When Jews Dream

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Akela and Åse Marie are two Telemark girls who have a special dream.

They’ve fallen in love, and want to get married. Åse Marie proposed last August, and such joy:

The proposal was accepted!!!!

Get those church bells ringing.


The girls have their dream, but how did they get it?

Take for example the homosexual perverts who are surprisingly numerous in the West and especially here in California. These sick and depraved suffering creatures are mainly the result of the machinations of the sick and depraved Jews. (Dr. Wu Tao-Wei, How Jewish Frankensteins Create Homosexual Perverts, The Chinese Swaztika Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 16, August 19, 2004)

Machinations? Like films and television programs sending the message, Its cool to be gay. Or special laws giving help and preference to gays.

Like the laws scheduled for a June 11 vote in Norway. Jewish-controlled NRK put out word well in advance that the new law will be adopted by the Stortinget (national parliament). (Lene Granli, Nei til lesbisk bryllup, NRK, June 2, 2008 )


But though the current set of laws passed, there will be a need for more.

Under provisions of the law, individual priests make the decision on whether or not to marry gay couples.

Most of Norway is a conservative, Christian country, so gays and lesbians flock to Oslo. A dream town, with dream clubs. Like The Loft. That’s where things are “rough and sexy”. This disco publishes the Rough Sex Guide. For June 14, for example, Fierce Anger is featured.


The girls looked all over Telemark, and couldn’t find a priest who would consider performing the gay marriage ceremony. But in Oslo they could find one.

Even finding a church in Telemark is difficult. The couple has applied to the State Church for use of the church in Skien, but “no decision has been made”.


But soon enough there will be a law requiring priests to do this sort of thing.


2. WE HAVE LONG PAST TAKEN CARE TO DISCREDIT THE PRIESTHOOD OF “GOYIM,” and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE HAS BEEN DECLARED EVERYWHERE, SO THAT NOW ONLY YEARS DIVIDE US FROM THE MOMENT OF THE COMPLETE WRECKING OF THAT CHRISTIAN RELIGION: as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now. We shall act clericalism and clericals into such narrow frames as to make their influence move in retrogressive proportion to its former progress. Protocol 17

And that’s what this gay marriage law (read more about the new law here) is all about. Civil unions were already permitted by a 1993 law. The new law is about destroying the churches.

And the country in general, of course:

Today, in both Europe and the United States, there are numerous groups dedicated to promoting those loathsome homosexual perverts into positions of power and influence. Why is this? On the one hand, the Media (which is Jewish owned) does everything that it can to demean and to embarrass Christianity and other moral systems so as to drag down anything of a high moral value while simultaneously promoting every kind of vice and corruption that they can in movies and TV and print media. And on the other hand, the Jewish psychologists, judges, and legislators protect with laws and legal actions the most immoral and perverted of society while
chastising and putting on trial anyone who demands morality in society. Thus, the Jews promote immorality and suppress morality. (Dr. Wu, supra)


Today, let’s take a look at what Jewish movers and shakers are saying.

Shakers like the boss. He’s getting excited.

Barack Obama speaks to the kind of America Springsteen has been talking about in his songs. (Bruce Springsteen endorses Obama, AP, April 16, 2008, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24159465/)

The “Bard of New Jersey” says, “He speaks to the America I’ve envisioned in my music for the past 35 years”.

Really? What kind of America might that be?

Consider the song Radio Nowhere:

I was tryin’ to find my way home
But all I heard was a drone
Bouncing off a satellite
Crushin’ the last lone American night

This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?
This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?
I was spinnin’ ’round a dead dial
Just another lost number in a file
Dancin’ down a dark hole

Just searchin’ for a world with some soul
This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?
This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?
Is there anybody alive out there?
(Bruce Springsteen, Radio Nowhere, http://www.springsteenlyrics.com/lyrics/r/radionowhere.php)


An America dancing down a dark hole.
Right on. Money owned by Jewish Federal Reserve. Losing value by the day.

Rapid inflation. Huge frauds.

Plenty of wars to go around. Which bring on hatred from pretty much the entire world.

The question will arise, in this Jewish dream for America, is there anybody alive out there?

Or have they all been nailed by depleted uranium, poisons on the food, and cigarettes?

I want pounding drums
I want a million different voices speaking in tongues
(Springsteen, supra)

This is the Jewish dream of a multicultural society. Plenty of different groups pushed up against each other. Ready to fight each other when called upon by “you know who”. America was a great country, but as Springsteen puts it:

You’ll be comin’ down now baby
You’ll be coming down
What goes around, it comes around and
You’ll be comin’ down
(Bruce Springsteen, YOU’LL BE COMIN’ DOWN,

Economy tottering. Bleeding money and lives in plenty of wars that can’t be won. Definitely “comin’ down”.

But maybe this is the dream of just one Jew?


Not quite.

As we showed here, when you really want to know what on the Jew’s mind, watch his films.

Like Doomsday.

Doomsday arrived in Béziers on the day of St Mary Magdalene, 22 July 1209. That was when the city fell to the Jewish Abbott of Citeaux and its inhabitants were massacred.
Doomsday came to Fort Caroline, Florida on September 20, 1565, courtesy of marrano Jews. “Within an hour one hundred and thirty-two French had been killed, and half a dozen men and fifty women and children captured. The remaining French, many of them wounded, escaped to the woods; among them was Laudonniere. It was not a fight but a massacre.”

Jewish film director Neil Marshall dreams it. He talks about the dream in his new film. A deadly virus comes to Scotland. The whole place gets quarantined. And then comes “chaos, destruction, and action”. (Espen Rambø, Dommedagsprofeten, Film Magasinet, No. 3, 2008 )

As Jim Ridley puts it, “Neil Marshall steals everything great”. (Jim Ridley, Doomsday’s Junk Food Glut, Village Voice, March 18, 2008, http://www.villagevoice.com/film/0812,tracking-2,381179,20.html)

Jewish Dr. Kevin Yeskey is even planning for this dream day. What to do if (really, when) that massive epidemic hits. Who gets to live? And, who will die? (Lindsey Tanner, Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers, AP, May 5, 2008 )

The boss dreams it. And talks about the dream in his songs.

The filmmakers dream it too. Ditto for the Jewish medical monopoly.

That’s just how it is with these people. One day its a few billions in a business deal. Another day, they take entire countries. Or they might just settle for passing around some some goy women.
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William of Tudela said it best:

There they took what houses they liked, and could have taken ten each if they had wanted to. They were in a frenzy, quite unafraid of death, killing everyone they could find and winning enormous wealth.
















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