Update on the political kidnapping
of Dr. Fredrick Toben
on British soil
Ingrid Rimland – Z Gram October 5, 2008

There is no doubt that the global struggle for Truth in History is now accelerating public awareness with the arrest of an Australian citizen of German descent in an airplane at Heathrow. This was again a desperate act to contain the ever more unravelling Holocaust swindle.

Guess what? Grossmann, the eager beaver Mannheim prosecutor who helped to mastermind the Zundel kidnapping, as documents reveal, requested this arrest!

These impact persecution attempts are meant to strike terror in the public - but boomerang to an astonishing degree. Millions of people all over the world are drawn to Revisionist websites to find out for themselves what these bizarre arrests of Holocaust Revisionists are really all about.
Toben's website is at and is one of the Internet's oldest websites, under attack by organized Jewry almost since its inception.

The Toben case is different only from the Zundel kidnapping in that the Holocaust Lobby's claws have come out and the fig leaf has been dropped that this was anything but yet another political hit as punishment for questioning the Holocaust. The arrest was made while Toben was in transit, flying from the United States to Dubai with a stopover in London, where government law enforcement officers obliged the Holocaust aficionados and acted as a hit squad on a peaceful but politically incorrect non-British citizen for a "speech crime".

I don't have high-speed internet access, therefore I may not be fully informed. I am not even sure this ZGram will get through, because once again there has been Zundelsite sabotage - by now a common occurrence. But I will tell you what I know.

In the EU, most countries have stringent "Holocaust Denial" laws where the slightest doubt expressed about the orthodox Holocaust tale gets people prosecuted and, in many cases, convicted to long prison sentences. Germany and Austria are the most notorious and brutal – in Germany, for instance, even attorneys are thrown in jail who dare to defend the accused.

However England, to its credit, has courageously resisted a "Holocaust denial" law so far – therefore, a political arrest of this nature on British soil of a non-citizen in transit has particularly nasty odor.

This will get interesting. England has a couple of high-profile celebrity Revisionists who are taking an active role in challenging what happened. I have been told that David Irving, England's enfant terrible, has offered Toben a place to stay in his home, should he be released on bail, and Lady Michelle Renouf, that elegant and beautiful socialite, a well-known producer of DVDs of Revisionists' dramatic stories of political victimization, is capably putting together a legal team to launch an extradition advocacy defense.

An EXTRADITION ADVOCACY DEFENSE - let that melt on your tongue!

This is revolutionary! This should have been done with other high profile cases of Revisionist truth tellers who have been likewise politically nabbed and who idealistically and perhaps too trustingly relied on a "Truth is a defense" strategy - only to find out that the judiciary is so corrupt through fear or blinded by political correctness that it is stony ground to hope for justice based on forensic science.

Lady Renouf's update is here.

David Irving's website carries additional articles and commentary.

A particularly peppery commentary by Michael James has been parked at the

Additionally, there is youtube with offerings as follows:

from the US:

from England:

in front of Westminster Magistrate's court with Lady Michèle Renouf, Kevin Lowry-Mullis (Töben's solicitor) and David Irving

from Australia:

from Malaysia:

We hope that other countries will take notice and join in. This political kidnapping, just like the Zundel and Rudolf kidnappings a few years ago, highlights yet once again that Germany is nothing but a bully Zionist vassal, forcing its odious Holocaust Denial laws on other countries that want nothing to do with their hateful laws to
please the Noisy Lobby.

It will be interesting to learn if Britain is still strong and independent enough to resist



 ZGram update on tightening censorship in Europe


 Thank you for the wide dissemination of yesterday's two Zgrams. I
 guess I am back in the limelight, after having maintained my silence
 with gritted teeth since May, not having posted any additional
 missives on my besieged Zundelsite, not having wanted to endanger
 Ernst in his precarious state in the notorious German-Mannheim Gulag.
 _____ Now I might as well tell you more.  There are nasty rumors
 flying around that "extradition" will not be restricted to EU
 countries swapping their favorite politically incorrect citizens who
 dare to question the established order and seek out their own truth.
 How about Israel asking the ever-obliging EU for those pesky
 "Holocaust deniers" who insist that science does not lie?
 I learned that our brave friend, Michael James, prefers that you
 visit his write-up on Toben at
http://gnosticliberationfront.com/extradite_toben.htm   That is the
 place to get an eyeful and an earful!  Pronto! Before the Cyber
 Patrol goons clamp down on that one, too!
 Nothing is impossible as we see the New World Order flailing wildly
 in a desperate attempt to rescue its taboos, so utterly in shreds
 they can no longer be upheld.  For those creeps parading as the
 Thought Police for their Israeli brownies, their strolls across other
 people's rights and freedoms may soon be over - honest people are
 that angry and fed up!
 Now to additional tidbits:
 Thanks to the various equivalents of the American Freedom of
 Information Act - FOIA to the initiated - I learned what I long
 suspected:  That there has been an arrest warrant lodged for me since
 1996, renewed in 2001. No wonder Meinerzhagen tried to lure me into
 his court - allegedly to testify on Ernst's behalf that he is not
 "controlling" me as has been so often alleged.
 One more time for the record:  All by my lonesome self I own,
 preserve, protect, maintain, uphold and ardently defend my venerable
 Zundelsite, as I have done all by myself since its inception!
 As much as I wanted to travel to Mannheim, I decided against doing so
 on the advice of several attorneys.  Therefore, somebody had the
 bright idea to charge me in absentia - and fine me for my American
 website in Germany in the thousands and thousands of Euros. That's
 right - I got a bill.  I am vague on the amount because I threw that
 filthy rag into the trash the moment I laid eyes on it. If I can help
 it, I don't keep around filth where I live.
 The story does not end there.  I got a second bill, this time at a
 generously discounted rate - something like less than 200 Euros. I
 guess the idea was to lure me into a negligible fine so I could thus
 admit my "guilt"?
 This is no different than the Soviet Union having the nerve to spend
 a bullet on an execution - and send the bill for that bullet to the
 surviving family to add insult to injury!
 Now that your blood is boiling, let me tell something else that is
 astonishing.  In Germany, some folks get hauled before the Thought
 Police if they receive a politically incorrect present!
 Here is the take on that:  I have started editing some classic
 Revisionist tapes, transferring them to DVDs and selling them by word
 of mouth to friend and foe alike - except to friends in my
 Zionist-occupied homeland.  My friends in my downtrodden Germany
 receive my DVDs as presents so as not to endanger their freedom.
 Or so I thought - until I found out that even people whom I presented
 with a gift, who did not order anything or pay for anything, still
 have to march down to Kommissar Headquarters and defend themselves
 against having brushed up against a politically incorrect thought!
 This absolute disgrace is brazenly inflicted on people in their eighties!
 Don't travel to the Soviet Bundesrepublik!  It is no longer safe!
 Below you find a small assortment of my DVDs  - three of them in
 German - I have restored to life from archived VHS tapes.  I would
 not have done so, had the Thought Police not seen fit to kidnap my
 husband in bright daylight on American soil and leave me with his
 legacy of speaking Truth to Power:
 DVDs in English
 _____ Setting the Record Straight:  The Saga of Political Activist,
 Ernst Zündel.
  (This is a shortened version of the dramatic 4 1/2
 double DVD set) - 126 minutes
 Known for his two ground-breaking Holocaust Trials in 1985 and 1988
 that resulted in the forensic investigation known as the best-selling
 "Leuchter Report", Ernst Zundel is the world's best-known and most
 successful Holocaust Debunker.
 Kidnapped on American soil in 2003 at the instigation of his
 political detractors and currently imprisoned in Germany for the
 "thought crime" of questioning the orthodox version of the Holocaust,
 Zundel's indefatiguable struggle for Truth in History is grippingly
 captured on this documentary.  Pass it on!
 _____ An Israeli journalist interviews Ernst Zundel - 120 minutes
 This is the recently confiscated DVD, described by a politically
 correct official as having expressed "Šunfriendly things about a
 friendly country!"
 One of the most hard-hitting interviews an outspoken Ernst Zundel
 ever gave about his political enemies to one of their own!  A
 stunning interview addressing the centuries-old enmity between the
 Germans and the Jews!
 _____ Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole - 60 minutes
 In the early 1990s, a young Jewish man, David Cole, joined the
 burgeoning Revisionist movement.  Controversial from the start, Cole
 did some excellent Revisionist work in the beginning, visiting
 concentration camps in Eastern Europe and ferreting out an important
 admission from Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director of the Auschwitz State
 Museum in Poland, that the buildings marketed to tourists as "gas
 chambers" are, in fact, altered "reconstructions" after World War II.
 In this interview, widely acknowledged as a classic, Cole chats with
 a relaxed Ernst Zündel about the results of his fact-finding trips -
 and his incisive conclusions about the modus operandi of the Jewish
 Lobby that needs "villains" for its own political ends in order to
 cement and maintain its grip on a patently incorrect interpretation
 of history.
 _____ Ernst Zündel:  My Struggle in Canada - 60 minutes
 Ernst Zündel's lecture at the 13th International Revisionist
 Conference in 2000 in Southern California.  Here he is among friends
 and speaks more freely than in more formal interviews with media.
 This speech is particularly memorable because Zündel offers
 commentary on the Irving-Lipstadt trial, Revisionist tolerance with
 other people's points of view, the tightening censorship situation in
 Canada, and even his controversial hobby and early publication
 ventures into esoteric topics such as UFOs.
 _____ Ernst Zundel interviews Michael Hoffman II - 30 minutes
 This brief interview focuses on the meaning and impact of the two
 Great Holocaust Trials in 1985 and 1988 where Holocaust "Survivor"
 testimony was shredded in court by Ernst Zundel's defense attorney
 team.  An intro DVD you can safely show in your church!
 DVDs  in German
 _____ Horst Mahler spricht die Bedeutung des Holocaust-Tabus an  - 50
 Minuten  (Mit Genehmigung redigiert und gekürzt)
 Der weltberühmte deutsche Anwalt, Horst Mahler,  betrachtet die
 schädliche Auswirkung eines weithin verbreiteten und ohne
 Hinterfragung anerkannten historischen Tabus auf die Kultur des
 Westens - er nennt es “die Holocaust-Religion."
 _____ Horst Mahler  spricht über die politische Auswirkung der
 Inhaftnahme der deutschen Anwältin Sylvia Stolz   - 50 Minuten.
 (Mit Genehmigung redigiert und gekürzt).
 Sylvia Stolz ist in einem deutschen Gerichtssaal verhaftet und zu
 drei-einhalb Jahren  dafür verurteilt worden, daß sie auf dem Recht
 ihres Mandanten, Ernst Zündel, bestand, hartes Beweismaterial zur
 Dokumentation  der Gründe für seine Skepsis dem Holocaust  gegenüber
 _____ Bernhard Schaub: Die frohe Botschaft von Teheran -   50 Minuten
 (Mit Genehmigung redigiert und gekürzt)
 Überlegungen zur politischen Bedeutung der Konferenz zur Erforschung
 des Holocausts in Iran auf Einladung des iranischen Präsidenten
 Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad.
 These tapes are $20 each.  I can take US checks, Money Orders, Credit
 Card orders per fax (865-774-7758) or cash, but I cannot use Paypal,
 for reasons I don't need to spell out.
 Please note that I do not sell to Germany in order to protect my
 people from their vicious Thought Police!
 If you decide to order, I ask that you be generous, adding a little
 extra for postage and to replenish my "war chest." As Ernst said in
 one of his tapes:  "Sometimes freedom is expensive."
 It is costly to fight for Historical Truth.  I am doing the best that
 I can, but I cannot do it alone!
 Your order:
 Name ________________
 Address ______________
 Amount enclosed:  $______
 Please send to:
 Ingrid Zundel, Ed.D.
 3152 Parkway, 13-109
 Pigeon Forge, TN 37862
 Thank you!








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