non-existent nation drawn on a colonial map.  Defining victory by banning news coverage of returning body bags is testimony to the surreal disconnect from reality that underpins U.S. foreign policy.  


In order to rationalize the absurdity of interventionism, the global emancipation must be extended to our own borders.  How could the mighty military be justified to save the world when the entire hemisphere wants to march into the promised land?  Open borders is not about allowing guest workers entry for tasks Americans won’t do, it is about reducing middle class citizens to comparable illegal immigrate subsistent levels.  As long as the average citizen is being financially bled to death the cure is not to lower wages even more with the influx of “coolie” hired help.


Accommodating inertia might seem benign but encouraging a wholesale invasion is certainly conscious neglect.  The reason the door is wide open instead of a gate locked shut is that the same faceless corporate entities prosper with the demise of independent small business.  As disposable income vanishes only necessities remain.  Monopoly money must buy from monopolistic nation wide franchises.


Hordes of Spanish use sign language to communicate, while their beneficial employers will be immune from prosecution as long as they withhold taxes.  True social security reform with a Latino beat!  What kind of a guest steals jobs when avaricious households utilize plebeian servants?  Is this the kind of nation building we want to export or is it just pure exploitation?  How long will America remain as a functioning society before tribal feuds emerge, as the normal course of social interaction turns habitually confrontational?


The connection is stark and the outcome bleak.  Open borders promote foreign enrollment in American universities at bargain basement tuition.  Nation building demands that aliens must be enlisted in the military to fight foreign adventures.  And outsourcing means that all those south of the border legionnaire GI’s will finish their term of duty and redirect their pension or those overseas students will take their degree and fly back to their country of origin so that they can get those grand paying jobs offered by the transnational corporatoracy. 


This is a world designed for inmates to occupy the plantation fields and work the chain gang.  An asylum of discriminatory proliferation where the masses of Breton work horses will do the bidding of the equestrians for selective breeding.  The triangle has sharp tips and acute angles.  These three interrelated components destroy any realistic chance for assimilation, integration or co-existence.  The solution is to abandon all damaging aspects of global outsourcing.  Domestic industry and commerce must be rebuilt to insure national survival.  All vestiges of international neo-imperialism need to cease as a true national defense resurrected to conduct its primary function – secure the borders.  And open border need to be slammed shut.  High fences and comprehensive deportation is the answer to any barbarian invasion.


Strong measures are necessary to save our country.  The treasonous political hierarchy has sold out America.  Only a broad based insurrection will forego an inevitable slave state.  Civil disobedience can be the alternative to revolution.  But if recent history is any indicator the sleepy activists that fear to conform the corporatoracy culture will just watch the nation sink into oblivion.  Just remember the role of the linkage in the three- edged triangle.  Looks a lot like the plans of the Trilateral Commission are well in place to realize their ultimate objective.  A world ruled by the few as the many scrap for their subsistence.  


SARTRE – April 3, 2006


      Inherent Autonomy

      Running Chinese Trade Deficits

                    The U.S. trade deficit is a bigger threat to the domestic economy
                 than either the federal budget deficit or consumer debt
               and could lead to "political turmoil".
                Warren Buffett
     Running Chinese Trade Deficits



Just look at the U.S. trade deficit and track the evaporation of your standard of living in one extended exhale of life’s breath.  Reported by the Economic Policy Institute, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that the international deficit in goods and services trade reached a record level of $726 billion in 2005, an 18% increase over 2004. The growth of the trade deficit with China, which reached $202 billion in 2005, was responsible for the entire increase in the United States’ non-oil trade deficit.  Factor out the enormous cost of waging a contracted garrison presence in the Middle East and the subsequent increase in the cost of oil from regional market disruptions and you are left with a trade crisis that threatens the very economic independence of the American economy. 
As most sophisticated observers of the world economy understand, the very mention of maintaining economic independence for a domestic economy is international sacrilege.  The macro theorists eagerly look to impose micro management on national economics in the name of Free Trade.  Their notion of free means conformity to global trade rules is applied to some and ignored by others.  Lest one misconstrue that it is simply an enforcement issue, the basic error in the Free Trade model is that sovereign countries resist formulas that have major disruptions and disadvantages to domestic economies.  The one great example of a country ignoring their national self-interest is the United States.
China has no such problem.  Their hierarchical authority structure serves their commerce needs well.  Reaching rapprochements among transnational State/Capitalists is natural when deals are made among similar authoritarians.  While Chinese generals exploit their peasants, globetrotting masters of the universe extort their host countries.  And what impact does such unnatural non-national transactions have on the United States?  EPI concludes: “The rapid growth of imports and the loss of U.S. shares of world export markets, especially since 2000, have damaged the competitiveness of U.S. producers.  The rising trade deficit in manufacturing has opened an ever-wider wedge between U.S. production and the nation’s purchases of manufactured goods.”
That assessment is a fact, only the drumbeaters for Free Trade will explain away the domestic consequences of vanished American jobs as a healthy economy.  To add insult to injury the economist, Chen Wenjing, urged the United States to give up its "Cold War" attitude toward China.  "It's known to all that the United States curbs exports and selectively sells only Boeing aircraft, soybeans and cotton to China, and that is also discriminatory as it doesn't apply the same policy to other countries," he told Reuters.  "The United States needs to abandon its discriminatory policy and give up its Cold War mentality by removing the restrictions on high-tech exports to China," he said, referring to a ban intended to deny technology to the Chinese military.
So from the horse’s mouth you get the certainty that the Wall Street traders are always seeking.  Sell China any high tech advancement to pay for all that discounted mass merchandise that clogs up the landfills.  A formula to cook Chinese egg soup that will leave you hungrier every time.   Bamboo shoots don’t build a healthy community, but the charlatans of WTO commerce want you to believe you will be dining on steak!  The American public is a slow learner but they are not even that dumb.  So why do all the politicians fall in line and take their marching orders that are determined to destroy a self-sufficient national economy?  How will learning to speak Spanish help in a world where Asia will be selling every incidental must less essential product needed to sustain a civilized life?



Track your wealth being transferred overseas



But it gets worse!  More from the EPI:  “The U.S. also had a $44 billion trade deficit in “advanced technology products” (ATP) in 2005, an increase of 20% since 2004. The United States has had a deficit in ATP products since 2002, and the balance in this sector has fallen steadily since 1997, when the United States had a surplus of $33 billion in these sectors.  Imports of high-tech goods from China were responsible for the entire U.S. deficit in ATPs.”


You know things are desperate when the New York Times gives print to protectionism.  “In the Senate, Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, have proposed imposing a 27.5 percent tariff on Chinese goods until Beijing allows its currency to float more freely against the dollar.”  Though the lack of confidence in the dollar has an affect, the fundamental reason that the greenback is doomed is the ‘triplet treason treatment’.


1. Debt created central banking used to control the velocity of exchange while ignoring the quality of the medium.

2. Free Trade treaties that fraudulently promise prosperity, while stripping the economy of the domestic capacity to make, produce or employ citizens to meet the domestic needs of the country.

3. The axis of corruption willing to sell out our true national interest for access to international power and global influence.


Tariffs are the solution to cripple China’s insatiable voracity to super power dominance.  America’s blindness to the very real Chinese ascendancy goes well beyond economic credits from U.S. debits.  The trade deficit is real money gone forever and will need to be earned back if it ever returns. 


The summary and warning offered by the EPI is so obvious that only a deliberate liar could deny the empirical reality.  “The U.S. trade deficit poses great risks for the economy.  The U.S. must borrow abroad to finance its trade deficits. The recent decline in the dollar indicates that private foreign lenders are less willing to supply new credit.  Foreign governments stepped into the gap and financed a growing share of U.S. international debt in recent years.  A rapid, uncontrolled decline in the dollar could destabilize U.S. financial markets and sharply increase interest rates and inflation.  Foreign governments, primarily in Asia, have provided a substantial share of the net capital inflows in recent years.”


The United States used to be a pragmatic country with common sense citizens.  Today, America is occupied by a “Ship of Fools”.  Investors are so confused that they peddle worthless pieces of paper as they sail around the globe looking for a rainbow that was always back in their own land.  Putting your fellow neighbor out of work for the promise of foreign returns on capital is suicidal.   Fantasy utopian trade leads to a very real version of dystopia deprivation, oppression and state terror.


Depriving China of the technical means and the financial muscle to bury our society seems the sensible national interest.  Is this a country of individuals or has it become a stable of beasts of burden.  Paying for a ridiculous trade deficit to build up China is part of the plan to bankrupt this country.  Free Trade backers are “Fifth Column” subversives.  Turn off the spigot, end the debt and stop the bleeding.  China may be a fake friend to corporate boards, but is a foe to our own best interests. 


U.S. trade representative, Rob Portman issued a report that would establish a chief counsel for China trade enforcement to lead a task force to ensure better compliance by China with rules of the World Trade Organization.  If this is the best that can be done by our government to reign in this predatory tiger, then we better form a better domestic government.  The WTO has proven its destructive policies.  Long ago was the time for rational protection, now is the juncture for national survival.  Correct our priorities and put an end to trade deficits.  That’s how you restore prosperity and put America back to work at living wage employment.  The future is now, before your country goes broke . . .


SARTRE - February 20, 2006



America's largest trade deficit is with China, a nation that enjoys Permanent Normal Trade Relations with the U.S. and ties its currency to the dollar to make it a more competitive trading partner.
Jo Ann Emerson

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"Every intention is an attention"


Existential Political Therapy


Requirement for all Politicians


In a world gone mad, the politics of disturbed behaviour has no parallel.  But treatment for individual disorders is a robust field that affords troubled individuals a remedy to overcome their personal plight in the world.  Maybe such an approach has an application as a destructive political illness that so often is the basis of public policy.  Examine the patient and ask can the professional ‘pols’ be cured?            


Tim LeBon defines the topic thusly:  “Existential Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy which aims at enhancing self-knowledge in the client and allowing them to be the author of their own lives.  Its philosophical roots are to be found in the works of Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Sartre and other existential thinkers as well as Husserl and phenomenologists. Historically, existential therapy began when Binswanger attempted to use Heidegger's theory therapeutically, an approach that was adapted by Victor Frankl, Rollo May and others in the United States.”


Most normal individuals seek medical treatment when they are ill.  Heal thyself is certainly preferable to major surgery, but on occasions the patient needs external assistance to recover their health.  Techniques and treatments vary, drugs and herbs may invigorate and extraordinary measures may prolong life, but what about achieving a state of clear mental health within the consciousness of political decision makers?  Doesn’t common sense dictate that public affairs warrant that sound minded and stable emotions are a prerequisite for anyone involved in making and administrating government regulations?




Emmy van Deurzen ( in Handbook of Individual Therapy, ed Dryden)  outlines the goals of existential therapy:


1) to enable people to become more truthful with themselves.


2) to widen their perspective on themselves and the world around them.


3) to find clarity on how to proceed in the future while taking lessons from the past and creating something valuable to live for in the present.


For those politicians that believe they are personally sincere, many are often misguided about their own lack of honesty with themselves.  This affliction can be seen in generations of liberal proponents that seek to better the world through government programs and solutions.  How can an experienced and cosmopolitan player on the world stage dream up the notion that society if not the entire planet would be a better place if only their public policy became universally applied and enforced?  How wide is their personal perspective when so many officials deem they are doing the noble work of the man made god of the State?  Just look around the world, can any rational and honest person conclude that public policies have actually improved the human condition?   


Since this question is repugnant to the minions of governmental operations, their collective clarion call is not to ask and avoid at all cost the existential question of the real purpose of public policy.  Their embedded and institutional response is to forge ahead and proceed with their official policies and evade any semblance of constraints that are consistent with all of history and human nature.  To these troubled ‘public servants’ the valuable aspect of present day achievement is conformity to unnatural governmental dictates. 


Is this pattern of behaviour inherently disturbed and desperately in need of professional help?  It would seem so, still the perplexing dilemma is that the rules are created and the mechanisms for social compliance are under the direct control of a band of asylum inmates.  The culture of sickness that accepts this systemic default surrenders it own authenticity to damaging public programs.  Unhinged bureaucrats never dispense social equity for their contributions and performance.  They are rewarded for their destructive social conduct in service to the state.   


The anguish that is unavoidable from this social conflict demands a remedy.  In existential therapies, denial is considered the framework by which clients understand their world. Not directly confronting denial, therapists assist clients in exploring their worldview and considering alternative ways of being.  Now that application seems sensible for subjects that actually are seeking help.  But as we all know power hungry egomaniacs are the last people standing in line for psychoanalysis.  Their prime objective is to advance their standing in ever increasing seats of dominance.  Their denial is not curable, but for the masses of the exploited, there is no valid excuse to refuse your own denial therapy.


Dr. C. George Boeree offers up this account and insight on Ludwig Binswanger:




Unlike most other personality theorists, the existentialists make no effort to avoid value judgments. Phenomenologically, good and bad are as "real" as solid waste and burnt toast. So they are quite clear that there are better and worse ways of living life. The better ways they call authentic.


To live authentically means to be aware of yourself, of your circumstances (thrownness), of your social world (fallenness), of your duty to create yourself (understanding), of the inevitability of anxiety, of guilt, and of death. It means further to accept these things in an act of self-affirmation. It means involvement, compassion, and commitment.


Notice that the ideal of mental health is not pleasure or even happiness, although existentialists have nothing particularly against those things. The goal is to do your best.


For the ordinary citizen a populist civilization based upon a healthy culture and a sound political organization is the standard for a sane society.  What reasonable and thoughtful person would attest that such a model actually exists today?  An Existential approach to confront the delusional disease of accepting political oppression is necessary therapy to rest our civic health as a nation.  Defending a failed political structure of self-destructive policies is the very definition of insanity. 


In the recesses of the brain is a rudder for moral conduct.  It is called a conscience.  Right and wrong is known and ethical actions are real and can and should be observed.  Any linkage that equates a duty to accept destructive public policies as necessary and legitimate is habitually deranged.  Community denial of reality is a prime objective of the State.  The psychology of individual adherence of dehumanising rule is based upon illusion and the threat of pain.  Defence of decadent government is immoral.  Denial is not a lasting defence mechanism.  And defending the indefensible is pure lunacy.  Take the Existential therapy and cure yourself of your government addiction.


SARTRE – February 13, 2006    


A biblical vocation of psychotherapy can be fulfilled only with the overall therapeutic goal for the patient as a "man of God, thoroughly furnished unto good works." Of course, there are many psychotherapists who are also Christians, and who would disagree with this point of view, but they cannot in the true sense of the word be called "Christian therapists." They are rather of that number among the Christian community whose occupation is both accidental and irrelevant to their professed personal faith.
Donald F. Tweedie, Jr
SARTRE writes Inherent Autonomy and the series:
'Strappado Wrack', 'View from the Mount', Global Gulag, 'Dueling Twin' and Varying Verity


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A Radical Idea - Control Your Own Ports


We probably have a greater love for those we support than for those who support us.
Our vanity carries greater weight than our self-interest.

Eric Hoffer


A Radical Idea
Control Your Own Ports



Nothing to sell overseas now - only foreigners control our port imports!


As with most political controversies, don’t let the facts get in the way of the arguments.  Already enough attention has been placed on the Dubai Ports government owned operations to make a world voyage on a Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. ship resemble a slow boat to China.  At Concorde speed the alarm alerts flash while rational lessons are ignored or slip at a snail's pace into the public consciousness.  The central issue is so clear that a blind man could see.  But not the media, nor the brain washed public and certainly not the great sages of international commerce . . . how about a little class in economic self-interest!


At the outset, one must choose.  Who’s self-interest is at stake?  The United States, as imperfect as the Federalists could make it, did accomplish an economic independence that is only a fond memory today.  Tariffs built domestic manufacturing.  World commerce prospered because industrious Americans produced value added products that sold around the world.  Yankee Clipper Ships were welcomed at foreign ports because they transported goods – bought spices and sold widgets.  But no longer!  An American port is now the domain of a foreign operation.


No doubt the racism towards the UAE company is apparent.  But who cares about offending aliens when it comes to making money.  In the transnational corporate kingdom the only race is for the greenback.  How long that remains before the color of green is replaced with a hue of a basket of currencies is certainly on the fast track.  There within lies much of the motivation to dispense with real national interests in pursuit of the special elect who hold the keys to the freighters that unload their containers with lightening speed.  And what sails with the outward tide – another load of armored hummers ready for patrolling the deserts to make the world safe for oil.  Tankers ferry in filled, and go out riding high in the water.


Such a good deal deserves to have foreigners run the harbors!


Folks, the fundamental question: why is any foreign company ever allowed to own and manage operations so crucial as port facilities to begin with?  Of course there is a material difference when a government owns a firm as opposed to an equity company.  But where was the outrage when the Chinese positioned themselves at both ends of the Panama Canal?  Is Long Beach any different from East Coast ports?


All the political jockeying is cheap entertainment, but none of it produces any authentic national security or domestic self-interest for American manufacturing or American jobs.  Since the United States has become the world’s greatest debtor nation, selling off the crown jewels has become the main occupation.  Ports are crucial infrastructures that are essential to the health and efficiency of national commerce.  Allowing or even risking the loss of vital business decisions being made abroad is like ordering your pasta from an Italian pizzeria and delivered by Moto Guzzi.  When it comes, the taste may leave your mouth cold.        


What does buying Domino’s have to do with Moslem allies running our ports?  Well Saddam was our pal once, now he is worse than that funny mustache guy.  Did he change that much or was the change in U.S. foreign policy?  By allowing, much less encouraging, any foreign nation from having a managerial role over the waterfront is pure nihilist globalism of the worst order.


At least the U.S. Navy needed to get Lucky Luciano’s permission to keep the docks going during WWII.  Such a deal was hard for even him to refuse, but can the same be said about alien nations?  It needs to be stressed that any foreign country, seldom demonstrates much honor in their dealings with other states.



Bipartisan opposition and the threat of using the first veto are high comic theater, but none of the bluster makes good domestic policy.  The standard of conduct that matters is what benefits our own domestic operations, employment, transportation systems and what makes our borders safe.  Homeland Defense is the Blackwater corporate security cops for the moneychangers.  Their role is to guard the protection racket.  


Where is the serious political demand that port management be provided for by only internal domiciled companies?  If you think that the few shouts for such a requirement will be successful, you must still be betting on the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. 


Rally behind a reactionary solution!  Torpedo those entangling alliances that suck off the cargo that comes from our own labor, toil and inspiration and siphoned off our riches into the coffers of foreign bank accounts.  Want to put a stop once and for all to the lunacy of the drip - drip - drip torture of a slow death, than demand that tariffs become the national policy for a rebirth in domestic self-sufficiency.  America can do better.  Allowing untrustworthy foreign governments to hold a sword over our heads is just stupid.  How long are you willing to remain stuck?  Allowing a state of the terror from foreign blackmailer is exactly what the globalists want.


So quickly do people forget!  Katrina took out the dockyards of the New Orleans port after a natural disaster.  There is no excuse for this man made business catastrophe that places overseas control over vital port operations.  Buy American starts with managing your own commerce spurs.  Just maybe more citizens will embrace the historic wisdom of being a radical reactionary.  Trust in your own government to protect our country is a product that is merchandised to the public but not made in Washington.  The stamp of DC = betrayal.  How many more examples do you need before you buy from a different supplier?


SARTRE – February 23, 2006

The individual's most vital need is to prove his worth, and this usually means an insatiable hunger for action. For it is only the few who can acquire a sense of worth by developing and employing their capacities and talents. The majority prove their worth by keeping busy. 
Eric Hoffer




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Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves. 
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Only approved talk will air!

Lord Haw-Haw is alive and well.  He takes to the broadcast microphone everyday.  You know his name.  Actually there are many talk show Nazis that preach their doctrine of the ‘State Makes Right’.  But before you think that nothing has changed from when - Talk Radio has Mellowed – was written, you probably have not been listening to the AM air waves lately.  Talk Radio has become worse.  The Goebbels’ school of broadcast propaganda has graduated to a new level of insufferable anti-intellectualism.  The plastic flag has replaced reason and the evil Islamic fascists have become worse then the blood sucking Jew.  America resembles the bastion of a goosestep global blitzkrieg ready to pounce on any foe that opposes the Reich of the Fuhrer. 


This reality is not just a Bush problem.  It is a public policy issue.  The public has become that infamous O’Reilly “kool aide” drinker, but the Grand Ayatollah that they follow is good old uncle Bill.  Like Joe Stalin the Faux Newspeak Network has their multi five year plans.  The cycle for re-education is right on target.  Nothing short of a fully mobilized totalitarian gulag will be tolerated.  The world will be made safe for the democratic process or it will be bombed into the stone age.  Such vaulted aspirations would make Mao proud.  Commies unite!  Learn from your National Socialist cousins, the power of broadcaster propaganda can make any citizen the ward of the State.



Remember A Rush of Ditto’s?  Too bad that Rush was not able to keep his NFL gig.  He could be sharing his wealth of wisdom on the hallow day of all days – the Super Bowl.  Aw Shucks, he missed his real calling, so his indignant rage left us with his cheer leading for a commissar commissioner of the world league of warriors.  No team of towel head hawks will steel victory from a curtain of hard edged commandos.  Comrades will click their heels and salute the cross of iron.  Sport has become global war with the play by play from talk show jocks.  GPS bombs will be thrown down the field while ground penetrating radar will use cluster tackling to terminate their foes.  If only we had a Limbaugh to clap and rally the rush of fans to root for the home team.  Thank God that more Pat Tillman’s are just playing football.


As long as talk radio has a ‘Star of David’ in a savage nation, the nukes will be ready to hit those “so called” underground stores of WMD.  Weiner’s who swallow the line that a world made safe for his stolen homeland as the supreme article of faith have an acute aptitude deficiency.  Couple him with the talking points note reader Sean Hannity and you get a Bobbsey twins duo just as dumb as the Colmes family mistake.  If you think that Air America will free you from such insanity be prepared to crash and burn in flames.  A society that listens to Al Franken is ready to be incinerated in a chamber of horrors, fueled with bio friendly energy, powered by the same fire starter.


What happened to thoughtful, measured and insightful public dialogue?  No real and serious political debate is allowed on the nations broadcast channels.  The lack of learning from past mistakes is the best programming available.  At worst are the pundits of pure political propaganda meant to expand and nurture the virus of central authoritarian despotism.  The "War of Terror" is a domestic battle that is promoted by a stable of talented shills in the mainstream media.  As for the alternative broadcasts, just check the programming on Sirius and XM and you see the vision of the future, a world of Howard Sterns spreading the wisdom of the multicultural cesspool of vice and apolitical apathy. 


If you think Patriotic radio is the salvation, just ask who really opposes the Federal Government?  Every pitch for the troops, without a call for their deployment to encircle the enemy fortifications within the beltway is just hollow voice for continuation of the status quo.  Don’t look to the public to lead our way out of the danger zone.  They ceaselessly demand for bigger and better government programs.  Democracy Now won’t get Amy elected anymore than Jerry Springer will bring family harmony.  Where is guerilla radio?  What station carries the rebel call of secession?  And what dial works to get the promise of a free nation and liberty for the individual?


George Washington not only could never be elected today, he would not even be invited to be a guest host.  Marshall McLuhan’s "The Medium is the Message" has become – the propaganda of the state as pseudo reality.  Talk radio and 24 hour TV news cycles reinforce the war party line of the cabal every time they refuse to stick a dagger in the heart of the federal beast.  Fighting “Totalitarian Collectivism” is the correct mission for all political dialogue.  As long as the public accepts their Pavlovian fix the tyrants just gain more strength. 


Free Speech means active dissent.  Talk radio needs a voice of rebellion.  Since there is no money in revolt, the theme for assimilation will remain the official message.  The Renaissance of Revolution needs bold voices of action.  Listen to those who dare call for and demand accountability for the bipartisan criminal political class.  That’s a program worthy of your time, attention and deeds.  No neo-Goebbels need apply.  No Leninists allowed.  Only a toady free broadcast will be heard.  Apologies to William Joyce - "America calling, America calling”, just make it the nation of 1776.



 SARTRE – February 6, 2006 – February 6, 2006

Ask yourself why totalitarian dictatorships find it necessary to pour money and effort into propaganda for their own helpless, chained, gagged slaves, who have no means of protest or defense. The answer is that even the humblest peasant or the lowest savage would rise in blind rebellion, were he to realize that he is being immolated, not to some incomprehensible "noble purpose," but to plain, naked human evil. 
Ayn Rand






Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin


Taxes, Death and Certainty




Each season when spring approaches, attention turns to the ritual of filling out tax forms.  All year long paying taxes is an integral part of the daily regiment.  But when it comes time to sign your permission slip for legalized thievery, your submission to indentured servitude goes public.  By becoming just another number in the long line of digital compliance under the penalty of perjury, the average citizen is performing his or her financial obligation to the State.  At least that is what you are told is your duty. 



Listing of all the hidden taxes on every facet of life have often been documented by many astute observers of the tax game.  But what is mostly ignored is that collecting taxes is unnecessary to fund governments.  Look at the process from a different perspective.  When sociologist Max Weber in his 1918 speech Politik als Beruf (Politics as a Vocation), coined the famous concept “monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force” he could not imagine just how efficient modern governments have perfected the practice of intimidation.  All those theories that paying federal and state income taxes is a voluntary act may fly in an ivory tower, but in tax court the judge will simply assess your property or send you off to a re-education camp. 


Why not just admit the obvious.  People reluctantly pay taxes because they accept that they can’t get away with not doing so.  Yet when the system is based upon dealing out harsh penalties for non-compliance why not just take the charade to the next level?  Governments are the definitive manifestation of organized crime syndicates.  The need to raise money through tax extortion is not necessary.  States can pay their expenses by the monetization of incurred debt through the power of their legal tender enforcement.  


Since all government projects, functions and services are expenditures of money, it needs to be painfully admitted that no state has ever become a wealth creator.  Regimes are the ultimate addict of waste and larceny.  Has it ever been any different in all of human history? 


The official line is that citizens are consumers of public programs and that they benefit from the protections and assistance that only a government can provide.  But is that really so?  Examine the record.


Here is the way the world really works in the global gulag of technocratic administered favoritism.  In the state/corporate model of joint partnership, guaranteed profits are determined by the level of integrated collusion of purpose and execution of municipal enterprise plan.


1)       Create opportunities from chaos.  Whether the aftermath of Katrina or the long planned liberation of Iraq, the funneling of public funds into the organizations that maintain the political power apparatus is at the basis of the economic economy.  Graft need not entail cold hard cash in the pocket of corrupt officials as long as the civic credits are paid into the correct bank accounts.

2)       Create business organizations with junk bond underwriting based upon fail-safe cash flow coming from governmental programs.  Economy of scale is based upon exclusion of enterprising firms that do not have a direct pipeline to the well of cronyism.  Building a better mousetrap will not get you a slice of the cheese.

3)       Create the illusion of prosperity built on a mountain of debt that cannot be serviced by the few true wealth generators.  Maintain the hidden inflation outside populace scrutiny with cheap imports bought by unemployed or under employed domestic workers.

4)       Create a popular culture of diversion and debasement that will keep the taxpayer preoccupied with trivia and decadence while picking the pocket of the unexpected. 

5)       Create a contrived energy dependence that requires a foreign policy of empire to fuel the chariots of a military machine.  Sell the scheme based on a threat of phony terrorism, while shielding the cabal from any serious scrutiny.  


So all this demands high taxes to pay for the costs!  Surely just suck up your share of the charge.  No matter you are being f$!$ed, it’s the way it is in the land of the free.  Since you enjoy the safety of your jailer, your obligation assessment is just the price you must pay to be part of the greatest deception devised under the guise of constitutional authority. 


Has this become a system that encourages the pursuit of happiness or is it now a framework that demands that the people become wards of the state?  If left up to the taxpayer to answer, it seems that the pain of the highjack has not yet reached critical mass.  


The political death of a country comes when its government refuses to operate by and under rational and moral principles of citizen supremacy.  Yes, few remaining balanced and honorable American citizens are left to continue the struggle.  The inhabitants that gush their approval for Bush are just as disturbed as those who railed that it was only sex when the serial cheater was selling out our nation to Chinese comrade thugs.        


The certainty of the country’s demise is as probable as being held up at gun point from the IRS.  Understanding the instructions to comply with your 1040 return is analogous to perceiving the consequences of quantum physics.  Some may grasp the language but few comprehend the depth of the atom.  Quantum physics tries to explain the behavior of even smaller particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons.  Applied to the internal underbelly of the government structure, the science of knowing the mysteries of the universe are in reach, while the ignorance of understanding the nature of the morphologic government beast is virtually non-existent.   


Pay up now or risk the punishment of a black hole.  There is no light at tunnels end when you finance your own termination.  Tax Tyranny is a means to provide the functional accounting that pays off the co-conspirators that unleash the energy force of darkness on a country of blinded serfs.  All that changes is the intensity of the vigor used to extract the last pound of flesh from your bone.  As the real percentage rate of across-the-board exaction rises with each year, the closer to poverty you approach.  The dream for an independent society has long been dead.  What remains is mere life support for comatose citizens.    


The one unchallenged truism of life is that you will die.  Most are unaware that this reality has already taken place.  Keep the nightmare alive!  April 15th is the date of your wake.  The funeral was unattended and you have already been laid to rest in the ground.  Go in peace, the next generation will remember and pay dearly for your compliance.  The reflection in the mirror witnessed the death of the nation and did nothing to stop the madness.  Time marches on, too bad America won’t be around to walk into the future.


SARTRE – March 20, 2006















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